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RAHI Student Comments

Whitney Jo Walker (L) and Katie Akpik (R)
RAHI – Rural Alaska Honors Institute
Katie Akpik: “My perception of the world took a complete 180. I am now thinking in the scientific method, with hypothesis, real world, model, prediction, and data.”
Timothy Sanner: RAHI II has been an amazing experience for me. I initially simply wanted to come in order to gain college credits. When I got here I found that RAHI was a ton more then that! During the time here I was confronted with many thing the stress of finals, long lectures, and the task of managing my time; thing that I would typically say “o ya when I get to college I will be able to handle that.” But you do not truly know what college life is like until you have been there. Not that the program was just classes, they also incorporated a large amount of fun activity to split up the work load. We went rafting on class three rapids, camping, five kilometer runs, and a ton of other activities. The only thing that I would change is to make it longer!!
Stephanie Fox: RAHI II has been an amazing experience that has meant a lot to me. I have learned so much in the last six weeks I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I know one thing is certain; I definitely want to work in a science field when I graduate. For right now I plan on teaching middle school science, but after this experience I would love to go into molecular research one day. The mentor labs were my favorite part of this whole RAHI experience and hope to one day come back in work in the lab with Diana and Erin, if not people just like them.

Adak Community Comments

ASRA Participant, Makani Zaima, from Adak
ASRA – Alaska Summer Research Academy
From Aki Zaima, Makani's father: 
We live on a remote island with 150 people and it is extremely difficult to convey what opportunities are out there.  Just the experience of being on campus has given Makani a new perspective on goals and with the genetics program she has realized that finding something she is interested in takes all of the work out of learning!  She has not stopped talking about ASRA since her return and is extremely excited about the possibility of returning.  As a parent raising my daughter I cannot thank ASRA enough for providing a glimpse of what her academic future can hold.

The residential experience for Makani was ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!  Makani will not stop talking about the friends she has made and what a great experience she had in the dormitories. This opportunity has come at a time that I feel is crucial in Makani's academic career.  Out here on Adak it is very easy and, sadly, very common for students at the high school level to lose ambition and drive simply because they are not exposed to the possibilities out there.  Again, THANK YOU for allowing my daughter to experience such a wonderful academy.

I could sit and talk to Makani about what life after High School is like until I am blue in the face. Out here it is like trying to explain what chocolate tastes like to someone that has never tasted chocolate.  My daughter came home from ASRA with a list of friends and even lengthier list of goals and ambitions that she had never even considered.  A girl that was bored with school and looking for any avenue to get out of school has returned from ASRA with excitement and has already discussed the science curriculum with her teacher.  This was an amazing experience and an opportunity that I will be thankful for, for years to come.  There is nothing that brings me more joy than to see Makani this happy and this eager to explore more of what she learned at ASRA.  THANK YOU!      Aki Zaima

From Tim Bauer, Makani's science teacher:
Makani has been talking about nothing else but ASRA and I love it.  This marks the first time in my teaching career that a student wants to go over the science curriculum (or ANY curriculum for that matter) with me.  I cannot thank you enough for providing this opportunity to Makani.
Thanks again,
Tim (Bauer) teacher Adak High School

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