USRE Award Recipients FY2011

ApplicantProject TitleCampusSponsor
Gilbertson, MarkCentral CO2 chemosensitivity in tadpoles: impairment, recovery and the role of serotonin.UAFTaylor
Hirt, SpencerDoes desformylflustrabromine potentiate the response of a4ß2 receptors to a low concentration of acetylcholine?UAFEdmonds
Kasanke, ChristopherMicrobial community analysis of petroleum contaminated soil at a long term phytoremediation test site.UAFLeigh
Linderoth, TylerExamination of evidence for climate change induced rapid evolution ina pink salmon population using clock genes and MCH.UASTallmon
Ross, JordanDevelopment of partial agonists for serotonin type 3 receptors as novel antidepressants.UAFSchulte
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