Google Apps @ UA

iPhone Configuration

Note: Setup instructions below are for iPhone or iPod touch devices running software version 3.0 or later.

To configure Google Sync for your iPhone or iPod touch, just follow these steps:

  1. Set up your Google-side Password
  2. On your iPhone or iPod touch's home screen, tap Settings
  3. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  4. Tap Add Account...
  5. Tap Microsoft Exchange
  6. account type selection screen

    What if I tap 'Gmail' instead?
    Archiving and deleting messages will work differently. Our instructions ensure Google Apps @ UA email works as designed.

  7. Enter your account information, being sure to use your full Google Apps @ UA address and Google-side Password. The Domain field should be left blank.
  8. enter your account information

  9. Tap Next
  10. For the Server field, type All of the other information should be already populated from the previous screen. Domain field should still be left blank
  11. enter the server information

  12. Tap Next
  13. Choose the services that you would like Synced with your Google Account, all 3 services are available. If you choose to Sync the contacts on your phone with Google Calendar, you can either replace the contacts on your phone with your Google Contacts, or push the contacts you have and sync them with Google. Your iPhone will prompt you for this if you choose to sync Contacts.
  14. choose which options to sync

  15. All of this syncing occurs over the air, no docking with a computer required. Any changes you make to your Google Calendar or Mail account on the web or on the phone is instantly syncronized.
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