A3IR International Meeting Hosted in Fairbanks Alaska

Synopsis of the Second Annual Avian Influenza Workshop

Participants of the Second Annual Avian Influenza Meetings Hosted in Fairbanks Alaska February 2007

February 20, 2007

To All of Our Esteemed Visitors and Members of the AI Team,

Thank you for joining us last week to review the work done over this past year. I am very impressed by your energy in collecting samples in 2006 and by the very nice talks each of you presented at the workshop in Fairbanks .

In Fairbanks last week, we had many discussions about 2007 sampling, and I want to send my summary to all of you (this email) and to each of you (in separate emails). To try to make everything clear, the following outline is what we currently understand as the general pattern for the whole team. Later, I will send an individual e-mail to each of you about your own particular goals for 2007. Then we will expect from you a detailed response so that we can draw up a formal contract.

  1. Sample sizes will be 500-600 for each collecting team.
  2. UAF will provide the vials, swabs, and viral transport medium.
  3. Each collecting team may request additional funding for special expenses specific to the work of gathering samples for this project.
  4. Priority species are: Ducks and waterfowl

Gulls & Arctic warblers

Shorebirds (Sandpipers, Herons, Cranes)


  1. Samples from other avian species can be collected as specified in your contracts.
  2. Samples will be stored in viral transport medium and kept cold.
  3. Samples will be sent in cold storage (liquid nitrogen) to a designated lab for analysis.
  4. UAF will have negotiated contracts with designated labs to accept the samples and provide the analysis. We expect that the labs will include: Vector in Novosibirsk , the University of Hokkaido , and others as appropriate.
  5. Collectors are responsible for the viable delivery of the samples to the lab.
  6. Next year the AI team meeting will be in Japan on the island of Hokkaido , probably in February (about the same time as the past two years).
  7. Finally - we have a suggestion for a name for our group:

Alaska Asia Avian Influenza Research” or “A3 IR” pronounced “air” in English.

We are looking forward to a second year of scientific progress.

Please let us know if we have failed to include important points or if there are any problems with this general plan. Please send me an email to acknowledge receipt of this letter and to tell me whether you agree or disagree with the points above.

We are extremely grateful for your contributions.

With very best wishes,


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