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Do's and Don'ts of University Travel on Federal Funds

Before you Travel:

As soon as you know you are going to travel, contact the INBRE Team at 907-474-1527 or  and request a Travel Authorization form be started.   

If a TA is not completed and approved prior to travel you will not be reimbursed for the expenses incurred.

Information needed to complete the TA:
  1. Reason for travel/trip.    
  2. Provide Agenda and meeting information if attending an event.
  3. Destination and dates of travel.    
  4. Lodging arrangements (provide confirmation for TA if you have made arrangements)
  5. Transportation requirements.   Rental cars, buses, etc.  
  6. Funding source information.
  7. If taking personal time, provide dates and destination.
 The INBRE Team is available to assist with travel arrangements for INBRE supported travel.  If you would like the INBRE team to assist you in making your reservations please provide your preference for mode of transportation and travel times.

Self Scheduling:  If you wish to manage your own arrangements please keep in mind the following:

 Airline travel must comply with the Fly America Act, which requires the use of U.S. airlines when entering and exiting the U.S.
 When planning travel, use the most economical arrangements that comply with Federal Travel Guidelines.  For current information please review the travel site for the University of Alaska
Personal time may be taken during a business trip; attach a comparative itinerary for the Business Only travel dates and costs; provide a personal check or credit card for the balance if the personal travel exceeds the cost of the business travel.

Lodging & Meals:   Based on the number of days and allowable costs per day, for U.S. travel using the standard lodging and per diem rates  for foreign travel use the U.S. Department of State Rates.  Also, be congnizant of the cancellation policy as it is the traveler's responsibility to provide timely notice of cancellation to the hotel/inn.   IMPORTANT Any charges incurred due to failure to cancel timely will be charged to the traveler and are not eligible for reimbursement.

 If the lodging is greater than 1.5 standard (per diem) rate, you MUST have approval from the Travel Administrator (Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau) prior to making arrangements.
Car Rental:   List estimated cost. UAF is self-insured, soadditional insurance (collision damage waiver) will not be reimbursed.   Return rental car with a full gas tank to receive reimbursement for gasoline. Car rentals should be no larger than mid-size without a business justification.
Note about combining personal travel with business travelWhen combining personal travel with business travel you must purchase your own flight and will then be reimbursed for the business travel equivalent only (unless the cost including personal travel is equal to or less than the business only travel.)

After you Travel:  Submit your receipts (original) and boarding passes to the travel coordinator who will prepare your Travel Expense Report.   Provide a copy of the event agenda/itinerary if you have not already, and let the travel coordinator know of any meals that were provided at the event.  When your TER is completed you will be e-mailed a copy for your approval and signature prior to submittal.

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