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Alaska INBRE Undergraduate Student Project Support Award Spring 2013

USPS Spring 2013 Application Announcement

AK INBRE announces the competition for Undergraduate Student Project Support (USPS) Grants for students applying to work in the laboratories of INBRE supported Investigators.  The full announcement and application form follow below:

Deadline to Apply:  November 16, 2012

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AK INBRE USRE Award 2012 Winners Announced

AK INBRE Undergraduate Summer Research Experience Award 2012 Winners Announced

Congratulations to the five students awarded the AK INBRE Undergraduate Summer Research Experience Award for their proposals.   


Alaska INBRE provides two competitive grants (USPS  and USRE) for undergraduate students to support projects in biology, biochemistry, cellular biologyand bioinformatics.  Information and application forms will be made available on this page.

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To view a listing of previously awarded Undergraduate Fellowships (2003 to the present) click on the link below.

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