USRE Award Recipients FY2012

ApplicantProject TitleCampusSponsor
DeLuca, Nicole Mercury dynamics in the male threespine stickleback UAAvon Hippel
Goldsmith, ElizabethThe Significance of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Structure to Rabies Virus Evolutino to New Host Reservoirs UAFHueffer
Penland, KristenAssessing the Dynamics of Phenylalanine Rings in the Hydrophobic Core of the Chicken Villin Headpiece Subdomain Protein UAAVugmeyster
Rutz, AudreyRole of Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor in heart develpment in Xenopus UAAKrebs
Warren, MichelleThe Effects of Iqmik and Retail Chewing Tobacco on Wound Healing of the Oral EpitheliumUAAKnall
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