The College Dream

Yours and your child’s.

It's never too early to begin dreaming about college. In fact, now is the best time for your child to begin imagining their future. They’re at an age where they're discovering themselves. You can help this discovery by encouraging them to dream big.

Independent research shows that only 48 percent of Alaska high school graduates go on to college – a very low figure in comparison with other states. We’ve seen these numbers rise from 42 percent, and with your help we believe we can encourage even more students to dream big and start planning for college.

If you're worried that college will be too expensive, note that there are plenty of financial aid options available. Did you know that college graduates typically earn one million dollars more than high school graduates over their lifetime? Education truly is an investment.

You have the tools to help your child dream big, and we have the tools to help you plan your child's future. We stand ready to assist you.

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