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Toolik Field Station - ToolikNet wireless modification  

Short description

Toolik Field Station Wireless access 


Toolik Field Station - ToolikNet wireless modification

Status 1


Start day

Sunday, 8-18-2013 Time: 00:00 am 

Recovery day

Sunday, 8-18-2013 Time: 02:00 am 


2 hours


In accordance with the suggestion made by the
NSF security auditors, OIT Telecommunications
Services personnel will be removing the
broadcast function from the ToolikNet wireless
SSID.  Hard set devices will still be able to
connect to the SSID, but users will not see it as
an option when scanning for available
networks, which will help to prevent public
address pool exhaustion.  Users will instead
connect to the UAlaska wireless, a privately
addressed network.


Users can expect brief interruptions in wireless
connectivity during the outage window.

Affected customers

Toolik UAlaska WiFi
Toolik DeviceNet WiFi
Toolik ToolikNet WiFi

Please note

(1) Work performed by
Eric Jensen, OIT Telecommunications

Authorized by

Jarkko Toivanen OIT Network Operations 

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