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Firewall Configuration Update Enabling Private Address Space Routing  

Short description

Enable UAF Private Address Space Untranslated Access to Data Center Firewalls 


ALL NETWORK TRAFFIC to/from UAF Private Address Space ( to/from Statewide Firewalled Networks will move untranslated.

Status 1

Activity / Outage 

Start day

Sunday, 6-23-2013 Time: 00:10 am 

Recovery day

Sunday, 6-23-2013 Time: 11:59 am 


12 Hours


During this time, the configuration change on the network will be made to allow untranslated traffic.  This will be a very short change.  The rest of the 12 hour window will be dedicated to testing and troubleshooting of services.


No specific downtime is expected, though maybe experienced as service security rules are tested and updated to allow the new private address space.


Planned Activity

Affected customers

All users who access University of Alaska Statewide Firewalled resources from UAF Private Address Space.

Authorized by

Shawn Armstrong Manager OIT Network Engineering 

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