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Lecture Capture (Kaltura)


The software application used to record lectures within UAF Smart Classrooms is provided by a vendor called Kaltura. These classrooms are enabled with the hardware needed to record lectures and recordings can then be accessed through Blackboard. If faculty would like to edit recordings, a tool called Media Space, also provided by Kaltura, is available. Videos captured by other means, outside of Smart Classrooms, are also able to be uploaded to Blackboard or edited with Media Space. Uploaded videos are accessible through Blackboard or Media Space and can be edited, published and tracked through either site. All recordings can be accessed on campus, off campus or from any device. PLEASE NOTE: Media Space is mobile friendly and no app is needed.

Get Started

If you are a faculty member who conducts your class in a Smart Classroom and need to have your lecture recorded, please contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Support Center to have this scheduled at 450-8300 or email them at

Adding and Accessing Recordings within Blackboard
  • Once the recording has been scheduled, faculty are able to access the recording in their “My Media” folder within Blackboard. In order to add the “My Media” folder, after logging into Blackboard, a dashboard is available allowing faculty to add modules (look for the plus sign icon).
  • In addition to adding the My Media folder, each class needs to have the media gallery tool added to it. Once inside your class, the Media Gallery tool is available in the upper left hand side tool menu. This is added to the course the same way that other tools are added.  

Recordings will be available at some point the same day that they are captured. Videos will generally be available within a few hours after a class ends.


For faculty who would like to edit their classroom recordings, please complete the following Media Space training sessions before contacting OIT Training and Engagement with questions.

  • Blackboard Building Block At the end of this course you will be able to use Kaltura tools to upload, manage, publish, track, and share media in your Blackboard environment.
  • CaptureSpace For those who want to use the desktop video creation software, this course introduces Kaltura CaptureSpace, a powerful desktop recorder which enables easy rich media capture, with automated publishing and interactive viewing to enable easy video capture in class, at the office, at home, or on-the-go.
Additional Training Options

Kaltura is also used by Kenai Peninsula College, part of the University of Alaska Anchorage. Additional Lecture Capture training videos produced by Kenai Peninsula College can be found at KPC's MediaSpace page

Kaltura has also developed extensive training offerings at Kaltura UniversityAfter logging into Kaltura University, the navigation bar has a link in the left called Library which is a helpful tool for accessing all videos. UAF faculty can access the above training materials by creating an account with Kaltura University or signing in with social media. Please note, if you sign in with social media, continue to use this account or the work you create will not be linked to your Kaltura University account.

If you would like more information on Kaltura, how to make use of it, and how it integrates with Blackboard, visit Training Resources or the OIT Training Calendar to sign up for Kaltura sessions.

More Info & FAQs

The transition of UAF Smart Classrooms to Kaltura will occur during winter break 2016. Classrooms that will be transitioned include:
• Bunnell building, Schaible Auditorium
• Murie building, Murie Auditorium
• Elvey building, Elvey Auditorium
• Reichardt building, Rooms 201A and 201B
• Butrovich building, Butrovich 109ab

The timeline for transitioning these classrooms will be advertised after the start of fall semester 2016. It is important to recognize that the new lecture capture technology will allow mobile devices to record and upload content.

Storage Information

Content is kept for one calendar year after the publish date and will become unavailable after this timeframe. This means that faculty members have one year to download their recordings onto their own storage device to have access to them in the future. Should faculty like to arrange for UAF to store their content, they will need to contact the OIT Service Desk.

Copyright Information

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