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Frank von Hippel, Nome 2009

INBRE Faculty Receives Research Funding

UAA Faculty Recognized for Research

University of Alaska Anchorage researchers Dr. Frank von Hippel and Dr. Loren Buck have teamed up with University of Oregon researchers Dr. John Postlethwait and Dr. William Cresko to study the effects of Perchlorate on stickleback fish.   Their recent National Institutes of Health grant (R01) was recognized in an article in the Anchorage Daily News: Alaskan is pioneer of contaminant research.

This prestigious grant of $2.8 million was awarded to study the effects of perchlorate on humans by analyzing the three-spined stickleback fish for thyroid changes and hermaphrodite tendencies.

Alaska INBRE is proud of their accomplishments.

George Happ Biomedical Graduate Scholarship

Former AK INBRE Director George Happ was honored by his peers, colleagues and friends in August  of 2008 with the debut of the "George Happ Biomedical Graduate Scholarship".  Established in 2007 by a group of his peers that have served for many years on an external advisory board, the goal is a fully endowed scholarship with a minimum principle of $25,000.  Contributions are gratefully accepted.  For more information please review the UA Foundation website

The scholarship will be awarded annually to a full time graduate student whose studies are considered to be in the biomedical sciences. 

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