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Activity ID: 3054

Activity type



UAF-C3 File Server  

Short description

Remediation of failed MS Security Updates on uaf-c3 file server 


Affects user of files services provided by uaf-c3 file server.

Status 1


Start day

Sunday, 3-24-2013 Time: 07:00 am 

Recovery day

Sunday, 3-24-2013 Time: 02:00 pm 


Seven (7) hours with contingency time


Remediate and install failed MS security updates on server uaf-c3.  This will require multiple reboots of system


Users should not utilize file services from uaf-c3 during this activity as multiple reboots will be required.


Remediate and install failed MS Security Updates on UAF-C3 File Server

Affected customers

Users of file services (UAF Shared Storage) hosted on UAF-C3 File server

Please note

Multiple reboots will be required during this activity.  Users should close out all open files on Friday or Sat evening, and should not open files during this activity as it could result in file loss or corruption.

Authorized by

Ricky King OIT Windows Server Administration Manager 

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