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Replacement of UAF-C3 Server  

Short description

Replacement of Server UAF-C3 hosting portions of uaf shared storage 


Replace current server with newly built server and cutover all hosted storage

Status 1

Activity / Outage 

Start day

Wednesday, 10-16-2013 Time: 05:30 pm 

Recovery day

Wednesday, 10-16-2013 Time: 09:30 pm 


Four (4) hours, actual outage time maybe of a shorter duration.


Replace current server UAF-C3 with newly built server and cutover all hosted storage.  Validate all share access and ntfs permissions are intact.


Work to be performed by OIT-ITS-WSA personnel


Replace server UAF-C3 and validate storage presentation, shares and ntfs permissions

Affected customers

All users of uaf shared storage hosted on uaf-c3

Please note

Users are encouraged to save all files by 5PM, 16 Oct 13, and log off their workstations.  Any user files remaining open may be corrupted if not properly closed.

Authorized by

Ricky King OIT Windows Server Administration Manager 

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