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AT&T Sun Outages for UA Sites serviced by satellite  

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AT&T Sun Outages for UA Sites serviced by satellite 


AT&T Sun Outages for UA Sites serviced by satellite
Dillingham, Bethel, Nome, Kotzebue, Ft. Yukon, and Barrow

Status 1


Start day

Monday, 10-7-2013 Time: 12:30 pm 

Recovery day

Sunday, 10-20-2013 Time: 01:30 pm 


12:40 -13:10. 30 minutes per day.


  AT&T satellite facilities will be experiencing
sun related service degradation as a result of the alignment of the sun with our telecommunications satellite and ground stations.
 Sun outages occur for a few days semi-annually when our satellite passes directly between the antenna on earth and the sun.  Radio frequency noise from the sun is stronger than the desired signal from the satellite, resulting in a brief service interruption.


MLEC 648586 Dillingham
MLEC 646559 Bethel
MLEC 795721 Nome
MLEC 800119 Kotzebue
MLEC 929651 Barrow
MLEC 971686 Ft Yukon


The most likely time for these interruptions will be between 12:40 AK and 13:10 AKDT. Different areas will be affected on different dates and times during this period.

Affected customers

Dillingham, Bethel, Nome, Kotzebue, Ft. Yukon and Barrow users.

Please note

Customers may experience fading or interruptions during these sun outages.

Authorized by

Earl Voorhis OIT Network Operations 

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