Travel Award Applications

Faculty and students sponsored by INBRE faculty are invited to apply

Applicants:  Must be INBRE supported faculty or students that are sponsored by an INBRE facutly member.     Applications must be received at least 6 weeks prior to travel AND by the 15th of the month.  Applications received within the 6 week window will be denied.  Applications for travel award must be approved  by the INBRE Director prior to travel.  Students are required to submit a letter of approval from their faculty sponsor.  Traveler receiving an INBRE travel award is required to submit a trip report within 3-5 days of completion of travel.  Electronic submission of application and report is mandatory.   Only one award, per individual, will be allowed per year.

Application Periods:  March 1 - August 31 and September 1 through January 1 -  (All travel must be completed no later than February 28th)

Award Amounts:  The dollar amounts below are the maximum award amounts set for Grant Years 4 and 5. (updated 5/2012)

a) In-State Travel:  maximum of $1000 

b)  Out of State Travel(includes International): maximum  of $2000


Please read application/instructions thoroughly.  Submit completed applications to AK INBRE via email at  Call 907-474-1527 if you have any questions.

NOTE:  To open, right click on link and open in "new window".    To Submit, save to fle and send as an attachment by e-mail to or, print completed form and fax to 907-474-6745.


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