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UA Statewide Computers - NightWatchman  

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Applying Nightwatchman to Desktop Systems in the Butrovich Building. 


UA Statewide Computer Systems in Butrovich Building

Status 1


Start day

Friday, 11-16-2012 Time: 06:00 pm 

Recovery day

Friday, 11-16-2012 Time: 07:00 pm 

Specific Start End Times

The NightWatchman policy will be implemented on Nov 16th at 6PM, and will continue without an end date.


This policy will start taking affect for all Computer Systems with the Windows Operating System that have not had exceptions made for them.
Computers will start attempting to go into Standby at 6PM, and will wake themselves up at 5:30AM. If access is needed before or after those times, just press any key on the keyboard, and the system will wake up.

Affected customers

All Windows Computer Systems on the UA Domain in the Butrovich Building.

Authorized by

James Elieff OIT Desktop Support Manager 

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