Group Settings: Email Delivery

Open Group Settings

Click on the Group settings link in the right hand menu.

Open Email Delivery Tab

Click on the Email delivery tab to show the settings.

Customize Your Subject Prefix

Change your Subject prefix to make it easier to read, or more descriptive, or remove it entirely.

Message Footer Settings

Choose between no footer, default footer, or a custom footer.

Managing Replies

Here are your options for how replies to messages are handled.
1) Replies are sent back to the group.
2) Replies are sent to the author of the message.
3) Replies are sent to the group owners.
4) Message recipients decide where their reply is sent.
5) Specify an email address to reply to.

Maximum Message Size

The default size is 5 Mb (5120 Kb). The other options are smaller.

Posting on Behalf of the Group

This setting would allow a group member send a message to the group as the group, making it look like the message came from the group.
Note: This setting would allow members to bypass any moderation settings for their email address.

Moderation Notification

If enabled, the group would sent a notification to the message author when their moderated message was rejected.

Bounce Notification

If enabled, an author/poster would receive an email indicating any member with a bouncing email address.

Save Changes

Click on the Save Changes button to save any changes you make.

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