Your Colleagues Believe...

"I believe... that every little bit counts and helps!"
- Amanda Straight, Fund & Gift Manager; UA Foundation Fund & Gift Services

"I believe...that education is valuable knowledge. It is empowering. If we want others to value the university as much as we do, then we need to demonstrate this through our work, advocacy, and giving."
Dory Straight, Scholarship Officer, UA Foundation

"I believe...the university touches and improves everyone's lives in the community, whether directly or indirectly. I enjoy giving back to the programs that I have been involved with in the past to help them support others now."
- Candice Krupa, Prospect Research and Management Director, University of Alaska Foundation   

"I believe... that showing support for the university through UA Foundation despite the budget troubles we are currently facing shows our faith in our students and in the strength of this institution."
- Monique Musick, Office of Public Affairs

"I believe... every student should have a shot at an education regardless of their financial situation. Scholarships were fundamental to financing my college education and now it's my chance to give back."
- Olivia Baker, Administrative Assistant, Office of Public Affairs

"I believe...That anyone that wants to pursue higher education should be able to regardless of ability to pay."
- Roxie Speegle, Property & Procurement Officer, OIT

"I believe... in giving back. I've been associated with the University of Alaska pretty much my whole life, as a dependent of faculty and staff members, as a student, and now as an employee with a son nearing graduation. UA has been a huge influence in my life, and I want to share that with others."
- Erika Van Flein, Director of Benefits, SWHR

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