System Governance

Past Winners

2013 Awardees

Chancellor Rogers, Gabrielle Hazelton, President Gamble

Gabrielle Hazelton, UAF

Chancellor Pugh, Abby Kosmos, President Gamble

Abby Kosmos, UAS

Chancellor Case, Zlata Lokteva, President Gamble

Zlata Lokteva, UAA

Mike O'Brien, President Gamble

Mike O'Brien, SW

2012 Awardees

The 2012 recipients of the Staff Make Students Count award: Marsha Squires, Joe Hayes, Kathy Smith and Kate Wattum.

2011 Awardees

President Gamble presented the 2011 awards at the June 2, 2011 Board of Regents meeting. Pictured from left are: UA President Patrick Gamble; Jerry Phillips, Captain, UAF Fire Department; Beatrice Franklin, Librarian and ESL Tutor, UAS; ; Maria Bonifacio, Residence Life Director, UAA; and Cathy Ewing, Student Enrollment Manager/K-12 Outreach. Photo by Monique Musick, University of Alaska.

2010 Awardees

Pictured from left are: Carrie Enge, UAS; UA President Mark Hamilton; Kay Thomas, UAF and Evelyn Davidson, Kodiak College. Photo by Kate Wattum, University of Alaska.

2009 Awardees

President Hamilton poses with the 2009 winners of the Staff Make Students Count awards. From left are Mike Earnest, student services manager, UA System; Annie Route, director of Student Life and Leadership at UAA; President Hamilton; Gabrielle Russell, academic advisor with Native and Rural Services at UAF; and Kolene James, coordinator and academic advisor with Native and Rural Services at UAS.

2008 Awardees

2007 Awardees

UAA - Anissa Hauser
UAF - Mary Parsons
UAS - Christopher Washko
SW - Mike Molnia

2006 Awardees

UAA - Melodee Monson
UAF - Julia Parzick
UAS - Jenifer Sandonato
SW - Rhonda Ooms

2005 Awardees

UAA - Robin Burdick
UAF - Gail Staudinger
UAS - Cody Bennette
SW - Mary Gower

2004 Awardees

UAA - Marian Mitchell
UAF - Maya Salganek
UAS - Elizabeth Schelle
SW - Brian Brubaker

2003 Awardees

UAA - Diane Taylor
UAF - Wanda Martin
UAS - Jodi Barnes
SW - Pat Ivey

2002 Awardees

UAA - Cindy Marshall
UAF - Tonya Trabant
UAS - Roxy Felkl
SW - Janet Johnson

2001 Awardees

UAA - Karen Wegrzyn
UAF - Michele Stalder
UAS - Gail Klein
SW - Saichi Oba

2000 Awardees

UAA - Carol Pizer
UAF - Sheila Chapin
UAS - Rita Bowen
SW -  No nomination

1999 Awardees

President Hamilton announced the new Make Students Count Award on April 1, 1999

UAA - Michael Smith
UAF - Sue McHenry
UAS - Susan Barlow
SW - Colleen Abrams

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