Office of Information Technology

OIT's FY11 Priorities

1.1  Upgrade Systemwide and Community Campus Networks

1.2  Implement Voice Over IP (VOIP)

2.    Improve IT Security and Maintain Compliance

3.    Disaster Preparedness

4.    Monitor and Advance Systemwide IT Priorities

5.    Production Upgrades such as Banner, MyUA, Databrowser, Service Center and the Data Center

6.    Complete Implementation of Google Apps

7.    Improve Service and Develop Department Service Catalogs

8.    Expand Data-Driven Decision Making for IT Services

9.    Process Development

10.  Improve and Simplify Systemwide Access to Online Resources: Digital Identity Management/Single Sign-on

11.  Improve Efficiency of Automated UA Business Processes

12.  Business Process Compliance

13.  Data Integration/Exchange

14.  OIT Staff Development

Full version of FY11 OIT Priorities

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