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UAF Blackboard Learn Course Calendar and Group Creation  

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All MayMester and SummerMester Courses in 


UAF Blackboard Learn Course Calendar and Group Creation
All MayMester and SummerMester Courses in

Status 1


Start day

Monday, 5-6-2013 Time: 09:00 am 

Recovery day

Wednesday, 5-8-2013 Time: 05:00 pm 


Approximately 2-3 days before all 900+ calendars and groups are completed


The last week before each new term we create a Google Calendar and a Google Group for every class in UAF Blackboard Learn for that term.
Calendars are automatically populated with class time and place information from Banner, and shared with the instructors and students in each class.
As instructors add events to their class calendar(s) students will automatically see this information on their Google Apps@UA calendar.
Instructors can also use the Class Group (which includes everyone in the class) to share other calendars, Google documents, or to email everyone in the class.


New students not already familiar with their Google Apps@UA accounts (eMail, Calendar, etc.) can log-in at to claim their account to see their class calendars each term.

Affected customers

All individuals affiliated with a course during the May and Summer 'Mesters (Instructors and student alike.)

Authorized by

Bill Wakefield OIT Core Applications Manager 

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