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Oracle Nameserver (UTIL)  

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Decommissioning the Oracle Nameserver 


Permanently shutting down the Oracle Nameserver.  The Oracle
Nameserver is not supported for Oracle 10g or 11g, and all
users appear to have been migrated to use LDAP for Oracle
names resolution.

Status 1


Start day

Sunday, 3-3-2013 Time: 08:00 am 

Recovery day

Sunday, 3-3-2013 Time: 09:00 am 


We will be shutting down the Oracle Nameserver permanently
since it is not supported for Oracle 10g or 11g databases. 
All of our databases have been upgraded to 10g or 11g and
users have been using LDAP for names resolution and are no
longer using the Oracle Nameserver.

Affected customers

Any users who have not yet migrated to LDAP for Oracle database name resolution. However, OIT has contacted and worked with the few remaining users that were still accessing databases via the Oracle nameserver. Those users have been migrated to LDAP and Oracle logging shows no resolution via the Oracle nameserver in over a month.

Authorized by

James Gentry OIT Technical Services Manager 

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