Plan for the future

Encourage your child to work hard and excel in high school—the reward can be a prestigious scholarship to attend the University of Alaska!

The UA Scholars Program is the University of Alaska’s premier scholarship program. The Program awards an $11,000 scholarship to the top 10% of each graduating high school class. High schools designate students at the end of their junior year based on academic factors.

UA Scholars are the future of Alaska. Since the program’s inception over 1,000 Scholars have earned their degree at UA. This extremely successful program keeps Alaska’s best and brightest students in the state and helps build a better community for us all.

Not familiar with the UA Scholars Program?  We strongly encourage you to read the Program Information Booklet which available online. It provides an overview of the program and how it works.  To learn more, click here.

Jorge Johnson - UA Scholar

Jorge Johnson of Kotlik, left, plays a game with UA Scholar Jordan Baumgartner, who served as a counselor for a science enrichment camp for rural students in Sitka. Photo by James Poulsen

After graduating from Dillingham High School, Jordan Baumgartner studied science for a year at Eastern Oregon University and ran for the cross-country team. He liked the school well enough, but the UA Scholars Program and the lure of being closer to family brought him back to Alaska. Baumgartner attended the University of Alaska Anchorage and used his UA Scholars award to study geology in New Zealand through a study abroad program. Additional scholarships and summer earnings, along with his Scholars award, allowed the 23-year-old to graduate debt free with a degree in natural science. “Everything was covered,” he said. “That helped me a lot.” Baumgartner is one of many success stories. He received his master’s from the University of Alaska Southeast in Sitka and was a student teacher at Mount Edgecumbe High School. Baumgartner, a Tlingit who was raised in a Yupik community, likes the mix of cultures at the boarding school. He has worked with middle-school students for several years and hopes to teach in Alaska.

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