USPS Award Recipients FY2011-12

Spring Semester 2012

 Applicant Title of Proposal  CampusSponson 
Bly, MattieDeveloping a Long-Term Monitoring Protocol Involving Freshwater Contaminants for the National Park ServicesUAFO'Hara
Clement, ChrisA Phylogeographical Look at the Red (Vulpus vulpus) and Arctic Fox (Vulpus lagopus)UAFHueffer
Dwyer, GaelenThe effect of iqmik derived metals of ROS generation and cytokine   response in human gingival epithelial cellsUAA Knall
Glover, CatherinePyrosequencing of Naphthalene Degrading Communities in Willow Rhizosphere SoilUAFLeigh
Penland, KirstenInvestigations of Phenylalanine dynamics in the Hydrophobic Core of the Chicken Villin HeadpieceUAAVugmeyster
Ray, VictoriaIsotopic characterization of contaminant pathways in allopatric threespine stickleback populationsUAAvon Hippel
Renshaw, BenMicrosatellite loci among rabies host Arctic and red fox in AlaskaUAF Hueffer
Ross, JordanIbogaine: A Determination of Selective Antagonism of a Novel Potential Smoking Cessation Drug on Ž3ß4 Acetylcholine Nicotinic ReceptorsUAF Schulte
Tallan, Hannah Intra-network mediated chomosensitivity of raphč: Identifying amplifier respiratory chemosensors in situ.UAF Harris
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