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New and Existing Account Management

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OIT Managed Accounts

The OIT Support Center assists users with account creation and permissions for:
Creation of the above accounts can be requested in writing using the Computer account request form. All accounts listed above use the UA Username and Password (managed by UA ELMO) for access.

Automatically Created Accounts

There are several accounts that are created automatically (not by the OIT Support Center) upon a user's affiliation with the University. These accounts include:

Unix/Oracle/Banner Related Accounts

Unix, Oracle, & Banner related accounts are managed by campus specific Security Coordinators. These accounts include: Account forms for UA Statewide, UAF, and OIT are available in the right column under "Get Started".

Service Users

UA and UAF Students, Faculty, Staff and Affiliated Guests


Automatically created accounts are dependent on all required information being entered in University Banner system for new or returning students, faculty, or staff.


New and Existing Account Management services are available at no cost to end users.

Get Started

To claim your automatically created accounts, visit the Easy Login Maintenance Option (ELMO) and selecting either options 2 or 3, verifying your identity, and establishing a password.

If you need further permissions, or an account that hasn't been automatically created for you, you may submit a service request through the OIT Support Center by submitting one of the following forms.


Unix/Oracle/Banner Forms


Accounts are automatically created daily. Manual account creations are processed during normal business hours.

Getting Help

Customers can request general assistance and report problems with this service through the OIT Support Center.

For assistance with ELMO, you can refer to ELMO Help for a guided walk through, as well as video tutorials to assist you with the process.
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