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UAF Blackboard Learn (  

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Upgrade UAF Blackboard Learn to 9.1 SP11 


UAF Blackboard Learn (

Status 1

Activity / Outage 

Start day

Friday, 5-17-2013 Time: 08:00 am 

Recovery day

Saturday, 5-18-2013 Time: 11:59 pm 


The planned duration is 1 day, with an extra day possible if contingency time is required.


We have been running Blackboard Learn version 9.1 SP11 on our TEST and PREP systems for several months, and testers have indicated it is ready for production.  (We thank all of you who participated in the testing.)
Therefore we will upgrade to version 9.1 SP11, including the most recent cumulative patch set and several updated building blocks.

Affected customers

All users of

Please note

We anticipate this will be completed on Friday; Saturday is for contingency time if  needed.
MayMester Classes will be unaffected by this outage since we set up a separate Blackboard Learn instance for those courses (
Don't forget that ALL UAF Blackboard Learn instances ( and will be unavailable for a few hours on Sunday, May 19th,  due to the unrelated and separately announced FAST power outage in the Butrovich Machine Room.
Also note that because of the FAST outage on Sunday, the regularly scheduled Blackboard Learn Sunday back-ups will be rescheduled to Sat, May 18th during the same time; 05:00-06:00.

Authorized by

Bill Wakefield OIT Core Applications Manager 

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