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Each and every gift to the university goes to fulfill the mission of the University of Alaska! Thanks for being an important and necessary part of our community -- and the success of our students!

Gift Agreements

Gift agreements are used to create new named or endowed funds. Please contact the Foundation at 907.450.8030 or for the latest version of our gift agreement form.


Gifts-in-Kind (non-cash gifts)

Gifts-in-Kind (GIK) are non-cash donations of materials or long-lived assets generally but not always received from companies, corporations, or vendors.


  • Equipment
  • Donated items for door prizes, auctions, or special events

Gifts-in-Kind Guidelines

Things to think about before accepting a GIK:

  • Is this really a gift?
  • Does the gift advance the mission of your organization?
  • What is the value of the gift to your organization?
  • Is the gift readily marketable or needed by your organization?
  • Does that value outweigh the expense?
  • What happens after you accept it?

For departments who might receive an offer of a gift-in-kind, do not feel obligated to accept a GIK if it does not advance the mission of the university or holds no value to your department. Please call to discuss options with a Development Officer or the Gift Manager at ......

Remember, if you accept a GIK then you must fill out a GIK form and submit it to Advancement Services so that we may properly process and credit the gift.

Questions? Please contact Cathy Hagen for UAF, 474-2438, or Amber Gichard for UAA and UAS, 786-1016.

Note: If you are unable to fill in the Gift in Kind Form, change your Adobe default setting for viewing documents. To do this, open Adobe, go to Edit - then Preferences - choose “Documents”, then make the PDF/A View Mode “Never”. Save your changes.


Valuing Gifts-in-Kind

  • It is the donor’s responsibility to give the value of the gift.
  • Gifts valued over $5,000 need an appraisal.
  • There are special rules and forms in particular for accepting motor vehicles, boats or airplanes (IRS form 1098c).

For more tax information see IRS publication 561 at

As approved by the Foundation Board of Trustees, 1% of each gift received by the Foundation will be used to defray the costs of administering and raising funds for the benefit of the University of Alaska.


Foundation Forms  (including information on spending foundation funds) 

Foundation Gift Acceptance Policies and Procedures
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