Fellowship Award Recipients FY2011-2012

INBRE Graduate Research Fellowship 2011-2012

Funding Period September 2011 through August 2012

ApplicantProject TitleCampusSponsor
Ataian, YeganehDevelopment of Molecular Biosensors Based on Ligand-gated ion Channel ReceptorsUAFSchulte
 Iceman, KimberlyNeurotransmitter phenotype of chemosensitive and insensitive raphe neurons determined by juxtacellular labeling: Identifying central chemoreceptors in situ.UAFHarris
Leewis, Mary-CathrinePhytoremediation as a Method of Detoxifying Contaminated Alaskan SoilsUAFLeigh
Shedd, KyleTrophic patterns of mercury concentration in a nonanadromous aquatic ecosystem in south-west Alaska in the absence of significant sources of marine derived mercury.UAAvon Hippel
Stevenson, TimothyThe effects of hibernation on the gut microbial community of the arctic Ground SquirrelUAABuck
Stopa, NicoleTesting the conservation of the mammalian WINAC and B-WICH ATP-dependent remodeling complexes in Xenopus laevisUAAKrebs
Uffenbeck, ShannonCheckpoint Regulation Mediated through Histone H2A-S122UAAKrebs
Willacker, JamesMercury concentration and burden in benthic versus limnetic morphotypes of threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) from the Cook Inlet Basin, AlaskaUAA von Hippel
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