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UAF Network - Gruening Building  

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Network users in the Gruening Building 


UAF Network - Gruening Building

Status 1


Start day

Sunday, 9-29-2013 Time: 07:00 am 

Recovery day

Sunday, 9-29-2013 Time: 09:00 am 


2 Hours


OIT Telecommunications will be updating the
network platform in the Gruening building. This
outage will continue the software upgrade plan
ongoing through campus.
During this outage, telephone wired and wireless
network connectivity will be unavailable while
the upgrades are being performed.


(1) Outage duration includes contingency time
in the event of a failure. Actual outage duration
expected to be approximately 30 minutes.
(2) Outage performed by:
     Britton Anderson, OIT Telecommunications

Affected customers

All telephone and wired/wireless network users in
the Gruening building will be unable to connect
to the network or make telephone calls during
the duration of this outage. 

Authorized by

Jarkko Toivanen OIT Network Operations 

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