Your Colleagues Believe...

Linda Hall, Accounting

"We, as a family, believe highly in education. We also believe that no one should be denied that education because they cannot afford it. So I give to a scholarship fund."

Jim Thomas, Accounting

"I believe supporting research in Alaska is a way of stimulating Alaska’s growth and maintaining what makes Alaska the great state that it is."

Leah Glasscock-Sanders, Admin Asst., UA Foundation

"I believe all gifts, regardless of amount make a positive difference.  As a former scholarship recipient I know how much it helped me & now I do what I can to repay the generosity."

Monique Musick, Office of Public Affairs

"I believe...   (t)he University of Alaska is uniquely able to provide the education and training needs needed most in the state and are  leaders in everything from energy research to climate change. I believe the university is important to the very future of the planet."

Jeff Holloway, Project Programmer Analyst OIT

"I believe... that giving for the cause of a good education helps us to better understand and meet the needs of others."

Debra Rimer, Cost Analyst, Statewide Cost

"I believe in KUAC because it is noncommercial, entertaining, informative, educational, and a station I can trust and rely. It offers a divers fare, meets the unique need of our local communities, and it serves the public interest.

    I give to KUAC because they heavily rely on the contributions from listeners, which are generally the most reliable revenue source regardless of the economic climate."


"I believe...I am making a better University for my daughter."

Carolyn Voss, Gift Manager, UA Foundation

"I believe...UAA's Engineering program is producing awesome graduates.  Our community is just waiting to hire them!

When I heard the SWSC was beginning on April 1st, I knew that was the day to finally make a gift in memory of my father, because that was his birthday.  My dad never received a serious birthday present from his kids on April Fools' Day, but this gift to help support the construction of UAA's new Engineering building will maybe buy some windows or tile or paint, something long-lasting in a building my dad would have loved to have seen, since he was an Engineer.

UAA's Engineering Program is producing graduates our community is waiting to hire."

Candice Krupa, Prospect Research and Management Director, UA Foundation

"I the great experience I had at UAF and I am happy to give back to support those programs to help another student have a great experience."

Keni Campbell, Annual Fund and Alumni Relations Manager, UAS Office of Development & Alumni Relations

"I believe that employee giving sets an example for the rest of the community.  I believe in the power of education and give to funds that support student learning - both scholarships and programming.  Our gifts can make even more of an impact if we are not afraid to be vocal about them.  You don't have to say how much -- just let people know that UA employees believe in the organization they work for, its students, and its alumni. Tell people what funds you support and why - and how easy and customizable it is!  It really does make a difference."


"I building a strong "Foundation" and making a difference!"

Tami Choquette, Board Coordinator/Executive Assistant

"I believe... in the power of dreams.  A university education can help to open doors and through those doors lies endless possibilities if you have the courage and faith to walk through them.  A university education can help you realize your biggest dreams and even the ones you haven't thought of yet."

Lael Oldmixon, Executive Director, UA College Savings Plan and Scholars Program

"I the value of a UA education. The less a student has to worry about money in college the more they can focus on attaining their goals."


"I believe... that the university continues to help make Alaska a better place to live in countless ways, such as offering quality, affordable education to future leaders, serving as a research hub and bringing communities together."


"I believe... that everyone can make a difference and do great things.  Each person contributes in their own unique way and makes UA a better place to be."

Kate Wattum, Interim Director SW Office of Public Affairs

"I believe...that each member the University of Alaska community gives and gains differently by their experience here. By giving back financially I have the opportunity to invest directly in some of my most treasured experiences hoping they will also be enjoyed by others to come."


"I helping others reach their goals."

Karen Ben-Israel, Data Reseach Assistant for UA Foundation

"I moving confidently in the direction of your dreams!"

Rachel Voris, Writer/Editor Office of Public Affairs

"I believe... that a simple gift can echo throughout the world. The gift of a scholarship and education will impact many people in many different places, possibly for a lifetime and beyond. It only takes one person giving one gift to make a ripple effect for years to come."


"I believe... that everyone can make a difference and do great things.  Each person contributes in their own unique way and makes UA a better place to be."

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