Gift Purpose

Unrestricted Gift

The broadest and most useful kind of gift is an unrestricted gift to the University. This means that the University President will decide how your gift should best be used to support the University. To make this kind of gift you need only write the word “unrestricted” on the memo line of your check or on the on-line form used for making your gift.

Restricted Gift

You may restrict your gift in several different ways. For example, you may restrict your gift to provide scholarships to students.

Below are listed some of the more popular ways in which gifts may be restricted.  To place such a restriction on your gift you need only indicate the restriction on the memo line of your gift check or on the on-line form used for making your gift.  When your gift is received it will be placed into a fund that matches the purpose restriction you have indicated.

1. To support a specific portion of the University (e.g. “the English Department at UAA”, or “The Fairbanks Campus.”)

2. To support a specific broad use (e.g. “to provide student scholarships” or “to support faculty research.”)

3. To support an existing fund. The Foundation manages more than 600 existing funds which have been previously established to benefit specific portions of the institution or for specific purposes. Your gift can be added to such a fund and used for the purposes for which that fund was established. To see a list of existing funds, please contact a development officer who can tell you which existing funds fit the purpose or portion of the University you wish to benefit from your gift.

4. To establish a new fund. If you wish to have your name or someone else’s name on a fund (the Chester Buckholtz Scholarship) or establish a fund for a very specific purpose (to provide internships for students in Engineering) for which the Foundation does not already maintain a fund, you may establish a new fund at the Foundation.  If this is your desire you should call a development officer:

University of Alaska Anchorage (907) 786-1954
University of Alaska Fairbanks  (907) 474-2619
University of Alaska Foundation (907) 450-8030
University of Alaska Southeast  (907) 796-6566

In deciding on the restrictions for the new fund you may find the following options and possibilities helpful. Please note that many of the uses have minimum gift amounts.

Options and guidelines for new funds:


Endowments for any purpose, restricted or unrestricted, may be created with a minimum gift of $25,000. An endowment may be established to support a chair, fellowship, scholarship professorship or any other defined use at the University. The minimum gift amounts for endowments created for some specific uses are noted below.

Endowments are managed by the Foundation in accordance with its endowment management guidelines. For questions about establishing these perpetual funds, please call a development officer as noted in paragraph 4., above.

Scholarships or Student Awards

This requires a $1,000 annual minimum award per student or an endowment gift of a minimum of $25,000.


This requires a donation exceeding $2.5 million if an endowment is established, or annual contributions of $100,000 if a restricted fund is established.


This provides funds for a graduate student to do research.  Requires a minimum annual gift of $5,000 or an endowment gift of $100,000.


Provide additional funds to an existing professor so that he or she may travel to give additional lectures, buy a particularly needed piece of equipment or the like.  At least $25,000 annually is needed for such support or an endowment gift of $500,000.

Visiting Professorships

Provides income for a visiting professor to come to a campus of the University of Alaska or for a University of Alaska professor to teach at another university.  These professorships will allow the university to benefit from talent that would otherwise be unavailable or to share the expertise of our faculty with another university. At least $15,000 annually is needed for such a fund or an endowed gift of $250,000

Named Program Fund

Named funds may be established to in areas of interest to donors in individual colleges or departments. A minimum endowment gift of $25,000 is required.

Centers and Institutes

Research Institutes or Centers of Excellence may be named.  The endowment gift needed must be large enough to provide sufficient annual income to be equivalent to the annual state appropriation to support the operating budget of the Center or Institute.

Named Colleges or Schools

Associating an individual, corporation or foundation name with a college acknowledges great commitment on the part of the donor.  These transformational gifts typically begin at $25 million.

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