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UAF Matlab - UA Domain Migration and Maintenance  

Short description migration to the UA Domain 


Migration will include removing uafmattlab from the UAF Active Directory Domain, and adding it to the UA Domain. This is to help facilitate retiring the UAF domain from service.
Matlab has a new toolbox that was added to the license. The License Service will be updated at this time to include the new addition of the Image Acquisition Toolbox.

Status 1


Start day

Friday, 2-22-2013 Time: 12:00 pm 

Recovery day

Friday, 2-22-2013 Time: 01:00 pm 


1 hour, includes contingency time for any issues that may arise.


The work involves a restart of the operating system. This will cause intermittent issues for customers using the software licensing that is available from this system.

Affected customers

Affected Customers Include:
Users that use the network license of Matlab
Users that use the network license of ArcGIS
All customers that have checked out licensing, or use a stand-alone license, will be unaffected.

Please note

There should be no impact to the licensing services once the restart has taken place. If you find that after the outage, you can not access either ArcGIS or MatLab, please contact the OIT Support Center at x8300 to have a ticket placed in.

Authorized by

James Elieff OIT Desktop Support Manager 

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