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UAF KMS - Host Changeover  

Short description

UAF KMS CName change to point to the new server 


The CName currently points to and will be pointed to the new host.

Status 1


Start day

Friday, 2-22-2013 Time: 12:00 pm 

Recovery day

Friday, 2-22-2013 Time: 01:00 pm 


1 hour, includes contingency time for any issues that may arise.


The work involves changing the CName record to point from the current host to the new host. KMS is the host that activates new and renews existing Microsoft products. Products that the new host will activate will be Windows 8/7/Vista and Office 2010/2013.

Affected customers

All customers that have Windows 8/7/Vista and Office 2010/2013

Authorized by

James Elieff OIT Desktop Support Manager 

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