Annual Giving Clubs

The University of Alaska Foundation recognizes donors on a fiscal year basis.  These lists reflect contributions for FY11 (July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011).

Jade Club            
Forget-me-not Club             
University Club             
Under $100

Jade Club

Recognizes those individuals and organizations who made gifts or pledges of $500 to $999 in FY11 (July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012)


Robert Alexander and Becky Stemper
Lisa Amaziah
Carole J. Anderson
Robert and Lydia Anderson
Dawn E. Andrews
Tara B. Anthes
Melanie M. Arthur*
Mark Ashburn and Stephanie Cole
Alan and Ginny Austerman
Jody Azzouni
Gary Baldwin
Carol and Raymond Barnhardt*
Michelle Bartlett and William Holman*
Joseph and Barbara Beedle*
Marvin and Cindy Bergeson*
Matthew D. Berman
Anne Biberman*
Margaret M. Billington*
Suzanne and Sam Bishop*
John H. Blanchard
Brad R. Bodde
Linda and Charles Bowers
Sue Ann Bowling*
Timothy and Betty Brady
Melissa and Robert Branch
Jeane and Chris Breinig
James and Danielle Britt
Richard E. Brodsky
Billy G. Brown, Jr.*
Neal Brown and Frances Tannian*
Carla Browning and Rocky Barnette*
Jazon D. Burnell
Jay and Narda Butler*
Duane Callahan
Keni and David Campbell
Chad C. Carroll*
Wendy Chamberlain
Christine and Randy Chandler
Mark Choate
Giorgio Chrimat and Amanda Saxton
Charles and Blair Christensen
Chirk C. Chu
Barbara G. Clark*
Bernard Coakley and Dorothea Seidel*
John Coghill*
Dermot Cole and Debra Carter*
Geneva and Joseph Columbus
Rodney Combellick*
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Karen Compton
Ann W. Cook
Debra and Thomas Corbett
and Chuck+
JoAnne T. Craig
Doug and Cindy Creek
James and Susan Culley*
Eileen M. Cummings*
Kimberly and Letitia Custer
Lucy P. Cutting
Megan M. Damario*
James E. Danielson
Daniel and Margaret Darrow*
Bonita R. Davia
Georgia DeKeyser
Paul J. Delys*
Douglas A. Desorcie
Jim Dixon and Barbara Day*
Roger and P. Lani Dombrowski
Rita K. Donovan
James Dory and Carol Gales*
Erik and Emily Drygas
Katherine and Rhonald Duke
Jeremiah and Amanda Dunham
Keith and Cathy Dunham
Dr. Paul Dunscomb
Joseph and Rheba Dupras*
Erma Duricko
Frank Eagle and Kathleen Lavelle*
Geneva and Thomas Edmiston*
Hajo Eicken and Angela Dirks-Eicken*
Robert and Elizabeth Elsner*
Keith and Marie Engle
Julie and Todd Estey*
Lee G. Etten
Binhuai Fa
Mary R. Farrell
Jeffrey Feldman
Steven Ferree and Theresa Strle*
Elizabeth and Paul Ferucci
Vic Fischer and Jane Angvik
Larry Fogleson and Teresa Glendinning*
Stephen Frank and Linda Anderson*
Susan and Jerry Freel*
Norma and William Frick
Jane E. Fuerstenau
Edward Gardener
Rudy Gavora
Vladimir and Donna Gavora
Christina L. Geller
Betty Ruth R. George*
Margie A. Gibson & Jordan M. Holloway
Bruce R. Gilbert
John and Martha Gilmore
Maria Gladziszewski
Leslie A. Glasgow
Brian P. Glasheen, Jr.
Daniel and Penny Golden
Ann P. Gray
Perry and Gloria Green
Benjamin and Selinda Grenn
Erica Greulich
Ruth Gronquist and John Burr*
Paula and Bernd Guetschow
Lisa M. Gunderson
Michael and Marsha Gustkey
Lawrence Haines and Jan Petri-Haines
Robert Halcro
Linda J. Hall*
John Halligan
Barbara and Jimmy Hameister*
Donald Hampton and Anne Ruggles*
Anne and Owen Hanley*
Jeannette Smith and Martha Hanlon*
Arnold N. Harder
Michael C. Hawfield
Jana Hayenga
Michael and Sharon Hayhurst
Jyotsna and Stephen Heckman*
Lorena and Ian Hegdal
Merritt Helfferich and April Crosby*
Carole and Don Henry
Roger and Karen Hickel
Nadja Hipszer
Eileen Hofmann and John Klinck
Julie and Kennith Holbrook
Kennith B. Holbrook, II
Patricia S. Holloway*
Deborah G. Horner*
Bill and Elaine Howell
Rodger and Sue Hughes
Michael and Alana Humphrey*
Kris and Gretchen Hundertmark*
Ross Imbler and Charu Uppal
Patricia M. Ivey*
Randal and Rebecca Jackson
Patricia A. Jacobson
Anne B. Jennings
Harold F. John
James and Mary Johnsen*
Terri and Lynn Johnson
Alicia R. Jones
Bernice and Stewart Joseph
Marc W. June
Stanley R. Justice*
Naveen K. Karri
Judith and Michael Kelliher
Joseph and Sarah Kemp
Anthony and Tiffany Kiana
Bettina R. Kipp
Gary Kofinas*
John Kokesh, M.D.
Karl and Sandra Kowalski*
Robin E. Krause
Alberta B. Laktonen
David Landis and Sean Dowdall
Teresa Lantz*
John J. Lau
Natalia and Jack Lau
Michael S. Laux
Jay and Kathy-Jean Lavoie
David and Betsy Lawer
Brian and Donita Lawhead*
Charles and Michelle Lean
Bryan D. Leiser
Don Leistikow and Leigh Cox*
Loren and Carolyn Leman
Charles Leo
Jerry Lipka and Janet Schichnes*
Deborah and Ching Lo
Carlos J. Lujan
Dorene Lukas and Donald Ketner
James and Sherry Lynch
James Cannon and Ardith Lynch*
John D. MacKellar
Yvonne and David Maddux*
Harbir and Seema Makin
Victoria and David Manzer
Lyle and Susan Marchant
Julia and Steve Martinez
Deanna L. Maurer
Michelle and Don Maynor*
Lawrence and Gail Mayo*
Barbara and David McCaleb
Paul and Lucy McCarthy*
Ann H. and Steven R. McCoy
David and Virginia McDowell*
Georgiann M. C. McKeever
Stephen O. McKeever
Laura and Mike Meadors
Steven and Joanna Menaker
C. Randy Meyers*
Soles S. Michaud
Teresa Michel
Carrie and Karl Miller
Charles Miller
David and Laurie Miller*
Sheryl and Larry Miller
Clark and Karen Milne*
Mari Montgomery and Robert Evans
John and Judi Morack*
James and Joeann Moran
Gregory D. Morris
Penny Morris Vasileff
Jacquelyn S. Morrison
Joy Morrison and Susan McInnis*
Robert K. Morse
Katherine A. Mosca*
Eugene A. Mound*
Myra F. Munson
John Murphy and Kathryn Kindt*
David and Barbara Murray*
Monique A. Musick
Kevin Myers and Deirdre McDonnell
Elizabeth and Dale Nash
Claus-M. Naske and Dinah Naske*
Joe Nelson
Chena and Gary Newman*
Barbara A. Nilsen
John D. Nodus
Paul and Laura Nunemann
Catherine O'Brien
Philip and Pamela Okeson
Mark and Lael Oldmixon*
Jeffery Oliver and Jennifer Lynn
James Olson and Bobbi Ramos Olson
Jeanne Olson*
Link Olson*
Mark and Terri Olson
Ron and Kathie Olson
Kenneth Osterkamp and Siovhan Wescott
Judith Owens-Manley and Brian Manley
Kerry and Connie Ozer
Kathleen and Bruce Painter
Shawna and Travis Palmer
Glen Pardy and Susan Steinacher*
Lee and Linda Payne*
Alan and Sharon Peabody
Linda and Malcom Pearson*
Dudlee and Douglas Pense
Kim and Claudia Peterson
Robert and Caroline Pettit
Andy Pfeiffer
Alan Piccard and Kristine Ashley
Kelin Pickard Colberg and Stig Colberg
Janet Platt
James M. Plymire
Bill and Nicole Popp
Chris E. Prince
Robert Quillin and Ann Pittman*
Cheryl and Bryan Quinn
Kristina and Joseph Racina
Denise Ramp
Sara and Russell Randall
Melinda M. Rathkopf
Sterling M. Rearden
William and Carelyn Reeburgh
Richard Reich and Melody Garwood
John Reisinger and Karen Kowalski*
William and Michelle Renfrew
Gwenna Richardson
Thomas Richardson*
Jean A. Richey
Justin Ripley, II
Sylvan Robb*
Harvey Roberts
Betsy and William Robertson
Stanley Robinson and Bekki Fluke*
Daniel Rogness
Bess A. Rounds
Jo Ann and Stephen Routh
Alice J. Ruby
Mary and John Rutherford*
Frank Sacco
Mary K. Sattler
Matthew and Lisa Scerbak*
Brian Schneider*
Matthew J. Schnellbaecher
Chuck Schumann
Peter and Joanne Schust
Fred W. Scott, III*
Ann and Lester Secrest
Jeannine D. Senechal*
Barbara Sundberg and Robert Shefchik*
Terra and Richard Shideler*
Elizabeth A. Sirles
Lynn and Montie Slusher*
Jayson and Mary Beth Smart
Orson P. Smith, P.E.
Roger and Isabella Smith*
W. Allen and Klara Smith
Anthony K. Snow
Howard Sparks
Kimberly J. Stanford
Dennis and Ginger Steffy
Robbie Stell
David M. Stieber*
Michael Stinebaugh and Charlotte Fox
Bruce C. Stockhouse
Michael J. Stoltz, D.M.D.
David B. Stone*
Trevor J. Storrs
Val Stuve and Valerie Amarillas*
Daniel and Lynnette Sullivan
Brian R. Sylvester
Martin and Andra Tagseth
Shawn A. Takak
Maynard V. Tapp
Robert and Ingrid Taylor*
Ronald and Mary Kay Teel*
Edward and Catherine Thomas
Myldred V. Thomas
Daniel and Yvette Thompson*
Dorothy Thompson*
Eileen S. Thompson
Teresa and Todd Thompson*
Michael and Elaine Todd
Theresa H. Tomczak*
Dirk Tordoff and Catherine Harms-Tordoff*
Tammy Tragis-McCook and Albert McCook*
Joseph and Heidi Trubacz
Robert and Jean Tsigonis*
Bradford and Una Tuck
Leslie A. Tuovinen
John Turner and Debbie Hoglan
Matthew L. Underbakke
Bob and Chris Urata
Jana M. Varrati*
John and Jenny Veit
Geraldine A. Wahto
David and Barbara Walker
Donna and William Walker
Bettie Wallace
Kevin and Linda Walsh
George M. and Mary L. Wang
Pamela L. Ward
Robert and Terri Watson
Steven M. Weaver
Thomas and Jean Weingartner*
Rosemary K. Whitaker
Janice and Gerald Whitton
Bonnie and James Wickes
David and Carla Wight
Thomas H. Wilson, III
Deborah Winslow
Sherry and Terry Wolf*
John and Louise Wolfe
Joseph M. Wooden
David and Aimee Woodley
Kesler Woodward*
Mona M. Yarnall
32 Lounge & Grill
A Perfect Drift
Acoustic Adventures*
AK Federation of Filipino Americans
Alaska Association of Teachers of Japanese
Alaska Lash and Aesthetics
Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking
Alaska Music Educators Association
Alaska Nurses Association
Alaska Oil and Gas Association
Alaska Regional Hospital
Alaska Tanker Company
Alaskan Brokers Real Estate*
America's Charities
American Mechanical
Bobby's Downtown
Chena Hot Springs Resort
Chevron Humankind
Copper Valley Telephone
CRW Engineering Group
David & Janet McCabe Joint Revocable Trust
Denali Capital Management*
Downtown Association of Fairbanks*
EMC Realty*
Fairbanks Orthopedic & Prompt Care*
Flowline Alaska
Fort Wainwright Community Spouses' Club
Frontier Plumbing
Hanson Professional Services
Helen L. Atkinson Trust*
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
Hospitality Resources and Concepts
Infinity Woodworks*
Interior and Arctic Alaska Aeronautical Foundation Inc.*
Interior Women's Health*
International Tower Hill Mines
Interstate Batteries of Alaska
Invest in Others Charitable Foundation
Iquique U.S.
Ireland Clinic of Chiropractic
J. C. L. Engineering
James Kenworthy Living Trust
Juneau Economic Development Council
Landis Communications
Latshaw Drilling Company
Lavelle's Bistro
Mad City Flooring
Marathon Oil Company Foundation
Norseman Maritime Charters
North Pole Veterinary Hospital*
Northern Skies Photography
Ounalashka Corporation
Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
Palmer Lions Club
Panco, Inc
Raven Veterinary Services*
Red Robin Burgers and Spirits
Regional Citizen's Advisory Council
RIM Architects (Alaska)
Rise Alaska
Scanlon Properties
Sleep Comfort By Nerlands
Stan Stephens Cruises
State Farm Insurance
Superior Hardwoods*
Superior Plumbing and Heating
Tanana Valley Farmers Market Association*
Theta Omicron Chapter
Val D. Stuve TTEE for the Val D. Stuve Trust*
Wallace A. Cole Trust*
Walsh, Kelliher & Sharp, CPAs
Water Wagon*
Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
Whistling Swan Productions*
Will Technology, Inc
Williams Foundation*
Yukon Accounting & Consulting

Forget-Me-Not Club

Recognizes those individuals and organizations who made gifts or pledges of $250 to $499 in FY11 (July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012)

Frank and Julie Abegg*
Athea M. Alabanzas
Cheyenne A. Alabanzas
Dr. Vera Alexander*
James and Maryanne Allan*
Joseph M. Alvord
Dale and Honey Bee Anderson
Philip and Patricia Anderson*
George and Mary Argus
Dateen Arkell and James Palmer
Thomas Arnot and Rae Pedersen
Robert B. and Wendy H. Arundale*
Jane Atkinson*
Susan and Andrew Ault*
Nathan Ayotte
Thomas K. Bachert*
Nancy L. Baker*
James D. Balamaci
Dallas M. Baldwin
Nancy L. Bale
John S. Ballard*
Katherine A. Barger
Brian Barnes and Alison York*
James J. Barnes
Louise Barnes
Thomas and Sheila Barrett
Ronald Barry and Sarah Garland*
Charlotte and Lynn Basham*
Lauri Bassett
Alan R. Batten*
Carolyn Batten+*
Amanda Bauer
Linda M. Beaujean
Elizabeth Beavers*
David M. Behrends
Gary and Laura Bender*
Richard O. Bender
Deborah and John Bennett*
Sonja L. Benson*
Peter J. Bente*
Lawrence and Patricia Benz
Marilyn D. Berglin*
Rick and JoAnna Berne*
Sharon and Philip Berrian*
Rod and Ellen Betit
Charles Bettisworth and Karen Perdue*
Graham and Linda Biddle
Sabrina Binkley*
George Bird and Carol Indorf*
M. and James Bird*
Rick Bjork and Katherine Ross*
Donald F. Bladow
John Blake and Janice Rowell*
Cindy and Joel Blum
Robert J. Boeckmann
George and Helen Boedecker
Dennis Bogren and Elizabeth Turner-Bogren*
William Bolton and Ann Farris*
Linda Boochever
Bernadette K. Borealis
Diane and Cory Borgeson
Lawrence E. Bowman*
Bert and Nancy Boyer*
John C. Braden
W. Alan and Barbara Braley*
Jane Brand*
David and Susan Braun*
Marion S. Bret-Harte*
Sue Britt
Sandra and Ronald Broadnax
Alan S. Brown
Caroline Brown and D. Craig McCaa*
John and Kelly Brown
Marian K. Bruce
Erik and Mary Brunner*
Roger Brunner and Niesje Steinkruger*
Paul A. Bryner
Marcy and Seaborn Buckalew
Edward Bueler and Jill Faudree*
Dawn Buffum*
Sharon M. Bullock*
George and Susan Burgess*
Sylvia and Roger Burns*
Bruce and Linda Bustamante
Beverly J. Byington*
Catherine E. Call
Jamie and Daniel Callahan*
Jeffrey and Barbara Callahan
Ray and Jill Cameron*
D'Ron and D. Campbell
Jeff and Cheryl Campbell
Michael D. Campbell*
Susan M. Campbell*
Debra and Daniel Canavan
Steve Carhart and Vicki Bussard
Cameron and Deborah Carlson
Darla J. Carlson
Betty Carlson Thomson and Stanley Thomson
Tonya L. Carney
Patrice and Jason Case*
June C. Champlin*
Kathleen L. Chapados*
Cindy and Don Christian*
Carol H. Churchill
Christopher Ciancibelli and Phoebe Gilbert*
Robert and Shirley Cismowski
Claudia Clark*
Darlene M. Clark
Thela and Ruben Clayton*
Cathie Clements and Jay Hermanson
Barbara and Tyler Cole*
Charles and Christine Cole*
John J. Connors*
James M. Conway
Elizabeth and John Cook*
Jolanda Cook*
Dwight Coppock
Leigh A. Cox*
Deborah L. Coxon
Amanda and Anton Coyne
Glenn and Pamela Cravez
Mark and Debby Cruver
Bonnie Cudnohufsky
Ann L. Cunningham*
Sylvia R. Curran
Michael and Colleen Dammeyer
Sandra G. Dauenhauer*
Shanna and Kirk Davidson
Charles and Marvilla Davis*
Kristina and Mike Davis
Paula and James Davis*
Ronald and Mary Lou Davis*
Susan C. Davis
Les Day
Robert and Karen Day*
Frederick and Sue Dean*
Judith Dearborn and Edward Clark*
David A. Dengel
Jeffery and Jana Dennis
Steve and Helen Denton
Karen DeSmith
Rachel K. Detemple*
Toni and Stuart DeWitt
Erik and Staci Dilg
Roberta L. Dinius
Carl and Judy Divinyi*
Kathryn E. Dodge*
Barry Donnellan
Dena L. Doublex*
Cynthia M. Douthit
Cathleen Doyle*
Patrick and Lisa Druckenmiller*
James and Margaret Durst*
Terence L. Duszynski*
Ian M. Dutton
Jonathan and Kathy Dvorak
Teena and Michael Dyer
Peter and Robin Eagan*
Robert Eather
Patrick Eggers
Shawn Eggers
Irina and Anatoly Elman
Margritt and August Engel
Bruce and Becky Erickson
Darcy Etcheverry*
Christine and Rodney Everett*
Charles and Ruth Fahl
Anna I. Fairclough
Jerry R. Farnam
Charles and Charlotte Faulkner
Christopher and Elizabeth Fay
Garvin and Alice Federenko
Charles Fedullo and Shannon McCarthy
Eric and Corri Feige
Peggy and Michael Ferguson*
John Fitzgerald*
Richard Flaharty and Sarah McGowan*
Benjamin and Paula Fleagle
Robert and Kelley Fleer
Peter Flint*
Betty and Larry Flodin*
Susan Flora*
Tony Follett
Natalie and Robert Forshaw*
Glenn and Kim Foust
Deborah J. Fowler
Bert and Jean Fraleigh
Annette and Vincent Freiburger*
Herb and Kathy Gates
Peter and Jill Gates*
Meg E. Gaydosik*
Thomas and Sharon George*
Ronald Giacomo
Georgina and Michael Gibson*
Sami and Robert Glascott
Steven M. Godfrey
Brian and Kim Goettler
John and Francie Goll
Stephan and Kara Golux*
William and Katherine Goodell
Pat Gorman
Beth Graber
Sven and Laura Grage*
Mary L. Graham
Ron and Fan Graham
Marin C. Granholm
Dorothy Gray and James Arness
Christopher L. Green
Michael and Kimberly Griffis
Brad Griffith*
Dora L. Gropp
Joanne E. Groves*
Nora Gruner*
Janet and Robert Guarini
Gary Guarino and Janet Platt
Clark Gruening and Rosemary Gute-Gruening
Joe and Gloria Guttenberg*
Margaret Hackney and Alfred Decicco*
Florence J. Hage*
John Hagey and Sonia Mazurek*
David and Laurel Hale*
Deana and Bob Hale
Stanley and Janet Halvarson*
Priscilla H. Hamilton*
Simon and Jenna Hamm*
William Hammond*
Raymond Hander and Carol McIntyre*
Catherine L. Hanks*
Jean and James Hannon*
Robert Hannon and Julie Rafferty*
Nancy A. Hanson*
Jerri Harden and Neil Anderson
Alberta Harder
Linda S. Harding*
Jennifer Harrington
Thomas and Jennifer Harris
Amy Hartley and Adam Gibler
Charles and Jean Hartman*
Heather and Christopher Hartman*
Richard and Gail Hattan*
Gerald and Jill Haugeberg
Marjorie and Hugh Hays
Carl and Margret Heidel*
Dolores M. Heine
David B. Henry
Jill and James Herbert
Marilyn Hahn Herreid*
Kate Herring
Michael Hersey*
Joy M. Hewitt*
Dave and Jacque Hill
John and Victoria Hill
Eric Hoberg
Max Hoberg and Molly Manaugh*
Kenneth H. Hobson*
Jacquelyn B. Hoflich
Brenda and William Holden*
Janice Hollender and Victoria Dance
Anne M. Holte*
Gail Holtzman
Peter and Gretchen Hopkins
Elaine M. Hopson
Naomi Horne and Samuel Youngblood*
George and Elizabeth Horton
Amelia B. Houtchens*
Helen and Vince Howard*
Shari and William Howard*
Ryan and Lissa Hughes*
Heidi J. Hurliman
Lloyd Huskey and Randi Carnahan*
Arthur Hussey and Janet Daley*
Edgar and Mary Husted*
James J. Immel
Janlee and Kenneth Irving*
Mireille Jacobson
Karen James and Bill Buaas
Kolene E. James
Nirmal and Preeti Jayaseelan
Myron L. Jenkins
Stephen and Shirley Jewett
Trond-Erik Johansen and Hilde Oedegaard
Greta M. Johnsen*
Bonnie and Fred Johnson*
Joan and Matthew Johnson*
Roy and Suzanne Johnston
Jennifer Jolis and Daniel Gibson*
Monte L. Jordan*
Torre and Janet Jorgenson*
Glenn and Mary Beth Juday*
Hunter and Carole Judkins*
Julie and Robert Kapke
Heather D. Karwowski
Colleen M. Kelley
Suzie Kendrick and Doug Heimbuch
John R. Kennedy
David and Aldean Kilbourn
Courtney M. Kimball*
Craig King
Ann Kjera*
David R. Klein*
Michael Knapp and Rachel Morse
Al and Sue Koch
Clair D. Kochis
Meera Kohler
Jerome and Natalie Komisar
Shaun W. Komora*
Heather Koponen*
Paul and Jeanne Krasnowski
Michael Krauss and Margaret Lee*
Steven and Denise Krause
Helene M. Krejci*
Rudolph Krejci and Vera Peters*
Peter and Christine Kupczyk
Harvey and Margaret Kurzbard*
Jillian D. Ladegard
Terry and Peggy LaGrone
Donald Laichak
Samuel and Martie Lamont*
Dustin and Christine Langley*
Brian and Katherine Laplaunt*
Christopher Larrick and Heather Krawiec*
Julie M. Larweth
Jane LeBlond and Ken Leary*
Mary A. Leith*
Patrick and Linda Levy*
Darryl and Lisa Lewis
Jason and Becky Lindsey*
Jon Lindstrom and Janet Kidd*
Craig and Diana Lingle*
Carol Linkswiler*
Sharon L. Lockwood*
Donald Lokken and Carol Roblee*
Carolyn M. Long
Kristine A. Long
Richard Lonn and Ellen Ganley*
Ellen and Juan Lopez*
Susan and Douglas Loshbaugh*
Debra Lovaas and Reid Pomraning
Patrick and Denali Lovely*
Paul and Amy Lundburg
Willi and Karen Lundquist
Kristen Lyle*
Elizabeth and Elwood Lynn*
Ling-Hsiao Lyu
Ratna and Nil Magarati
Barton G. Maize*
Scott and Rachel Markle
Robert L. Marovelli
Dale S. Martens
Jacqueline and Philip Martin*
Jamie A. Martin*
Keith and Heidi Martin*
Mark and Marie Martin*
Tracey and Timothy Martinson*
James and Barbara Matthews
Kevin May*
John Maynard and Martha Boersch
Kirk and Judy McAllister
Shane McBurney and Shauna Budge*
Joyce and Stephen McCombs*
Gregory McConnell and Monique Garbowicz
Sharon McConnell*
Julie and Glen McCormick
James C. McDermott
Janet E. McDermott
Christine Z. McDonald
Patricia and Harry McDonald
Michael P. McDowell
Malcolm and Kristi McEwen*
William D. McIntyre*
George Rhyneer and Marilyn McKay
Katherine and Robert McLean*
Brian and Peggy McMahon
Elizabeth and Allen McNab
C. Peter McRoy and Carla Helfferich*
Patricia and Robert Meritt*
Dore' and Kevin Meyers
Dianne and Mike Milke
Gary and Ann Millard*
Kate Millburg*
David and Roberta Miller*
Lance Miller and Jana Linfield
Margaret E. Miller
Marti Miller
Mary M. and David M. Miller
Max Miller
Sherril A. Miller
Sophie and Henry Minich
Stephen W. Mitchell*
Susan Mitchell
Kenrick J. Mock
Mark Moldwin and Patricia Hogan
Tami and Verne Monette
Melodee A. Monson
Clifton and Jeanette Moore*
Laura and Reed Morisky
Joyce E. Morrison
Myrtle and Chauncey Morrow
Philip E. Morrow
Jennifer L. Moss*
James and Elizabeth Munter
John and Vivienne Murray
Cheryl K. Myers
Nanne Myers*
Mary and David Nebert*
Kirsten and Francis Nelson
Delores K. Nerland
Gerald and Patricia Neubert*
Brenda L. Norcross*
Patricia and William Nordmark*
Shirley and Richard Odsather*
Arja and Joseph Offner
Janis L. Ohmstede*
Donna R. Olesen*
Sheri L. Olesen*
Andrea and Marius Olsen
John and Connie Olson*
Patrick and Charla O'Rourke
Bradley and Melanie Osborne
James L. O'Toole
Arne and Eleanor Oydna
Jessica and Jerard Paden
Todd Paris and Carly Sween*
Lester B. Parker
Charles Parr and Marilyn Biagi*
Megan and Walter Pasternak*
Drue W. Pearce
Eric and Shalimar Pedersen
Robert and Kristi Peel
Rod and Donna Pegues
Patricia J. Peirsol*
Ernie Perez
Wanda and Demetrios Peros*
Ethan and Laura Perry
Scott Pessetto
Todd H. Petersen
Rorik and Jennifer Peterson*
Irene R. Peyton*
Gary H. Pohl*
David Poppe and Kat McElroy*
Vicki Potter*
Selah Prather
Michelle M. Prebula
Tima Priess and Paul Beals*
Dennis Pullar and Mang-So Tsoi-Pullar
Mr. Andrew Quainton*
Jay and Lori Quakenbush*
Terrance Quinn
Julia and Paul Quist*
John D. Ragan*
Charles and Doris Ray
Martha Raynolds and Samuel Dashevsky*
Margaret Rea and Mark Riley
Irving and Bernice Reed
Morgan and Theresa Reed*
Taber S. Rehbaum*
Robert and Karen Rehfeld
Allan and Ann Renfroe*
Robin A. Renfroe
Joanna L. Rentes
Mark and Anne Rippy*
Tim and Ann Rittal
Martha and Thomas Roberts*
Caren W. Robinson
Deborah and David Rockney*
Jack R. Roderick
Francois and Beth Rodigari
Richard and Debra Rogers
Abigail and Tom Roha
Robert Hensch and Bhree Roumagoux
Route Family
Susan L. Royston*
Roger F. Ruiz*
Terry and Kerry Rupp*
Charles Ryan and Rebecca Alexander
George and Candy Rydlinski*
Nate and Christine Sagan
Jon and Mari Sallstrom*
James and Beth Sampson*
Katherine and Phillip Sanders*
Lynda and Per Sather*
William and Brenda Satterberg
Guy Sattley*
Richard Schad and Linette Torres*
Linda Schandelmeier and John Davies*
Rick and Cheryl Schikora
Michael and Jennifer Schmetzer*
Jennifer I. Schmidt*
Mike Schmoker and Margaret Mannix*
William Schnabel and Cheryl Agnew-Schnabel*
James and Marlys Schneider*
Barbara Schuhmann and Robert Groseclose*
Deanna D. Schultz
David Schwing and Jenni Parkes
Dolores J. Sczudlo
Larry A. Shafford*
Nathan and Amanda Shearer
Hunter M. Shedlock
William J. Sheffield
Anne Sherman*
Steven W. Shiell
Robert and Emilie Shriver
David P. Shyiak
Adore S. D. Sibayan
Edward and Nancy Siemon
Curtis R. Simic
Judith Slajer and Thomas Rosadiuk
John K. Sloan*
Barbara and Floyd Smith
Brenda K. Smith
Howard L. Smith*
Kristy and James Smith
Robert Smith
Robin and Michael Smith*
Jean Snyder
Richard and Cherie Solie*
G.H. Cole and Nancy Sonafrank*
Margo Klass and Frank Soos*
Elena and Stephen Sparrow*
Lyle Sparrowgrove and Barbara Jordan
Bradley and Ruth Spees
Heinrich and Ok Springer
Michele E. Stalder
Jennifer Starck
John and Regina Stauff
Jo Ann and Gene Stauffer
Michael and Pamelia Steiger
Aporn U. Stein
Dorothy Stella*
Harold Stephens*
Lesa Stevens
Alice A. Stickney*
Gretchen and Mike Stoddard
Paul I. Stoklos
Andrea and Len Story
Dory and Ray Straight
Eric J. Straley*
John H. Straley
Laura W Strand
Cheryl B. Stromme*
Christina J. Stuive
Dwight D. Stuller
Matthew and Elizabeth Sturm*
Margaret I. Sullivan*
Michele Sullivan & Barbara Celone
Arthur J. Sutton*
Michael and Leslie Swenson*
Curt and Alice Szuberla*
Stephen Tack*
Brian Taras and Lori Quakenbush*
Nina Tartakoff and Richard Kemnitz*
Alexander and Megan Taylor
Diane T. Taylor
Scott Taylor*
Howard and Andrea Thies
H. Conner and Margaret Thomas*
Jim Thomas
Joe J. Thomas, II
Rick Thomas
Jacob and Jordin Thompson
Timothy and Jennifer Thompson
Victoria J. Throop
James Tiesinga, M.D.
Krista Timlin and Andrew Hanrahan
Charles L. Tobin*
Susan K. Todd*
Douglas A. Toelle*
Roger and Carrie Topp*
Linda and Gary Toth*
Debra and Clay Triplehorn
Don and Julia Triplehorn*
Marcus and Jodee Trivette*
Deborah and Rolland Trowbridge*
Dana and Martin Truffer-Moudra*
Angelia C. Trujillo
Phyllis A. Truran
Peter Tryon and Margaret Hayes
Patricia and Jeffrey Tucker*
John and Alica Unruh*
Alessandra and Stan Vanover
Brenda L. Vaughn
Stan and Donna Vaughn
Kathy E. Vaupel*
Kiran K. Venepalli
Sam Verona
Marit Vick*
Leo Von Scheben, Jr.
Carolyn and Frederick Voss
Dave and Robin Wahto
Linda and Dennis Wallace
Cynthia Warbelow-Tack*
Ward and Jennifer Ward
Sheree G. Warner
David and Kathleen Wartinbee
Kate Wattum
Julie A. Weber
Jason Weiner and Cori Anthony*
Katie E. Wells
Cynthia J. Wentworth*
Michael T. Whalen*
Jim and Jinx Whitaker*
Kirk Wickersham
Richard and Sally Wien
Jeri and Eric Wigdahl*
David and Florence Wilcoxson
Adam Wilkinson
R. H. Wilkinson*
Paulette M. Wille*
Bruce Williams
John Williams, Juneau Real Estate
Katherine and Ivan Williamson
Chris and Victoria Wilson
Elliot Wilson and Trista Saunders*
Kelly A. Wilson
Richard and Janis Wilson
Gregory G. Wolf
Kenneth and Victoria Wolf
Cathleen P. Wooten
Stephanie G. Wrightsman-Birch
Michele Yatchmeneff
H. Dale and Sharon Young
Stephen and Veronica Young
Constance and Cortland Zachel*
Lucia and Paul Zaczkowski*
Rebecca J. Zembower
Xianggang Zhang and Yi Xiao
Stephen and Annette Ziegman*
Michael E. Zieserl
Christopher and D. Jane Zimmerman*
Matthew Zimmerman*
Barbara and Gary Zipkin

Alaska Biological Research*
Alaska Calibration
Alaska Community Action on Toxics*
Alaska Electric Light and Power Company
Alaska Espresso Distributors
Alaska Laborers Local 341
Alaska Litho
Anchorage Fire Department
Anderson Group*
Arctic Fire and Safety
Arica Fishing Company
Association for the Education of Young Children*
Aurora Towing and Recovery*
Bad Girls of the North*
Bottle Stop Liquor Store
Business Insurance Associates
Cape Horn
Clarence Group
Co-op Arts*
Coffman Engineers
Commissioned Officers Association
Crisenbery Engineering*
Dowl HKM Alaska Testlab
Eagleglen Golf Course
Fairbanks Concert Association*
Fairbanks Potters Guild*
Federal Cartridge Company
General Teamsters Local 959
Golden Heart Administration Professionals*
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Gruening & Spitzfaden, APC
Harris Sand and Gravel
Hayes Handpiece Repair
Historical Urban Wear Alaska
Holmes Family Foundation
Hot Headz LLC*
Information Insights*
International Sourdough Reunion
J.A. Munter Consulting
Judie Gumm Designs*
Juneau Empire
Juneau School District
Kenai Fjords Tours
Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union
Motznik Information Services
NMS Lodging
North Pole Physical Therapy*
Palmer Golf Course
Port of Anchorage*
Preissel Group LLC
Prince William Sound Economic Development
Rebecca Irene Fisheries
Remote Power*
Seward Fisheries
South Central Timber Development
Southwest Alaska Pilots Association
Spaulding Interiors*
Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union
Spruce Tree Montessori School*
Tanana Valley League of Women Voters*
Thomas Nixon Art*
Thrivalaska thread Resource & Referral*
Unimak Fisheries
US Travel Alaska
Walsh Sheppard*
William K Hoeg Revocable Trust
Yak-Tat Kwaan, Inc.

University Club

Recognizes those individuals and organizations who made gifts or pledges of $100 to $249 in FY11 (July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012)

Laura A. Achee
Brad and Lisa Acord*
Kristi and Richard Acuff
Cindy A. Adams
David Adams and Penelope Adler*
Fred and Marlo Adams*
John and Cynthia Adams*
Layne and Beth Adams
Pat Adams
Phyllis and Larry Adams
Sharon R. Adams
Steve Adams
Janette P. Adasiak
Debra L. Addie
Kimberly and Milo Adkison*
Henry G. Aegerter
Stephanie R. Ahern
T. Kristina K. Ahlnas*
Suki Ahn*
Brenda Y. Aiken
Joel H. Ainsworth
Sharon Akers
Elizabeth Goldsmith and Matthew Albert*
Kevin A. Alcantara
Karol A. Alderman
Herb and Rainy Aleksich
Mary Jo and Gerald Aleksich
Sadat Aliu
Jerry L. Allen
Scott W. Allen*
Donna and Theodore Allio*
Lizabeth Allison and Michael Levine
Karla and Steve Allwine
Albert Alston, Jr.
Scott J. Altenburg
Peter F. Alward
Adriana E. Amaya*
Mary L. Ames*
Terry E. Anaruk
David and Barbara Andersen*
Arthur M. Anderson
Clara R. Anderson
Kimberly and Jason Anderson*
Mark P. Anderson*
Matthew R. Anderson
Don and Anne Andon*
Marvin Andresen
Ralph and Kari Andrew
William Andrews
Donna and Andreas Anger*
Patrick T. Anteau
Marc Antrim and Kris Fortier
Donald C. Antrobus
Richard and Maria Arab
Heather R. Arana*
Elayne G. Archer
Donald Argetsinger
Brian A. Armagost
Barbara Armstrong and John Tuckey
Jeanne and Michael Armstrong*
Arthur J. Arnold
Nathan and Sarah Arnold*
Kenneth M. Arnoult, Jr.
Christopher D. Arp*
Thomas and Susan Arts
Janet Asaro
JoAnn Asher
Tami and Shawn Aspelund
Richard and Bertha Astorga
Janet and Larry Athanas
Paul K. Atkinson*
Rose Marie and Jerry Atkinson*
Lauren B. Attanas*
Richard and Jane Atuk
James and Cassie Atwell
Donald and Erin Atwood*
Kif Augustine-Adams and Stirling Adams
Jean M. Ayers
Robert Alberts and Nancy Babcock
Oliver and Andrea Backlund*
Harry R. Bader*
Julie C. Baecker*
Rosanne Bailey
Dolores J. Baker
Rebekah R. Baker
Mark and Mary Baldino
Dennis Baldwin and Dora Melgar-Baldwin
Greg Balogh*
Joseph and Janice Banta
Lisa S. Baraff*
Emily and Forrest Barber*
James E. Barber
Kay and Perry Barboza
Jean and Blaine Bardarson
Thomas and Sharon Baring*
Marguerite S. Barnard
Peggy L. Barnebey
Jacquelyn and Tony Barnes*
Anna Elizabeth C. Barnett
David E. Barnett
Marilyn and James Barnett
Patricia and Hollis Barnett
Thomas and Denise Barrett
Timothy Bartholomaus and Sophie Gilbert*
D. A. Bartlett*
Heather and Larry Bartlett*
Alexei V. Basargin
Joyce J. Bateman*
James C. Bates
Sara J. Bauer
Katie and Karl Bausler
Brenda and Bruce Baxter*
Natalie Bay
Todd and Heidi Beadle
Ann and Dick Beamish
Grace and Walter Becker*
Robert J. Beckman
Mark Begich and Deborah Bonito*
William and Macie Beistline
Lawrence Freeman and Elizabeth Belknap*
Susan K. Bell
Michael Beller
Pete Bellezza
Richard A. Benavides
William D. Benavides*
Damon and Lana Bender
Dorte Dissing and Bjarke Bennedsen*
Charles and Debbie Bennett
James and Maria Elisa Bennett
Ralph O. Bennett, Jr.
Anna-Marie and Carl Benson*
Charles H. Benson
Julie and Adam Benson
Maria K. Berg
Richard Berg and Suzanne Bourgault
Timothy J. Berg*
Kali M. Bergeron
Christina Bergman
Kathleen A. Bernardy
Cheryl I. Berrong*
Andrea Bersamin*
Darlene and Howard Bess
Jill and Richard Besse
Kimberly and Mark Bessler
Todd B. Bethard
Jon R. Bezdecny
Ragu and Sangeeta Bhargava
Diane and Tom Bibeau
James Bicigo and Karen Gustafson*
Norma E. Biggar
Maria and Don Billings*
Steven Billy
Katherine M. Bilton
Sabrina D. Bingham
Vicki Biondi-Feree*
Chris and Pam Birch
Stephen and Brenda Birdsall*
Daniel and Susan Bishop*
Douglas and Lisa Bishop*
Marianne Bitler
Paula and Larry Blachut
Suzanne and Horace Black*
Teresa and Kevin Blackmore
Paul R. Blackwell
Michael P. Blair
Tricia Blake and Tony LaCortiglia*
Shane M. Blanchard
Aggie M. Blandford
Brian Blandford*
Jane and Brett Blasingame
Joan and James Blees
David R. Block
Dennis and Shirley Bloomquist
Gene Gustafson and Lori Bodwell*
Mark and Mildred Boesser
Sharon L. Bohjanen
Robert Bohnert and Bonnie Baize
Marianne B. Boko
Sharon L. Boko
Joel and Cheryl Bolger
John Bollinger and Hiroko Ikuta*
Travis L. Booms*
Richard Boone and Marlene McDermott*
Sandra J. Borbridge
Anna M. Bott
Sylvia and Richard Bouillion*
Steve Bouta and Katherine Stealey-Bouta*
Dennis and Nadine Bowden
Terra M. Bowen*
Robert and Beverly Bowers
Diana and Todd Boyce*
Lawrence Boyle and S. Alexandra Brown
Michael F. Boyle, Jr.
Roberta and Neil Boyle
Earl Bracewell
Mark S. Bradford
Judith M. Brady
Tobie and Glenn Brady*
Katherine E. Branch
Dawn M. Brantley
Jeremy L. Brantley
Barbara Branton*
Emily E. Bratcher*
David and Cheryl Braun
Cynthia and Al Bravo*
Julius and Lucille Brecht
Sean B. Breiner
Thomas F. Brennan
Karen E. Brett
Derek and Cynthia Brewer
James E. Brice
Sam and Theresa Brice*
Michael Moeglein and Colleen Bridge*
Gara and Bruce Bridwell*
William and Martha Bristow*
Sue Nichparenko (Broadston)
Kelvin and Flora Brodersen*
Marshall and Jan Bronson
Kevin A. Brooks
William and Kristina Brophy
Michael and Lisa Brose*
Jerry L. Brossia
Bradley and Dawnmarie Brower
Ralph and Nancy Brower
Ellen T. Brown*
Gerald and Nancy Brown*
James and Sherrill Brown
Jennifer Brown*
Kevin R. Brown
Linda S. Brown*
Marion A. Brown
Marsha K. Brown
Nellie M. Brown
Rusty C. Brown
Stephanie J. Brown*
Susan and Steff Browne
Brian and Amber Brubaker
Pamela E. Bruce*
Jim Levra and Janice Bruchhauser
Odin Brudie and Frances Pillifant
Donald and Marjorie Brugman
Walter and Joanne Brunner*
Christopher P. Bruton*
Gwendolyn R. Bryson
Melitta and Garner Buchanan
Melissa J. Buchta*
Charles and Sharon Buck
Lizabeth Buckalew*
Janice and Wilbur Buckler*
Timothy and Maida Buckley*
Mary and Rufus Bunch
Matthew J. Burdick*
Elizabeth Burgess*
RaDeena L. Burgess
Roger Burggaf
David and Patricia Burglin
Shelley and Steven Burlison
Lauren and Glenn Burnham*
Amanda and Victor Burns*
Dorothy Burns
Rebecca A. Burns*
Erika G. Burr*
David and Helen Burrell*
Kari Burrell
Jane Burri and Peter Sapin
Morgan and Bobby Bursiel*
Francis Adams and Mary Burtness*
Janet E. Burton
Starr Burton
Susan and John Bury
Jeffrey Bush and Jan Rutherdale
Noah F. Bushelli
Nancy Fresco and Jay Cable*
Joseph and Shirley Cain
Trudy and John Cain
Annie Calkins and David Hunsaker
Donald and Carol Callahan*
Eric and Yukiko Callahan
James and Terri Calvin
Diana Campbell
Jesse Campbell and Questa Locke
Judith and Harold Campbell
Larry E. Campbell
Michelangelo Canale and Farah Zoetmulder
Christopher T. Capps
Kevin Krein and Alison Caputo
Michael Carey and Margaret Brown-Carey*
Patrick and JoEllen Cariati*
Victor D. Carlson
J.B. and Roberta Carnahan*
Peter Braveman and Susan Carney*
Regina Carolan and Mike Vivion*
Christopher Carpenter
Robert S. Carpenter, Jr.
Allan and Rachel Carraway
Kathryn and Philip Carrico*
Erica Carroll*
Steven B. Carson
Sherman and Nina Carter
Cheryl A. Case
Elizabeth A. Casey*
Jackie and Sam Cason
Everett W. Casper
Catharine M. Catranis*
Anastasia and Frank Catrickes
Jacqueline A. Cattani*
Tonya Caylor, M.D.
John and Cassandra Caywood
Karen Cedzo and Harvey Wieler
Jerah E. Chadwick
Leslie and Gary Chamberlain*
Sharon D. Chambers
Owen K. Champlin*
Jeffrey S. Chandler*
Alice and Van Chaney
Thomas R. Chapman*
Brian A. Charlton*
Diana and Norbert Chaudhary
Lei Chen
Patricia and James Chesbro
Daniel L. Cheyette
Richard and Linda Chiappone
Lyell Chittenden*
Betsy Chivers
Tisha L. Christensen
Cabot and Cynthia Christianson
Faye and Conrad Christianson*
Phyllis Church
Allyson and Kevin Churches*
Leon S. Chythlook
Ruth and Joseph Cicero
Dan and Helen Clark
Ellen M. Clark*
James A. Clark
Romaine and Marcia Clark
Sandra and Thomas Clark*
Tammy Clayton
Wade Godfrey and Tanya Clayton
Daniel H. Clift
John and Susan Clove
Amanda Coakley
Janet and Jim Cobb*
Jean L. Coe
Kenneth and Lynn Coe*
Glenn and KaLynn Coffey
Norman Cohen and Barbara Sheinberg
Kit L. Coleman
Nathan Collin and Molli Sipe*
Caroline F. Collings
Robert and Janice Collins
Sherron L. Collins
Wendy K. Collins*
Cloyd J. Combs
Grant and Mapril Combs
Barbara E. Conant
Elizabeth and Robert Conklin
Sarah C. Conn*
Mark Terhune and Camille Connelly-Terhune
Donna Conrad and Joe Begay
April J. Cook
Harry and Kathie Cook*
Thomas and Shelley Coolidge
Gary and Cheryl Cooper*
Judith H. Cooper*
Lee Cooper and Jacqueline Grebmeier
Patsy A. Cooper
Gary and Jimmie Copus*
Timothy J. Coray*
Richard and Lee Ann Corbaley
Martha A. Corbridge
Brock and Georgia Cordes
Penelope Cordes and Lloyd Eggan
George and Helen Cort
Mark A. Cosson*
Rhevis L. Cothran, Jr.
Diane Coughlan*
Raymond and Joann Coughlin
Sandra L. Coupe
Carolyn and Bob Covington
Charles and Jeanne Cox
Edward M. Cox
James and Phyllis Cox
Joseph Cox*
Pamela G. Cox*
John and Kathleen Craig
John and Anthea Craven*
Douglas and Susan Crevensten*
Peter and Darae Crews
Patricia and Richard Crisenbery*
George and Patricia Cromer
Deirdre Cronin
Delores M. Cropley
Robert T. Crosman
Autumn and Michael Crouch
Andrew and Elizabeth Crow
M J. Cruickshank
Joanna and Craig Cruzan
Robert Cummings*
Warren and Cathy Cummings
Judith and Devan Currier*
Gregory and Sue Cushing
Christy E. Cutting
Craig an Leslie Dahl
Gary Dalton
William J. Dambeck
Floyd J. Damron
Aase and Ron Dane*
Samuel E. Daniel
Julie Danielson
Margaret M. Darling*
Andrea D. Daro
Douglas and Sandra Dasher*
James R. Dau*
Richard and Nora Dauenhauer
David Davenport and Patty Gooley*
Shannon J. Davenport
Eileen M. Davey
Eric John David and Margaret Hoffman David
Dwain and Joan Davies
M. Hilary Davies
Carol and Stephen Davila*
Bethe Davis
Debra and Gary Davis
Edward S. Davis*
James Altherr and Carol Davis*
Jeffrey C. Davis
Reo G. Davis*
Robin M. Davis*
Shirley and Robert Davis
Toby and Elizabeth Davis
Geraldine and Garrett Day
Nina Harun and David De Long*
Kenneson and Deborah Dean*
Diana V. Deausen
Penelope Debes*
Edward and Jacqueline Debevec*
Harm DeBoer*
James and Cathy Decker
Anthony McGuire and Linda DeFoliart*
Elsa and Steven DeHart
Thomas and Rosemary DeJulio
Cynthia Ann G. DeLauder
Bruce and Jaye Delbridge*
Susan M. Delisa*
Loretta M. Delk
John Della Croce
Cristina Della Rosa and Stephen Kocsis
Todd and Sandra Denick*
Kimberly J. Dennis
Leonard Wagner and Anne Derkacz-Wagner*
Patricia F. DeRoche
Caroline and David Dershin*
John DeRuyter and Tiffany Ferderer*
Tamara M. Deschaine
Jim and Barbara Desinger*
Stevan R. DeSoer
John S. Devens, Sr.
John J. Devine
Tina R. Devine*
Gerald and Shirley Dewhurst
Lee and Lillian DeWilde*
Donald R. Dewitt*
Jerry and Vicki Dickson
William and Audrey Diebels
William L. Diebels, Sr.
Nils O. Dihle
Dennis and Deborah Dillon
Susan R. Dimaggio
Mike and Anne Dimino
Gregory R. Divers
Ronald Dixon
Jim and Kathi Dodson*
Eric and Diane Dompeling
Michele Dondanville and Larry Foster*
John and Heather Dongoski
Janet C. Donnelly
Dieter H. W. Doppelfeld
Stan and Barbara Doron
William and Linda Doughty*
Jeremy A. Douse*
Eric B. Downey
Scott and Michelle Downing
Amber and Toby Drake
Lisa K. Drew
Sarah Q. Drew*
Nancy and David Dreydoppel
Merry L. Duame
Leonard D. Dubay
Patrick and Kathleen Dubbs*
William and Dana Dugdale
Kimberly R. Duke
Karen and Michael Dullen
Antwon T. Dungey
Robert and Sylvia Durgin
James and Shirley Durkee*
Gregory and Shari Durocher
Terry L. A. Durrant
Dale A. Durrwachter*
Dennis and Debra Dussman*
Kelly R. Dygert*
Nicholas Dynes*
Margaret B. Eagan
Robert Shelton and Nancy Eagleson*
Karen and James Eakes
Roy and Andrea Earnest*
Mary and George Earp*
Lorna S. Eberhart
Dennis and Carol Eby
Jesse and Katy Echave
Raquel M. Edelen
Joshua A. Edge
John and Gail Eichelberger*
Lewis K. Eisaguirre
Nicole Eiseman and Paul Ewers*
Jane M. Eisemann
Elizabeth M. Eisses
Neil and Jaqueline Eklund
Michael and Wendi Eldridge
George and Myrna Elgee
Mark and Linda Eliason
Shana L. Ellington
Julie L. Elliott*
John M. Ellorin
William and Linda Ellsworth
Thomas I. Elmer*
Camille and Anthony Ely*
Richard Emanuel and Julie Dumoulin
Michael J. Emers*
Gregory P. Encelewski
Gregory and Dona Endsley
Stephanie S. Engel
Janice I. Engle
Linda J. English*
Susan A. English
Urban and Crystal Enkvist
Kayla Epstein and Max Gruenberg
Brian and Casey Erdrich
Gay Lee and George Erickson
Teresa J. Erlwein
Jeanette R. Ernest*
William Ernst+ and Beverly E. Ernst
Jacqueline A. Ertischek
Richard C. Ervin
Ben J. Esch*
Constance and Mark Espe
Leonard L. Esquivel
Ariana and Timothy*
Michelle R. Ethun*
Donald A. Eubank
David Evans and Kathleen Neumaier*
Gordon and Cynthia Evans
Valerie C. Evans
Vincent L. Evans
John and Sue Evanson
Alena A. Evtushenko
Kimberley K. Fackler*
Laile Fairbairn
John and Amanda Falls
David A. Farkas
Patricia and Danny Farler
Dolly M. Farnsworth
Philip S. Farson
Hugh and Mary Jane Fate*
John and Beverly Faunce
Virginia F. Fay
Danielle Fegley
Andrew Feild and Suzanne Ban
Gene Feind
Lisa J. Felix
Anita and Robert Felker
Willis C. Ferenbaugh*
Dallas and Tara Ferguson
Judy and Thomas Ferri*
Daisy L. Fetner
Cheryl L. Fevurly
Douglas Washburn and Anne Fiedler
James and Linda File*
Mark and Tessa Filipenko
Sheila and Marc Filteau*
Mark H. Fina
Myra and Warren Finch
Dale and Glenda Findlay
Richard A. Fineberg*
Pamela M. Finnesand
Richard and Elizabeth Finnie
Marianne and David Finrow
Joan and Jim Fiorenzi*
Joan L. Fisher
Kerynn Fisher*
Kristine Fister*
Dave and Donna Fitzgerald
Debra Fitzgerald and Thomas Amodio
Kevin B. Fitzgerald
Tyson and Davya Flaharty*
Melanie and Scott Flamme*
Lottie C. Fleeks*
Hugh and Lanie Fleischer
Michelle L. Fletcher
Deborah and Daniel Flodin
Thea and Craig Floerchinger
Andrew Flores
Ken and Julie Flynn
Louanne J. Flynn
Alexandra N. Fogarty
Donald J. Foley*
Michele J. Foley*
Bruce and Joan Foote*
James and Karen Foote*
Oliver F. and Helen G. Foreman
Oliver F. and Helen G. Foreman+
Brenda L. Forsythe
Curtis and Christina Fortenberry
James K. Foster
Max Foster
Neal W. Foster*
Kim and Marsha Francisco
John and Gita Franklin
Cheryl L. Frasca
Warren D. Fraser
David and Laurie Frey
Bruce R. Friefeld
Jonathan Jackson and Carmen Frisby-Jackson
Russell Frith
Alexander and Angela Fritz
Max and Therese Fritzel
Scott A. Fronzuto
Judy T. Fulp
Dorothy P. Fulton, Jr.
Amanda Fynskov and Timothy Fynskov
Eric and Suzanne Gabrielson
Edmund P. Gaines*
Larry and Terry Gaines
Bryan J. Gallagher
Melinda and Charles Gallagher*
Peter E. Galli
Debraly and Joseph Gamache
Kathleen E. Gamble
Rajive and Tammi Ganguli*
Martha and F. Garbe
Michael A. Garbe
Chris Garber-Slaght*
William B. Gard, Jr.*
James and Glenda Gardiner
David W. Gardner*
Terry Fogelson and Debora Gardner*
Jane Garner
Leda and Patrick Garside
John Garvey
Donna Gates and Jeff King*
Stephen and Gladys Geertz
Billie Jo Gehring
Hans T. Geier*
Marquam George and Linda Zagar
Steven and Lisa Geraghty
Robert and Rebecca Gerik
Bella K. Gerlich, Ph.D.
Bonnie and Kenneth Getty
Willard and Audrey Gibbens
Charles E. Gibson
Karen J. Gibson
Teresa L. Gibson
Andrew and Amber Gichard
Robert and Laurie Gieck
Bruce and Diana Gifford
Marlys and Cameron Gilchrist
Spence M. Gilchrist
Debra L. Gillis
Dennis and Rita Gillitzer
Carrie Ann Gilmore*
John G. Gimbel*
Kathryn and Robert Gioffre
Randall Girouard and Pamela Erickson-Girouard
Erin P. Gleason*
James A. Gleason
Janet L. Gleason
Glenn P. Goepfert
Wayne Goering
Karl Gohlke
Carol Gold
Michael A. Golden
Pamela Golden*
Carolyn and Cliff Golz
Tammy and Anthony Gongliewski
Anne and Rene Gonzalez
Annette V. Good
Nat and Caren Goodhue
George and Linda Gordon
Kate Gordon
Shirley L. Gordon*
Julie E. Gorog
Keith and Denise Goss
David R. Gottstein
Cynthia and Bruce Gough
John Gould and Nancy Snyder*
Michael S. Goulding
Sharon and Mark Gramstad*
Joanne I. Granese
Stuart P. Grant
Thomas A. Grant*
Robin J. Graul
Jason B. Graves
Sandra and Ed Gravley
Harold C. Gray
Clifford Grebil
Dirk Greeley and Alison Till
Jyll K. Green
Maria C. Green
Sanna S. Green
Terrence P. Green
Patricia A. Greenland
Roberta L. Greenlee*
Joseph and Lisa Greenough
Douglas T. Gregg
James C. Greslin*
Warren L. Griese*
Barbara G. Griffin
Patrice C. Griffin
Daniel and Lois Gross
Terry D. Gross
Thomas and Patty Gross*
Robert and Jo Ellyn Grove*
Barbara E. Gruenstein
Mike and Dee Ann Grummett
Olga A. Guerra
Adelina R. Guerrero
Susan L. Guers*
Arlene and George Gundersen
Cathy and Mark Gunderson*
Jennifer and Aren Gunderson*
Lindsay J. Gunnarson
Wei Guo
Gary and Elizabeth Gustafson*
Kerry L. Guthrie
David and Marilyn Guttenberg*
Olga E. Guy
Carol and Samuel Haas
Maren M. Haavig
Ed and Anne Habza
Glenn and Esther+ Hackney*
Rosemary Haffner*
Karl and Debra Hageman
Melanie A. Hagen
Daryl and Karen Haggstrom*
Chris and Jane Haigh*
Steven and Melissa Halcomb
Grace Haley
Martin Haley
Bob Hall
Carolyn A. Hall*
Conrad S. Hall*
Kathleen C. Hall
Mark J. Hall
Michael and Kathleen Hall
Michelle and William Hall
April and Jonathan Halpern
Karin Halpin
Clayton Halverson
Sean C. Halverson
David W. Hamilton*
Heidi Hamilton
Julie Hamilton and Paul Keithahn
Connie and Peter Hamlett
Jessica and Mark Hamlin
Carol A. Hamlin-Faure
Rebecca Hammer and Alfred Granger*
Stephen P. Hammond
Daniel J. Hancock*
Rachel and Max Hanft*
Richard Hannan
Peter A. Hannon
John George and Cyd Hanns*
Robert L. Hannum
Janice and Richard Hanscom
Dennis and Paula Hansell
Arthur and Celeste Hansen*
Deborah W. Hansen, RN
John S. Hansen*
Lars and Sharon Hansen*
Michele and Tim Hansen
Patrick Hansen and Joann Olsen
Bruce J. Hanson*
Christine L. Hanson
Deitrie M. Hanson
Erin A. Hanson
Robert Hanson and Amy Egan*
William and Debra Ha'o*
Elizabeth F. Hardesty
Mr. and Mrs. Muspratt
Cindy and David Hardy
Cynthia Hardy and Michael Welsh*
Peter C. Hardy
Asher Harley and Carolyn Butler-Harley
Jennifer K. Harmon*
Mark and Linda Harriger*
Susan and John Harrington
Brian S. Harris*
Rick Harris
Robert Harris
Lynn R. Harrison*
Joshua and Darcy Harrod*
Shelly and Van Harry
Toni R. Harsh and Wayne M. Robinson
David D. Hartman
Tim Frey and Tracy Hartung
Kathleen and Wesley Harvey
Christopher and Maureen Harwood*
George R. Haskins*
John and Joy Hatcher
John Estle and Norma Haubenstock*
Bill Hauck
Anne and William Hauer*
Karen and Gary Haugen
Nancy Hausle-Johnson and Jerome Johnson*
John J. Hautman*
John and Mona Havelock
Lisa Hay and David Booemker*
Stephen Haycox and Dagmar Phillips
Ernestine H. Hayes
Kahne and Curtiss Haynes
Harry C. Haywood
Nicholas W. Hazelton
Michael C. Hazen
Doug Lammers and Kelley Hegarty*
Karen R. Hegyi*
Georgia L. Heiberger
Richard M. Heiland
Ron Heintz and Bonita Nelson
Karl and Janie Heinz
Fenton R. Heirtzler*
Marc and Jean Hellenthal
Marc Hellenthal, Sr.+
Kayli P. Helvie
Lois Henderson and Robert Sullivan*
Robert and Rebecca Henderson*
Erik Hendrickson*
Gerald and Debra Hendrickson
Bob and Joann Henszey*
Donna J. Hephinger*
Robert Drozda and Lenore Heppler*
Albert P. Hermann
Mark H. Hermon
Victoria and Jon Hermon
Julie and J. Todd Hershbine
Margaret and David Hetman*
Jean Heuvel
Susan A. Hewlett
Robert Heyman*
Kolby A. Hickel
Deb Hickok*
Kenneth and Cindy Higgins
Janice and Dan High
Everett Hightower and Linda Beja*
Michael G. Hildebrand
Cynthia and Mark Hill
Marcella D. Hill*
R. Greg and Clare Hill*
Todd Hindman*
M Kent Hinkle*
Eric Hirshfeld*
Richard J. Hitchcock
Peter Hjellen and Diane Holmstrom
Jo and Gregory Hobbs
Susan L. Hoefner
Alice and Carl Hoffman
Lynn and Greg Hoffman*
Judith and Arlin Hogenson*
Nicholas S. Hoggan
Patricia and Neil Holland
Tina L. Holland
Donna Holleman and David Leach
Sharon M. Hollensbe*
Ivy and Raymond Hollinrake
Jeff and Veronika Holloway
Patricia A. Holman
Jonathan and Jill Holmgren*
Peter and Lynne Holmgren*
Jonathan Holstein
Susan J. Holway
Sean B. Honeman
Barbara J. Hood
Patrick and Tiffany Hoogerhyde
Robert Hook and Kathleen Hook*
David L. Hooper*
Leverette and Jacqueline Hoover
Clifford B. Hopson*
Joann E. Horner
Susan and Donald Hoshaw
Cheryl S. Hosken*
Julie Houghton and Charles Mason*
Julie A. Houle
Benjamin and Hannah Howard
Tanya and Nathan Howard
Joshua Howes and Trena Gamel Howes
Dorothy W. Hudson
Linda M. Hudson*
James and Christina Huesmann
Gregory Huff and Jeanne Roth
Katherine M. Hughes
Patrick E. Hughes
Richard and Virginia Hughes
Robert and Christine Hughes
Linda G. Hulbert*
Alison Hull
Richard and Teresa Hull
Carolyn and Richard Humphreys
James and Sharron Hunter*
Kathleen Hunter
Robert G. Hunter*
Anna Huntington-Kriska*
Jeffery D. Hurd
Tom and Catherine Husson
Trevor T. Hyatt
Erin and Terry Hyer
Tara Iden and Dean Spagnoli
Tanya Ignacio*
Vadim G. Ilchuk
Daniel Irelan and Jessica Toubman*
Gary Snyder and Heather Ireland
Brian Iritani and Sally Thompson-Iritani
Leonard and Kim Irvin
Brita K. Irving*
Kerri K. Jackson
Jeffrey J. Jacobson
Conradus Jager and Robin Gabbert
Deena M. Jallen*
David and Jean James*
Ann and Bruce Jamieson*
William and Donna Jamison
Roberta and John Janiro*
Amy Jarrell
Richard J. Jarvis
Christopher E. Jay
Marie-Gladys and Emanuel Jean-Georges
Jeanne L. Jeffers
Jeff C. and Jeanne L. Jeffers
Dennis and Dinah Jelinek*
Fawn Jelinek*
Laurina and Steven Jenkins
Amy Jennings Burnett
D.A. Jensen
Eric C. Jensen
Julian and Edie Jensen
Katharina and Michael Jensen
Scott Jepsen
Denise G. Jerome*
Kristan and Jerry Jez
John and Lisa Jodwalis*
Charles B. Johnson*
Daniel Johnson and Margaret Brophy*
Debbie and Jeffrey Johnson*
Emily L. Johnson
Gerald and Rita Johnson
James and Mary Johnson*
Matthew and Amanda Johnson
Norwood and Pamela Johnson
Paul M. Johnson
Paula and Richard E. Johnson
Raymond Johnson
Robert E. Johnson
Sue and Robert Johnson
Ted and Rebecca Johnson
Tyler and Ariane Johnson
Raif T. Johnson-Kennedy*
Kathy Johnston
Mary and Stowell Johnstone
Ramona A. Johnstone
George and Judy Jolly
Lindsey and Matthew Jolly
Douglas L. and Janette A. Jonas
Betsy and Ronald Jones
Brian and Barbara Jones
Carrie A. Jones*
Cherry Jones
Dixon and Marion Jones*
G. Taylor and Dianne Jones
Miriam C. Jones*
Nathan C. Jones*
Peter and Alberta Jones
Stanley Jones and Kathy Pardee-Jones
Lora and Nels Jorgensen
Mary Lou Jorissen and Don Thompson*
Jan Julian and Laura Berkowitz
David and Frances Junge
Sylvia Kaderman
Leonard Kamerling and Julie Kaufman*
Mutsumi Kanazawa
Tatyana G. Kandiner
Timothy and Monica Kane
Nicolette Kaptur
Brendan Karchere and Natasha Larry
James Kari
Margie A. Karl
Leslie Karst
Craig R. Kasemodel
Marilyn W. Kasmar
Toni Kaufman and John Manthei*
Michael and Marcia Kean
Richard A. Kedrowski*
Billie and Brett Keeler
Brad L. Keeler
Louis and Ruiz Kegler
Elijah and Donna Keib
Debra Kellems
John and Eleanor Kelley*
Brendan and Karen Kelly*
Michael and Cherie Kelly*
Sharon Kelly
Tass Kelso
Beverly J. Kelton
Neala Kendall and Sam Warren
Star Gazers
Catherine M. Kennedy*
Mishelle Kennedy
Roy Allen and Roisin Kennedy
Timothy and Robin Kennedy
Chester and Shirley Kern
Gretchen M. Kerndt*
Rosemary and James Kershaw
Catherine and Kenneth Kershner*
Mary J. Keskinen*
Todd K. Kesl
Quentin and Margaret Kessel
Jared J. Kettler
Sally A. Kieper*
John and Mary Kiewik
John and Barbara Killian
D.J. Kilpatrick
Craig and Denise Kind*
Robert King and Sally Schlichting
Donald Kinney and Suzanne Lombardi
James and June Kinney*
Christine and John Kinyon
Robert and Robin Kirk
Melicent Rounds Kiser
Bryce W. Kitashiro
John and Vivian Kito
Rhonda R. Kitter
Eric and Rebecca Klingler
Kathy M. Klos
Peter Klumpner
Ruth Knapman and Larry Knapman
Michael J. Knoche*
Peter J. Knoke, P.E.*
Arlayne D. Knox*
Nicole A. Knox
Kathleen and Craig Knutson
Kris Knutzen*
Bill and Rosemary Kobus
Amanda A. Koch
Colton Koch
Danita and Tim Koehler*
Vicki J. Koehler
Alexander F. Koepp
Barbara and John Kohler*
JoAnn F. Kohler
Patricia A. Koldeway
John and Karol Kolehmainen
Kurt and Christine Kondzela
Robert and Maryann Konior
Deborah Koons and Clint Meyer*
Martha and William Kopplin*
Jack G. Kowal
Chris Kowalczewski
James H. Krall*
Karesa L. F. Kramer
Marna Kranenburg*
Thomas Krause*
Donna and Jerome Krier
Bradley and Candice Krupa
Michael Hayes and Lena Krutikov*
Ty A. Kuiper
Paul Kulongowski
Pankaj Kumar
Thomas Kurkowski and Melissa Kellner*
Patricia Kwachka and James Deitz*
Sally Kwak
Brendan and Nettie La Belle-Hamer*
Sandy Lachman*
Jonathon H. Lack
James L. Ladner
Renee LaJuett
Gary and Roxann Lamar
Brian L. Lampright
Patricia and Lewis Lamson
Jerry L. Landgrebe+*
Paul and Kay Landis
John O. Landua
Thomas and Lisette Lane*
Steve and Jane Lanford*
Mary G. Langdon
Ivy N. Lannet
David and Sandra Lanning*
Suzanne M. Lappi
Frances Larsen
Kelsey J. Larsen
Colleen and Paul Larson
Jon Larson and Gina Angelone
Jon Larson*
Oscar and Mary Larson
Robert and Sylvia Larson
Ann and Delbert LaRue
Emilie H. Latta
Tuomo and Jennifer Latva-Kiskola
Rick C. Laudenslager
Robert D. Laughlin, II
Rhody Launders
Thor Lauritzen
Calvin D. Lauwers
Marie J. Lavigne
Marc and Manisha Lawes
Lorraine and George Lazzell
Richard and Catherine Leach
Robert M. Leach*
Phyllis and Weldon Leckwold
Rosalie E. L'Ecuyer*
Gerald L. Ledbetter
Charla and Chris Lee
Elisabeth and Doug Lee
Min-Joo Lee and Hyun Yeol Shin
Susan and David Lee
Mary Cathrine Leewis*
Madeleine Lefebvre and David Dierdorff
Harold and Joan Leinbach
Marilyn Leland
Jennifer and Patrick LeMay
Christine LeMieux*
Clinton and Sheryl Lentfer
Ellen and David Lentz
Arthur D. Leon
Anna M. Leonard
Shelby and Leroy Leonard
Elizabeth and Jeff Leschensky
Rachel and Richard A. Levine*
Alan and Mary Levinson*
James and Eileen Levison
Karol J. Libbey
Daniel P. Lien
Chuen-Sen and Hsueh-Fen Lin*
Donna Lind
Marshall and Lois Lind*
Walter and Holly Lindley*
Donna and Don Lindsay
Brooke A. Linford
Thomas J. Lingelbach
Angela Linn and Joshua Reuther*
James G. Lisk*
Shirley A. Liss*
Angela Liston and Neil Murphy
Mary E. Liston*
James Liszka and Genie Babb
Joseph M. Little
Mark S. Lockwood*
James and Eileen Loftus*
Paula Long*
Theresa and Rocky Long
Linda and Thomas Longstaff
Ricardo J. Lopez
Pamela Lord*
Alysa and Philip Loring*
William and Theresa Lorkowski*
Lynne M. Lott*
James and Bonnie Low
Kenneth C. Lowney
Thomas and Cheryl Lubeck
Phil D. Lucas
Milton Ludington and Megan McCarthy*
Kelly Ludwig-Johnson and Robert Johnson
Sharon Luedtke*
Andrea and Gabriel Lujan
Gregory O. Lund
John A. Lund
Angela and George Lunda
Pam Lundeen*
Christine and Carl Lundgren
Shannon R. Luster*
Gregory P. Luth
Mary B. Lynch
Ralph D. Lynch
Carolyn and Monte Lyons+
Carolyn K. Lyons
David C. Maas
Jessica MacCallum and Dayton MacCallum*
Janet M. MacDonald
Joyce and Paul Mackey
Amy and Todd Mackinaw*
Eric and Charity MacKinnon
J. Allan and Margaret MacKinnon
Scott H. MacManus*
Deanna MacPhail
Amber L. Madrid Patson
James and Elrita Magoffin*
Michael J. Magowan*
Kimberley Anne C. Maher*
Steve M. Mahoney
Hilmar and Julie Maier*
Emily Main*
Mary and John Maisch*
Victoria and Russell Malone
Bob and Kathie Maloney
Pamela and Bruce Manderson
Ginger G. Manning
Ellen B. Mannion*
Joseph and Heidi Mannion
Ernest and Christine Manzie
Stewart Allison and Jo-Ann Mapson
Donald and Bridjette March
James and Judy March
Constance and Gary Markis
Kari L. Marks*
Susan Hall-Marley and Peter Marley
Heather Marlow
Meghan and Ryan Maroney*
Carolina Marquez
M. Wayne and Barbara Marr
Duncan A. Marriott*
Bernard and Jamie Marschner*
Thomas and Bonnie Marsh*
Kelly and Brian Marsolek
Melisa Y. Martel
Aaron and Kate Martin*
Christine R. Martin*
Erma A. Martin
Henry Martin
James and Cindi Martin
Jessica A. Martin
Felix F. Martinez
Isabel H. Martinez*
Kevin Marz
Jeffrey and Danielle Mason*
Michael E. Massin
Brice J. Mast
Stephen L. Masters
Robin and Eric Mathias
Tamra Matlock and Alan Mitchell
Neal and Felisa Matson*
Dorothy and Tamiko Matsui
David and Marguerite Matthews*
Mary H. Matthews*
Lou Ann and Scott Mattison
Brenda and Mark Mattson*
Toni L. Maury
Sue and Thomas May
Lynn Mayberry-Burke and Bryan Burke
Desi and Cathy Mayo
Nancy L. Mazurek*
Patricia McAdoo
Patrick J. McAree*
Norm and June McAtee
David and Janet McCabe
Ann and Michael McCann*
John McClure and Mary Meier*
William and Donna McClure
Sarah S. McConnell*
David and Kimberly McCourtney
Bill and Gayle McCoy*
Vernie and Dennis McCrohan
Stewart I. McDonald
Rickey J. McElfish
Tonya and Nathaniel McElroy
Michael H. McElwee
Miriam and Richard McGovern*

Steve McGroarty and Kimberly Maxwell*

Gail McGuill and James Bragg
Nancy L. McGuire*
Ken McInally
Brad Brooks+* and Drena McIntyre*
Micheal McKamey and Sonia Cedano
Patrick A. McKeown*
Justin and Amy McKerrow
Melvin and Kelley McLaughlin
Thomas McLean*
Johana L. McMahan
Mamie F. McMahon
Loyola M. McManus
Robert A. McMaster
Claude McMillan
Steven Seefeldt and Susan McMinn Seefeldt*
Philip McMurray
Robert McNabb*
Raymond and Elaine McPherson*
Catherine and Don McVey
Mary and Don McWhirter
Carolyn C. Meares*
Lawrence and Stephanie Meath*
Linda and Roger Mechon
Vince and Barb Mee
Chanda Meek and Colin Craven*
Christopher D. Meier
Deborah and John Mekiana*
Herbert and Hilda Melchior*
Robert Menard and Gretchen Thomas
Allison Mendel
Margaret and Mark Menke*
Anna and David Merrill*
Maria C. Messina
Selina D. Metoyer
Jeffrey and Barbara Metzger
David and Dora Meyer*
Patricia D. Meyer
Justin T. Meyring
Mary Beth and Sidney Michaels*
Michelle A. Michel
Frank Mielke and Shelley Higgins
Edwin R. Mighell, Jr.
Marty Miksch
James D. Milburn
Donald Millar
Andrew Miller
Cecilia A. Miller
Christina S. Miller
Clint E. Miller
Derek D. Miller*
Derek E. Miller
Elizabeth and Anthony Miller
Patrick and Patricia Miller*
Samuel and Nancy Miller
Sarah R. Miller
Joseph W. Milliken
Robin Mills and Mary Ann Sweeney*
Steven A. Mills
Irina Y. Millwood
Sarah K. Milne
Thomas E. Minder*
Ed and Kathleen Miner
Jodi L. Miner
Ernest and Maureen Misewicz*
Alan Mitchell
Jackie Mitchell
Phillip and Barbara Mitchell
William W. Mitchell
Frank C. Miyasato
Margery A. Moberly*
Daniel Moeller
Janey M. Moen
Harold and Beverly Moeser
Linda R. Moffitt
Richard K. Mohammadi
Carol V. Molinari
Karl and Susan Monetti*
George Brink and Patricia Moodie*
Brian and Deborah Moore
Dorothy M. Moore
Martha J. Moore
Matthew Moore
Randy and Janis Moore
Rodney H. Moore
Ronald and Connie Moore*
Susan M. Moore
Lori A. Morgan
Roberta H. Morgan and Ronald M. Cupples
Susannah Morgan
Yuri and Sydney Morgan
Kara and Gerald Moriarty*
Mary L. Moriarty*
Masahiko Morita and Brooke Cates
Allan and Judith Morotti*
Patrick Fort and Irina Morozova
James and Margaret Morris
Michael R. Morris
Stephen and Sandra Morris
Katherine Morrison and Mike Mayotte*
Sunshine and Michael Morrison
Phyllis Morrow and Chase Hensel*
David and Beverly Morse
Callen and Laura Morton*
Thomas and Nancy Moses
Marilyn J. Mount*
Sarah A. Mousseau
James and Deborah Moyers
Isabelle and William Mudd*
Jean and Richard Mulcahy
Margaret T. Mullen
James and Judith Muller
Helen J. Mullings
Bryan and Kari Mundhenk*
Christian D. Muntean
Cherry Freer Murphy
Michael and Terri Murphy*
Richard J. Murphy
Barbara A. Murray
Robert and Jean Murray*
Jerene M. Museth
Susan and Mike Musgrove
Edda A. Mutter
John and Terry Myers*
Mark and Alice Myers
Fritz G. Nagel
Satyanarayan and A. Sudha Naidu
Astrid L. Nancarrow*
Matthew and Erin Narus
Jerome Nasenbeny
Kottayam V. Natarajan
Mike Navarre
Sylvester and Doris Neal
Mark W. Nelles
Barbara and Roger Nelson
Jo Ann and Rick Nelson
Russell Nelson Family
Imre and Margaret Nemeth
Carolyn and David Nethken*
Lorien Nettleton*
Andrew E. Neubauer*
Mila and Pat Neubert*
Christina L. Neumann
Debra and J. Mark Neumayr*
Brian L. Newton*
Binh T. Nguyen
Caroline M. Nguyen
Mary Ann and Roy Nickel
Mr. Dirk D. Nickisch*
Jeremy and Catrina Nicoll*
Dirk and Amy Nielsen
Cheryl L. Nienhuis
Marilyn S. Nigro
Ingrid Nixon*
Nelda L. Nixon*
Barbara and Stanislaw Niziol
Mark W. Nolden
Daniel and Lisa Nordale
Dale R. Normandin
Jane H. Norris
Richard D. Norris
Maureen M. Northway
Robert G. Norton
Jackie and E Clay Norvell
Elizabeth and Joel Nudelman
David M. Nyman
Chris D. Oberlander
Daniel Oberlatz and Danielle Ryman
Matthew Wooller and Diane O'Brien*
Michael, Jill and Harper O'Brien*
Polly-Beth Odom, B.S.W.
Jerlyn S. Odron
Susan and David Oesting
Thomas and Janet Ogawa
Sandra and James Ogden
Alvin and Gloria Okeson+
Corey A. Oldham*
Alex D. Olesen*
Lola K. Oliver
Lynn and Cheryl Oliver
Kathi and Clayton Olmstead
Kenneth R. Olmstead
Eben W. Olrun
Connie Olson
Georgine N. Olson*
Ian Olson*
Peggy O'Neal*
Patrick and Sandra O'Neill
Rory J. O'Neill
Tara and Soren Orley
Nathan Orloff
Olav A. Ormseth*
Geoffrey Orth and Sheryl Reily*
Roger and Joyce Osbeck
Daniel and Rita Osborne*
Brandy A. Ostrinski
Amy M. O'Sullivan
Janice and Alvin Ott
Kelly R. Ott
Scott E. Otterbacher*
Bill and Jean Overstreet
Lewis Overton and Joan Soutar*
Molly Owen-Palmer and Allen Palmer*
Janet Owens
John Owens
Patricia Owens-Cox
Frank Oxman
Linda Paganelli*
Constance Page and Richard Kreofsky*
Mary K. Pagel*
Nicolette and Matthew Palmer
Sunil Panthi
Chet and Jane Paris
Alexandra A. Parker
Blair C. Parker
Carolyn L. Parker*
David and Janet Parker
Katherine Parrish
Dayne Broderson and Julie Parshall*
Jamie and Mary Beth Parsons
Kennedy Pascal
Ray C. Pastorino, J.D.
Anthony Pastro and Chris Greenfield-Pastro*
Lynn and Gary Paterna
Elizabeth and Nicholas Patterson*
Michael and Cyrilla Pau
Erick A. Paul
Kimberly and Ron Paul*
David Payer and Angela Matz*
Michael Payne
Nicole E. Pearce*
Susan J. Pearson
David Knowles and Margaret Pease
Theodore and Claire Pease
Jill and Sada Pedersen*
Patricia J. Peirsol*
Gina and Matthew Pender*
Jeanne Pengra and Timothy Pengra
Sara L. Penisten
Byron E. Perkins, D.O.
Richard W. Perry
Steve and Kathy Person
Janet and Garnett Pessel*
Mary C. Pete
Gretchen H. Petersen*
Janet and Robert Petersen
John K. Petersen*
Judy Petersen
Glenn A. Peterson
Lorraine M. Peterson
Janice J. Peyton
Suzanne and Larry Phelps
Christine and Samuel Phillips
Randolph and Sara Phillips
Barry Whitehill and Patricia Picha*
Margo and Ron Pichler
John W. Piercey
Tracey Pilch
Peter P. Pinney*
Lizaldy D. G. Pino
Betty E. Pixley*
Christopher Nye and Anna Plager*
Jan and Jim Plaquet*
Thomas and Sandra Plooy
Steven H. Plourde
James Plumley and JE Petroske
Kathleen A. Plunkett
Miriam T. Polan
Arnold T. Polanchek
Christopher Polk*
Steven J. Polkowski*
Michael and Peggy Pollen
Keith Pollock and Susan Stoltz*
Shirley J. Pollock
Frances I. Polumsky
Alan L. Pongratz
Andree and Denis Porchet
Angela and Timothy Porritt
Linda and Donald Porter
Pam Porter
Roger and Bonita Post*
Christine D. Potter
Michael and Joyce Potter*
Tamara and Mark Potter
Abby N. Powell*
Alicia G. Powers
Kathleen J. Powers
Philip G. Prax*
Russell H. Pressley
Sheryl L. Prewitt-Ronan
Roger W. Prince
Gary Prokosch and Elise Huggins
Barbara and Paul Prusak*
Cyndie F. Purdy
Jean C. Purvis*
Jennifer and Jason Pyepha
Aqa Qaderi
William E. Queitzsch
John Quimby and Kathleen Egan
Eileen and Michael Quinn*
Will Quintal*
Todd Radenbaugh and Michele Masley
John and Carolyn Rader
John Raich*
Susan Rainey and Mark Johnson*
George and Carolyn Rakos
Eric S. Ramaekers
Paul and Heather Ramert
Paul G. Ramsey
Charlotte A. Rancourt
Edith and Cecil Rand
Jennifer and Kirk Randall*
Stephen and Tatsiana Ranger
Mark B. Ranstead
Samuel L. Rao*
Victor and Laura Rasgado
Cathy and Jack Rasmussen*
Heather and Michael Rauenhorst
Eric and Vicki Rayburn*
Greg and Niki Razo
Matthew J. Reardon
Julie L. Redick
Lyla A. Rediske
Sonja Redmond
Yvonne Redmond
Terry and Nancy Reece
Jennifer Reed and Ian Wright*
Yelena and Brien Reep
Manfred and Marjorie Rees*
Mark W. Regan*
Nichole M. Rehm
Daniel and Amber Reichardt
Leroy and Sabra Reid
Marie Reid and Reford Reid*
Ronald and Kimberly Reierson
Rocky Reifenstuhl and Gail Koepf*
Steven J. Reilly*
Samuel Atta-Darkwah and Marian Reindorf
Jack and Edith Reisland
Jared L. Rennie
Raymond and Tracy Reno
Paul and Neva Renschen*
Jacob Kamhis and Linda Reser
Donna and Norman Resnick
Sigmund and Carol Restad
Judith D. Revels
Douglas and Candice Reynolds*
Joel Reynolds
John Rhodes and Elizabeth Allman*
Margaret W. Rhodes
Tyler and Erika Rhodes*
William D. Rice, Jr.
Angela and Will Richardson
Jeff and Stephanie Richardson*
Esther and E.L. Richmond
Kathleen E. Richmond*
Thomas M. Richmond, III*
Kent and Lori Richter
Jimmie and Karen Ricks*
M Jennifer Rider
George and Georgette Rieck
Steven A. Rieger
Jeffrey and Roxanne Rigo*
Patrick J. Riley
Debra J. Rimer*
Tasha M. Rine
Brandon and Shani Rinner
Kenneth and Susan Risse*
Seth Branson and Vanessa Ritchie*
Patricia M. Rivera*
Michelle and Anthony Rizk
Wade J. Roach
Wendy and Doug Robbins
Richard and Elizabeth Robertson*
Sigrun C. Robertson
Jun Mark J. Robinson
Mary A. Robinson*
Matthew Robinson*
Michele R. Robinson*
Robae and Maurice Robinson
Virginia and H.E. Robinson
Arthur and Joan Robson
Grant and Cheryl Roderer
Minerva Rodriguez
Alan Rogers
Joan and A Rogers
Michael O. Rogers
Ralph and Gloria Rohwer
Michael A. Romano
Arlene Ronda
Donald Ronda+
Arthur and Ellen Ronimus
Tamara R. Rose*
Rick Roseboom
James E. Ross
Robert "Bob" Ross
Douglas and Rebecca Roth
Mitchell Roth and Dorothy Corbett*
Irvin and Barbara Rothrock
Stacey Roy
Matthew Royston
Kenneth A. Ruby
Michael and Paula Ruckhaus*
Susan L. Ruddy
Stephanie S. Rudig*
Roger and Diane Ruess*
Eric and Janet Runyan
Andrew and Mindy Rupert
Kenneth Russell and Laurel Devaney*
Marilyn W. Russell*
Lynn Rust Henderson
Nancy A. Rutherford
Ruth M. Ryan
Fred and Shirley Sacco*
John C. Sackett
Brenda A. Sadler*
David E. Safine*
Daniel and Ann Safranek
Angela Salerno and Lucas Turi
Gene R. Salzman, Jr.
Lorraine Salzman*
Catherine M. Sammis
Kim M. Sanderson
Paul F. Sandhofer
Dolores A. Santos
Lisa Saperstein and Dan Mcgauhey*
April and Brad Sapp
Flora and Walter Sapp
Lisa Sauder
Julie A. Saupe
David Schade
Gerald Walker and Elizabeth Schaffhauser*
Margaret C. Schaffhauser*
George and Kay Schaller
Erich Scheunemann and Lillian Mercer
John F. Schlicting
Gordon Schlosser
Jack W. Schmid*
Michelle Schmidt
Terry and Jennifer Schmidt*
Joyce E. Schmitz
Vicki and Larry Schneibel
Thomas and Lori Schneider*
Patricia Schnitzer and John Bowders
Nancy and Mark Schrag
Lisa and Alan Schultz
Kirsten A. Schultz Brogan
Kay E. Schuster
Judy and Hans Schwaiger
Anne and Alexander Schwartz
Michael and Constance Schwitters
Julia Scott and John Ryer*
Michael and Crystal Scott
Phillip Scott+
Tomi Scovill
Stevie K. Seibert-Desjarlais*
Darwin and Katherine Seim
Martha J. Seitz
Sheila A. Selkregg
Lynn and Brent Senette
Saundra and Frank Senior
Keith and Barbara Severin
Virgil and Anne Severns
Richard E. Sewell
Scott and Kathryn Sexson
R. Scott Sexton and Madrilena Bradley*
Donald and Pamela Shackelford
Harriet C. Shaftel
Dennis P. Sharp
James H. Sharp
Linda J. Sharp
David Shaw and Amy Turner*
Donna Gail Shaw
Rita and William Shaw
John C. Shea
Norman Shelburne, Jr.*
Shannon R. Sheppard
Dagny Sher
Molly M. Sherman*
Todd and Kristi Sherman*
Aharon A. Sherrill
Jessica L. Sherwood*
Mary A. Shields*
Floyd and Rosa Shilanski
Anne D. Shinkwin*
Kenzo and Evelyn Shinsato
Barbara and Ronan Short*
Anna Marie and Fred Shulski
Dian E. Siegfried
June Siegrist
Cheryl and Jeff Siemers
Beverley J. Siercks
Susan and Richard Signor*
Kimberley J. Sikora
Kathy and David Sikorski*
Elizabeth D. Silberling*
Irene S. Silbert
John R. Silsbee
Janine M. Simcoe
Jamie Simes
Teisha M. Simmons
James and Rose Sims
Molly Sinclair
Walter C. Sinclair
Sandra and William Singer
Roxanne Sinz
Mary B. Sipe
Edward and Kathleen Sisson*
Maria and Jay Skala
Vinette R. Skow
Dolores K. Sloviter
Kevin and Katherine Smiley
Allison T. Smith
Christian and Loreen Smith
Christopher and Elowyn Smith
Deborah M. Smith
Deborah Smith
Donald Smith
Douglas and Marjorie Smith
Eleanor R. Smith
Eugene S. Smith
Frank W. Smith
Jane E. Smith*
Jim and Staci Smith
John and Andrea Smith
Julie and Steve Smith
Kimberly A. Smith*
Linda W. Smith*
Philip and Deborah Smith
Randy E. Smith
Raymond L. Smith
Robert Lee Smith
Sally Smith
Shellie S. Smith
Steven L. Smith*
Thomas B. Smith, Jr.
William Smith
Susan B. Smits
Spencer and Magna Sneed
Shawn and Casey Snisarenko
Greg and Sara Snodgrass
Nancy E. Snowden
Arnold and Patricia Snyder
Laurence and Margaret Soden*
James N. Soileau*
Diana and Daniel Solie*
Robert C. Solomon*
Terry K. Solomon*
Charles R. Somerville, III
James P. Somerville
Janet and Ronald Somerville
Peter M. Sommers
Walter and Babette Sonneborn
Vikas and Sushma Sonwalkar
Jeanne and Paul Sorenson
William Sosnowski and Jill Maxwell
Jennifer and Gary Sossamon
Pamela Sousanes and Kenneth Karle*
Randall and Marcia Souser
Celeste M. Sozoff*
Mary L. Spadaro
Jeffrey and Karen Spaleta*
Benjamin J. Spatz
Ronald M. Spatz*
Gregory Spears
Roxanne M. Speegle
Patricia T. Spence
Rosemarie Speranza*
Mildred and Dominic Spezialy
Gary A. Spidahl
Michael Spindler and Pamela Nelson*
Douglas E. Spooner
Janice and Layne St. John*
Rita St. Louis*
Althea R. St. Martin
James and Virginia Stack
Greg and Cassandra Stalzer
Patricia G. Stark*
Janet and Mike Starkey
Cable P. Starlings
Andrea and Jason Stasyszen
Hank and Marla Statscewich*
Julie C. Staveland
Jonathan C. Steele
Frances and Warren Steen*
Cynthia and Charles Steiner*
Karen and Paul Steinman
Satasha and Jason Green
Stephen and Tamar Stephens
William Schneider and Sidney Stephens*
Kathryn W. Stevens
Monique and Gary Stevens
Toni and Timothy Stevens
Julia A. Stewart*
Len Stewart
Thomas and Mary Jo Stewart*
Anita R. Stewart Carden
Dale and Stephanie Stirling
Richard and Marionette Stock*
Ginger Stock-McKenzie and Sean McKenzie*
Paul Stoddard*
Mark and Rebecca Stoppa
Michael C. Story
Miles and Eileen Stout+
Kathryn Stowell
Craig and Monique Stowers
Sarmite Straatsma*
Stasia C. Straley
Katherine and Tyler Straub*
Gene and Gail Strid
Maxine J. Strid
William J. Stringer*
Carol and Roe Sturgulewski
Erna and Alfred Sturmann*
Jeffrey P. Stutzke
Michalene Lozinski
Catherine H. Sullivan
Daniel S. Sullivan
Suzanne Summerville*
Belinda and Jamie Sunderland
Jennette and Ryan Sutton
Allen and Sandra Svenningson*
John A. Svensson
Judith Y. Swarner
Laurie K. Swartz*
Renata M. Sweet
Steven Sweet*
Theodor R. Swem, Jr.*
Gretchen and Wayne Swenson
Kathryn and Alex Swiderski
Ralph Swinton
Joel S. Switzer*
Gary and Anna Swoffer*
Keith and C. Jean Sworts*
Justin Sydnor
Arthur Sylvia
Barbara A. Symmes
Laura Syron
Mike and Sheelah Szymanski
Kevin Tabler
Gerald and Helen Taft
Margaret and Erin Talbott*
Sherry and Robert Tamone
Mary-Claire Tarlow and Peter Bernstein
Guy and Dianne Tarnstrom
Paul Tate
Thomas and Elizabeth Taube*
Theresa A. Tavel
Dianne Taylor and George Riley*
Gloria and Warren Taylor*
Marian and Frank Taylor
Mark L. Taylor
Harry and Rebecca Telling
Helen B. Tengs
Lawrence P. Terch, Jr.*
Valerie M. Therrien*
Lisa K. Thoene*
Andrew Thomas+
Carolyn P. Thomas
Charlotte J. Thomas
Damian and Kathi Thomas
Paul Thomas and Amanda Webb
Wallace R. Thomas
Craig J. Thompson
Dorothy Thompson+*
Leif and Claudia Thompson*
Robert and Loretta Thompson
Vanessa and Brian Thompson*
Arthur R. Thorness*
Gianna and Steve Thornton
Anne E. Thrall
Mike and Patricia Thurman*
Michael S. Thynes
Andrew L. Tibor
John and Julia Tielborg
Arne and Natalie Tikka
Sally and James Tilton
John and Ruthann Timmer
Edward C. Tisdel
Allen and Irene Todd*
Dianne M. Toebe
Judith M. Tolbert*
James and Mary Tolle
Lehman D. Tolliver
Gloria A. Tomich
Amelia and Charles Topkok
Kurt and Lenora Torgerson
Mary Touchton
Samuel C. Towarak, Jr.
Robert Martin and Mary Townsend-Martin*
John and Tori Tragis*
Tumi Traustason and Jennifer Arseneau*
Joan M. Travostino
Jerry Jenkins and Kathi Trawver
Dennis and Kimberly Traylor
Timothy Treadwell
Tommy T. Tredway
Patricia W. Tremaine
Kenna and Howard Trickey
Stephen T. Trimble
Andrea W. Trinchet*
Donna Trotter
Eric Troyer and Corrine Leistikow*
Fay and Richard Trudell
Nan C. Truitt
Katherine and Stephen Turner
Patricia A. Turner*
Jean and Randall Turpen
Lucy Tyrrell*
Louis C. Ulmer
Philip L. Utley*
Michelle M. Vaaia
Ailene E. Valdez
Jack and Katie Valentine
Mark Vallarino and Tami Rucker*
Marsha K. Van Abel
Craig F. Van Amburg*
David and Amy Van den Berg*
Jan and Jeraldine van den Top
Lois Van Hyning*
Ian G. van Tets
Jim and Darlene Van Woodard
Eileen and Leon Van Wyhe
David and Tracy Vanairsdale*
Theodore VanBronkhorst and Tanya Pashkowski
John D. Vandevelde
Andrew J. Varner
Jacqueline R. Vaughn
Douglas J. Vaught
Alice Velsko-Raidmae
Timothy Venechuk*
Tina L. Verheyen
Mary S. Verhoef*
Corrine and Steve Verna
William and Stacey Vetter
Karen J. Vezina
Warren and Mary Via*
Gale K. Vick*
Patricia and Martin Victor
Timothy J. Vig
Christine and James Villano
Elke M. Villegas
Amy and Gerard Vinlove*
Dirk Vinlove*
Jennie Frances K. Vinson
Michelle L. Vlah*
Donavan M. Vliet
Susan and Peter Vogt*
Ed Neal and Johanna Vollenweider
Julie M. Vollick
Jean T. Von Dohrmann
Theresa R. Vondra
Dane and Marlena Wagner
Janice L. Wagner*
Mary and Keith Wagner*
Dorothy and Thomas Wagoner
Joseph and Kimie Wahl
Janet and Randy Wakefield
Amanda and Brian Walch
Cindy R. Walker
Donald A. Walker*
Michael and Mary Walker*
Emily and Corey Wall
Lisa and David Wallace
John Hoff and Sherry Walley-Hoff
Claudia S. Wallingford
Briana D. Walters
Jeffery D. Walters*
Lisa and Jeff Walters
Marilyn and Martin Walther
Nevada R. Walton*
Kenneth and Jeannie Waltz*
Roxanne J. Walz
Lisa and Jerrold Wangberg
Gray and Sharon Wangelin
Robert and Patricia Warakomsky
Joy M. Ward
Marcia and Bill Ward
Carol B. Ware
Jill A. Warner
Kirk H. Warren
Denise and Mark Wartes
Daniel L. Watsjold
R. Glen Watson and Mary Kovis Watson*
Amanda Watt and Timothy Hames
Carol J. Way
Derrell and Caren Webb
Linda A. Webb
Don Weber
Karen E. Weber
Richard and Kathleen Weber
James and Joan Webster*
Alyce L. Weckwerth*
Craig N. Weidner, Sr.
Janet Weiss
Abigail I. Welcyng
Douglas C. Wellington
Richard L. Welliver*
Ted and Cynthia Wellman
Mary and Vyron Wells
Sabrina and John Welsch
Elizabeth and Mark Welty
Jason and Renae Werner
Alex and Peggy Wertheimer
Vickie L. Wesolowski
Linda C. Wetzel
Priscilla C. Wheeler
Wendy Whelan
Andrew D. White
George and Janice White
Matthew F. White
John and Patricia Whitehead
Jane and Claud Whitsett
Kenneth Whitten and Mary Ruth Zalar*
Merlin J. Wibbenmeyer
Gina and Vince Wickwar
Jeanne Wiebenga
Margaret and LeRoy Wiedeman*
Jay H. Wieler*
Tim Wiepking and Barbara Brown
Richard W. Wies, Jr.
Daniel M. Wietchy*
Lynn Wilcock*
Yelizaveta and Walter Wilcox
Geoffry Wildridge and Carolyn Leonard*
Marjory and Lee Wiley
Deborah and Robert Wilkinson*
Krista Wilkinson*
Barbara and Randy Williams
Christopher and Celeste Williams
Daniel Williams
Gary Williams
Jack and Carol Williams
John D. Williams*
Mary Lou and Robert Williams
Nancy Williams+*
Patricia R. Williams
Paula W. Williams, Ph.D.
Elaine B. Williamson
Jennine M. Williamson*
George Wilson and Georgan Stottlemyer
Jasmin D. Wilson
Judy and Charles Wilson*
Linda A. Wilson
Terril and Esther Wilson
Terry A. Wilson*
Timothy Wilson and Siri Engstrom*
Earl and Rebecca Wineck
Paul Winkel and Sherry Eckrich
Frederick E. Winker
Kevin Winker and Rose Meier*
Rachel J. Winters
Richard and Shirley Winther
Thomas and Kathleen Wischer
Brett and Tammy Woern
Cameron and Angela Wohlford*
Caroline Wolf*
Susan M. Wolf
Timothy and Mary Woller
Blair and Margaret Wondzell
Wayne Wood
John R. Woodman*
Michael Woods
Susan S. Woodward
Karen W. Workman
Doris and James Worley
Jay and Pamela+ Worley*
David A. Worrell
Eric and Carol Wren
David Wright and Sharon Haney Wright*
Kathleen and John Wright*
Stephen and Sarah Wright
Gan M. Wu
Daniel L. Wuthrich
Klaus and Samantha Wuttig*
Barry M. Wyman
Garrett and Jamie Yager
Brian and Leslie Yamamoto
Kenji and Yoshie Yamasaki
Zhaohui Yang
Dan and Jacquelyn Yates
Jeffrey and Catherine Yauney
Patricia and Jacob Yearty
Patricia A. Yenney
Patricia M. Yocum*
Dale and M. Jeanne Yoder
Julia Yoder
Cheri E. Yoesting
David Yokel and Kathleen Taylor Yokel*
Joseph Yokum and Missy Cribbs*
Kathleen York-Dewitz and George Rainey*
William and Miwon Yost
Elizabeth and Peter Young
Virginia and Steven Young*
Lihong Yu
Christina A. Yurkovich
Marguerite Cook Zabriskie
Candy and Gabriel Zacher
John Zager
Susan and John Zager
Eileen M. Zaiser
Linda Zarek
Lisa and Daniel Zatz
Polle Zellweger and Jock Mackinlay
Sara Zesiger
David Zetterman
Xiyu Zhou
Theresa and Tom Zietlow
Thomas Zimmer and Susan Willsrud*
Gregory and M. Susan Zimmerman*
Marci and Paul Zimmerman
Brad and Hannele Zubeck

Advocates for Victims of Violence
Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum
Alaska Center for Children and Adults*
Alaska Laborers Political and Education Committee*
Alaska Professional Communicators
Alaska USA Title Agency
Alaska Volunteer Hunter Education Instructors Association
Anchorage Glacier Pilots
Applied Ocean Services
Arctic Office Products
Aurora Energy Services
B-Line Construction
Baldwin Research Institute, Inc
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc.
Brown Family Trust
Captain Joe's Tesoro
Cherry Brady Balyeat
Cleveland H Dodge Foundation, Inc.
CR Enterprises
Denali Life Planning Concepts
Disability Law Center of Alaska
Dr. Annette D'Armata, LLC*
Drexel University
Eagle Quality Center
Erma W. Norton Revocable Living Trust
Fairbanks Dog Park*
Fairbanks Physical Therapy*
Fairbanks Shoe Repair*
Filipino American National History Society Alaska
First Assembly of God
Forget Me Not Espresso*
Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum
Four Corporation
Frontier Research
Girl Scout Troop #303
Happy Hill Mining Co.*
Haute Couture Consulting Services
HDR Engineering
Hole in the Wall Airport Gift Shop
Homer Family Theater
Ice Alaska
IGA Food Cache
Indianapolis Colts
Interior Regional Housing Authority
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Kolodesh Family Foundation
Law Office of John J. Connors*
Mat-Su College Math Club
Mead & Carol Treadwell Revocable Living Trust
MIR Parents
Mountain of Love Productions
Mr. Lube
MWH Construction
Namtvedt & Company CPAs
Northern Testing Laboratories
Northwind Gift Shop
Pioneer Equipment
Pioneer Natural Resources USA
PODS Enterprises
Prospector Outfitters
Rem Data Services Inc
Research North*
Rickey McElfish Trust
Riley Vision PC*
RIM Design
Royal Jelly Productions*
Rusty Wallace Racing
Sony Pictures Television
South Central Hardware
Steve Brown and the Bailers*
Studio One Pilates
T. Rose Veterinary Service*
Taiga Mushing Supplies*
Taiga Ventures*
Thompson Engineering Co.
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
Tommy Hilfiger Corporation
Top Of The World Garden Club
UAF CTC Culinary Arts Program
Valdez Fisheries Development Association
Valdez Office Supply
Valdez Radio Shack
Valley Chiropractic Clinic
Valley Landscaping
Ward Farms
White Palms
William J. Hauck Trust
Williams Companies*

Under $100

Recognizes those individuals and organizations who made gifts or pledges of under $100 in FY11 (July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012)


Bruce Abbott*
Kathryn M. Abbott
Maxia and Terry Abernethy*
Patricia A. Abney
Katrina and Kenneth Abramowicz
Lauri-Anne and Timothy Abrell
Roberta and Richard Ackley
Vickie and Michael Acton
Andrew C. Adams
Donna L. Adams
Grant T. Adams
James L. Adams
Kathy Adams
Ron and Janice Adams
Amy Adamski*
Carl and Jill Addington*
Hillary Addison*
Michael Adishian*
Ashish N. Agrawal*
Paula A. Ahrens
Carl Aielo*
George E. Aiken
Predeen and Pius Aiyelawo
Alan K. Akiyama
Erin R. Albertson
Cathleene and John Alden*
Mercedes and John Alderson
Darius and Regina Aldridge
Shawn W. Aldridge
Estelle and Gerson Alexander
Michael P. Alexander
Anita K. Algiene
Hassab Elrasoul Y. Ali
John Allen and Joyce Mucha
Stacy and Gregory Allen
Aaron D. Allensworth
Jeannette and Joseph Altman
Thomas and Katherine Alton*
Christina Alvarez*
Kaz Alvarez
Barbara J. Amarok
Sam Amos*
Sine Anahita and Kayt Sunwood*
Mark A. Anaruk
Alina Ancell
Angela S. Andersen
Barbara G. Anderson*
Beckalisa Anderson
Celia R. Anderson
Dianne and Robert Anderson
Donald and Jean Anderson*
Jonathan and Mary Anderson
Judy S. Anderson*
Karyn A. Anderson
Nathan A. Anderson*
Tammie J. Anderson
Thomas P. Anderson
Vigo E. Anderson
Micah J. Andresen
Loretta M. Andress
John P. Angaiak
Chottie and R. Woodruff Angst
Suzanne (O'Keefe) Ansari
Nicole A. Antoine
Joan M. Antonson
Susan and Michael Archer
Jeffrey E. Arnold
Jennifer and Douglas Arnold
Lisa and Mike Arnold
Linda Aronow-Brown and John Brown*
Jerry and Aedene Arthur
Margaret A. Asbury*
Arnold O. Ashenfelter*
Catherine and Lee Ashton
Amanda J. Aspelund
David A. Atcheson
Arron Atchley*
Jamie D. Atkinson
Judith Atkinson*
Steven E. Aufrecht
Lynda L. Ault
Alex Chudyk and Karen Austen*
Jamie and Patricia Autrey
Allen and Marie Auxier
Emily Averett*
Julie Ayers
Ellen and Linwood Ayotte*
Andrea M. Azan
Theresa and Macker Babb*
Suzanne E. Bach
Jungho Baek
Catherine and Daniel Bailey
Greg R. Bailey
Sheryl K. Bailey Johnson
Larry and Karen Baillon
Cameron and Becky Baird*
Dragos Vas and Carrie Baker*
Karen Baker
Mary J. Baker
Victoria N. Baker
Jane and Lawrence Balash
Martha and James Baldridge*
Sheilah and John Baldridge
Catherine L. Baldwin
Evelyn Baldwin
Ruth and Victor Banaszak
Lucas J. Baranovic
Juan M. Barbachano
Jacqueline K. Barkdull*
Edward and Pamela Barkhoefer
Robert L. Barkley
Ed R. Barnes
Betty and Gary Barnhart
Amy E. Barnsley*
Jolyn M. Baron
Della E. Barry
Virginia Bartman
Amber J. Bartz
Afton and Cecil Basden
Carrie L. Bashaw
Shannon C. Basile
Elizabeth M. Bassett
David Bates and Marylee Bates*
Larry V. Bates
Helena and William Batman
Carson A. Baughman*
Leischen A. Bauke
Barbara A. Baum
Lona F. Baurick*
Donald W. Baxter
Denise Baysinger*
Harold Baysinger
Heidi M. Beadle
Robert O. Beadles*
Trina M. Beagley
Susan Bear and Jefferson Blevans
Thomas and Elizabeth Bear*
Salina J. Bearden
Peter Beardsley*
Maia Sabrina L. Beaty
Melissa and Clarke Beaudry
Anne M. Beaulaurier*
Julie A. Beazley
Kendelyn R. Beck
Karina M. Becker
Mary and Jim Becker
Ryan G. Beckett
Gloria M. Beckley
Peter and Carlene Bednarowicz
Doreen J. Beech
Floyd and Mary Beine
Bette A. Belanger
Carrie J. Belasco
Mary K. Bell
Veronica Belton and Kenita Stenroos
James E. Benard
Oriskany J. Benbrook
Robert and Joann Benda
Lawrence and Darla Bender
Elizabeth Bennett
Jewel K. Bennett*
Kerry L. Bennett
Warren and Judith Bennett
Whitney M. Bennett
Letitia A. Benson
Pat and George Benson
Rebecca and Torsten Bentzen*
Boyd R. Berg
Nathan D. Berg*
Alana and Ronald Bergh
Margaret and Ross Bergman
Barbara A. Berl
Cheryl Ann H. Berlin*
Elaine B. Berrie*
Raymond Berry
Shelley and David Berry
Sherry and John Bestard*
Julie and Christian Biagi
Salena K. Bias
Lawrence and Patricia Bidlake
Sarah Bierschwale*
Janet M. Bifelt
Amber and Daniel Bigley
Suzanne and Gary Bill
John and Maureen Bilski
Douglas Bingham and Sheila Janki Bingham
Eric and Lori Bingham
Mary and Charles Bingham
Sylvia and Peter Biondich
Ms. Margaret A. Birkenbuel
Dick and Mary Bishop*
Tara L. Bivins
Eugene N. Bjornstad
Peter M. Bjornstad
Martha and Lester Black
Monvelia T. Blair
Antoinette J. Blakeley
Andrea J. Blakesley*
Katherine M. Blank
Denise M. Blankenship
Leanne M. Blanks
Justin Blase
Donna Bletner
Margaret J. Blistain*
Anna Marie Bloom
Juliette Blselli*
Bodil Bluhm and Rolf Gradinger*
Timothy and Karen Bodony*
Deborah D. Boege-Tobin
Judith A. Boelts
Patty J. Boge-Perez
Albert and Nancy Boggess
Peter Bogiel
Megan L. Boldenow*
Julia K. Bolger
Lee J. Bolling
Leah and Nate Boltz
Lori and James Boltz
Danielle and Michael Bolz*
Mary E. Bonaud
Shaun Bond
Jim Lanier and Anna Bondarenko
Katy and Anthony Boneta
Autumn and Peter Bonin
David D. Boodry
Carolyn Boone
Stacy L. Boone-Grant
Melonie A. Boord
Nelleene A. Boothby
Marilyn Borell
Gary Borenstein*
Jessica and Phil Borrelli
Dierdre and Everett Boster
Pamela Boswell
Robert and Ellucia Boswell
Ronny J. Boswell
Judith and Sherwood Bothwell
Thomas I. Bourdukofsky
Sienh C. Boutsomsi
Levi and Kelly Bouwman
Florence and Eldon Bowen
Jacklyn and Grover Bowen
Rena L. L. Bower
Brent Bowman
Nori D. Bowman*
Bryan P. Box
Gail M. Boxrud
Eleanor S. Boyce*
Yvonne Z. Boyce
Leslie and Roger Boyd
Leslie E. Boyd
Theresa M. Boyle
James D. Brader*
Kathryn Bradfield
Thomas M. Braile
Denise and Peter Brakora
Susan M. Braley
Valeriya A. Brand
Dona Brandle-Boylan*
Nora M. Braniff*
Nadine and Stephen Brannen
Michael and Audra Brase*
Achim and Karen Brauser*
Nancy Bravo-Meyer and Mark P. Meyer
LuAnn N. Bray
Gwendolyn P. Brazier
Lamont C. Breckenridge
Amy Breen and Cody Johnson*
Melanie and Kevin Breitenbach*
Lindsey and Ben Brelje
Willena Brenden
David and Helice Brenegan
Reed Stoops and Betsy Brenneman
Alyssa A. Brenteson
Karen J. Brescia
Lisa and Nick Brest
Troy Brevik
Gwendolyn and Kevin Brew
L.A. and Carol Brice
Thomas Brice and Kim Garrett*
Sheryl and Roy Briggs
Jerry C. Brigham*
Ian Esslemont and Geraldine Brightwell*
Janice and Harry Brinck
Martin Langlois and Jean Brinich
Heath P. Brinke
Todd J. Brinkman*
Ursula and Paul Brisco
Marsha S. Bristow
Nicole N. Broadus
Kamryn and Kendrick Brooks
Paul and Gayle Brooks
Richard A. Brooks
Dawn K. Broquet
Ann E. Brown
Audrey A. Brown*
Jerry and Celia Brown
John Brown
Julia D. Brown
Karin U. Brown
Kelly L. Brown
Lindsey D. Brown
R. Hayes Brown
Shawn Brown
Tony and Peggy Brown
Tracey A. Brown
Deanna M. Browne
Danielle Brown-Farrell*
Sara R. Bruce
Jennifer and Garrett Bruestle
Michael J. Brunetti
Melinda S. Brunner*
Binnie L. Bruso
Jeffrey S. Bruton
Jane K. Bryant*
Clare Bryant Boersma and Knut Boersma
Deborah L. Bryner
George F. Bryson
Angel E. Buchanan
Marsha K. Buck
Michael Buck*
Rosemarie D. Buenarte
George Buhite and Patricia Ware
Sy P. Bulaong Ramirez
Geoffrey S. Bullock
Braxton J. Bundick
Dawn F. Bundick
William and Arlene Buonamassa
Gloria A. Burcell
Alicia and Edwardo Burdick
David and Glenys Burdick
Leslie D. Burdick
Sheri and Gary Buretta
Janelle M. Burge
Diana L. Burgess
Susan and Clive Burke
Betty and Richard Burkett
Joan C. Burnett
Charles W. Burnette
James and Jean Burns
John and Christi Burns*
Joanne Burritt*
Debra J. Burroughs
Gary and Cristina Burtchaell
Robert and Julie Burton*
Catherine L. Busbey
Lois Buscher
Joseph and Mary Bustamante
Elizabeth A. Butera
Christine and Billy Butler
Margaret Butler*
Carol and Don Button*
Russell Van Paepeghem and Erin Butts*
Helena M. Buurman*
Gabe Travis and Christine Byl*
Amanda G. Byrd*
Elias M. Cady
Shirley Caesar
Heather M. Caldwell
John Califano
Alex D. Calkins
Ed Callaghan*
Steven Callaghan
John and Marilyn Callahan*
Mathew and Teresa Callahan
Amy Cameron and Joseph Geiss*
Howard and Teresa Cameron
Kenneth R. Camp*
Britney, Greg, Coy & Cambri Campbell
Heidi B. Campbell
Matthew D. Campbell
Kristin and Paul Canaday
Charlotte Candelaria
Robert J. Canha
Charlotte A. Cannon
Robert and Lisa Capuozzo
Shalawn A. Caraway
Clyde R. Carey
Russell F. Carey
Randall D. Carlson*
Shirley W. Carlson
Steven and Brenda Carlson
Jody L. Carman
Catherine E. Caron*
Daniel E. Carpenter
Paula and Charles Carpenter
Richard S. Carr
Charles Jones and Johanna Carson*
Cindy K. Carson
Daniel A. Carson*
Ruth and Michael Carson
Todd Carter
Michelle M. Cason*
Carolyn C. Castro
Robert and Andrea Catalano
Peter Catterall and Kimberly Toskey
Kristin Causby
Christopher and Heather Cavanaugh
James Cazort
Jonathan and Mary Cecil
Jennifer E. Cerovski*
Cindy Cevasco
Saul M. Chacon
Janice Chaffin-Bell and Steven Bell
Charles Chang*
Joe Chaplin
Jon and Debra Chapman*
Shelley L. Chapman
Delores and Daniel Chase
Robert L. Chatfield
Deborah and Roy Chavarria
Shawn Zhan and Shelly Chen
Rose Marie Cherven
Sandra and Robert Chichenoff
Andrea C. Chin*
Wang K. Choe
Gregory and Tami Choquette
Mary E. Christensen*
Sean T. Christian
Laurel and John Christians
Alene Christiansen
Edward Christiansen+
Suzan and Shane Christiansen
Katie Christie*
John and Sandra Christopherson
Nadine Christopherson
Tim C. Christopherson
Rene Chrystal
Roy T. Churchwell*
Julie Cialini
Kristin D. Cieciel
Margaret A. Cikanek
Ken and Shirley Clark
Olga P. Clark
Robert Mikol and Elizabeth Clark*
Alexander Clarke and Ann McBeth*
Marlene A. Clarke
David M. Clausen
Brian and Charesa Clausson
Michael J. Clausson
Karen and Stephen Clautice
Kevin Clayton*
Margo and Lee Clayton
Shirley M. Cleaver
Patricia and Robert Clem
Bruce and Deborah Clemson
John W. Cleveland
James M. Clifford*
Ian C. Clift
Thomas E. Cline
David L. Clingingsmith and Simona Mkrtschjan
Wendy S. Cloyd*
Elizabeth Clumpner
Timothy Coahran and Joan Kluwe*
Douglas A. Cobb
The Cockburn Family
Andrew and Carrie Cockerham*
Harold Cogburn and Joanna Blount
Aileene Cole*
Connor P. Cole*
Desmond E. Cole*
Nancy D. Cole
Susan C. Cole
Ted Cole, Jr.
Echo E. Coleman
Lucy M. Coleman
Lynnee Coley
Gloria A. Collins
Rodney Collins and Kylie Jamba
Carol A. Combs
Lucy Condon
Jeffrey R. Congdon
Courtney Conklin*
Phaedra and Michael Connell
James and Penny Connelly
Cheryl Conner
Linda G. Contreras
Kaia H. Converse
Corinna J. Cook*
Gary A. Cook
Jamie T. Cook
Staci L. Corey
Lyndsey and Matthew Corley*
Lila Cortez
Holly N. Costa
David Wetzel and Diana Cote
Teri G. Cothren
Adia Cotter*
Ella A. Cotter
Patrick Cotter and Adia Dewitt*
Teresa and Arthur Couts
Dawn and Robert Cowan
David and JoEllen Cowee*
Colleen Cox
Harold L. Cox
Stephanie E. Cox
Tyson R. Cox
Marlyce A. Cozart
Kristopher T. Craig
Jeanne C. Creamer-Dalton*
John Creed and Susan Andrews
David and Christine Crewdson
James A. Crewdson
John and Robin Crittenden
Maureen B. Cronin-Wmscornelius
Victoria Cronquist
Anthony Crook
Cristine P. Crooks
Jonathan Crosby
Richard Crosby
Jessica Cross
David Crouse and Melina Draper*
Beverly J. Crouts-Bullock
Lesley S. Croxton
Loren Croxton+
Alexander M. Cruver
David and Kathryn Cuddy
Amy and Patrick Culhane
Fama and Claude Culver
Earl Justin S. Cunanan
Duane and Carolina Cunningham
Margaret A. Cunningham
John M. Curran*
Charles S. Curry
Cheryl A. Curtis
James and Kathleen Curtis
Oonagh M. Cusick*
Constance Cutchins
Debbie A. Cutler
John R. Cuzzocreo, Jr.
Lisa A. Dahl
Peter C. Daley*
Monica J. Dallas*
Wesley R. Dalton
Nickol R. Dameron*
Mason and Carol Damrau*
Virginia L. Damron*
Janet and Virgil Daniel
Jason and Heather Daniels
James and Alenita Danner
Diann M. Darnall*
Hazel E. Daro
Christopher B. Darrah*
Scott Darter and Susan Hallinan*
Jacqueline and John Dashiell
Kristine Dassinger
Whitney K. D'Atra
Elizabeth and John Daugherty
Richard and Virginia Daum
Mary J. David
June L. Davies*
Gary Guy and Gwenn Davies-Guy
Bryce P. Davis
Dawn and James Davis
John W. Davis, Jr.
Michael L. Davis
Phillip C. Davis
Tom Davis
Heather Davis-Durtschi and Mike Durtschi
Janice Dawe and Lawrence Kaplan*
John A. Dawson
Nancy H. Dawson
Mary C. Day
Toni M. E. De la Luz Abbey
Roger and Barbara De Longchamp
Diana and Otis Dean
Miriam P. Keegan Dean
Ira D. Deardorff
Tasha L. Deardorff
Therese Deardorff
Linda D. Deas
Jarrod and Samantha Decker*
Bernice and Nicholas Deely
Lynn A. DeFilippo*
Adam DuBour and Kristin DeGroot*
Lydia M. DeGuio
Claire A. DeHart
Jim Deininger*
Leonard T. Dejoria*
Gail Dekreon
Louise Dekreon-Watsjold
Mae A. Delcastillo
Derek G. Delgado
Judy and Steven Dellinger
John and B. Delong
Louis and Juliet DeLong
Thomas and Ann DeLong*
Carol L. F. DelValle
Eusebio DelValle+
Leonard and Renee Demaray
Pauline and Jerry Demas
Thomas DeMattia and Nicole Stewart*
Neva C. DeMayo
Leo and Sue De-Meo
Pierre and Amy DeMers
Valerie A. Demming*
Kimberly A. DeMoss
Kelly C. Dennis
Russell E. Dennis*
Dale and Carolyn Depalatis
Erica D'Eramo
Lenora E. DeRoy
Romie J. Deschamps
Katherine Desinger
Carol E. DeVoe*
David DeVoe+*
Bobbie L. DeVore
Joan P. Dewey
Patsy and Dennis DeWitt
Margot Dick and William Ross
Alvilda C. Dickerson
Robert Dickerson, Jr.*
Cora Sue and Charles Dickson
Katherine M. DiCristina*
Greg Dierick
Teri Dierick
Rebecca and Carl Dierking
Chad M. Diesinger*
Leslie L. Dietz-Lindner
Patricia and Luke Dihle*
Brooks Keenan and Mary Dillard
Matthew and Danielle Dillon*
Thomas W. Dillon*
Holly S. DiMeglio, ANP
Celine Dion
Brandy M. Disbennett
Christine L. Dittrich
Nathan A. Dobberpuhl
Valerie and David Dobbs
Betty and Loren Dodds
Karla Dodge-Browne
Sarah E. Doggett
Deborah and Jim Dolan
Patricia and Wayne Dolezal
Lora J. Donaldson
Wayne and Mary Jane Donaldson
Ji-Liang Yang and Yuan-Fang Dong
Renee M. Doonan
Kerry L. Dorius
Gale M. Dorn Springer
Dale and Deborah Dornblaser
Valeriya I. Dorofeeva
Zacharias Douma
Terry and Ann Dowdy*
Marjorie and Thomas Downey
Harold Downing and Barbara Tallberg
Aaron T. Doyle*
Daniel and Tammy Doyle
Lindsay Doyle*
Thomas and Mary Drake
Howard B. Dresser*
Wendy Drew
Alfred and Ann Driscoll
Peter M. Dronkers*
Anna B. Dropik
Thaddeus J. Du Bois
April C. DuClos
Carol and Jon Dufendach*
Donald W. Duff
Darrell and Virginia Dufresne
Jason Bent and Erica Duke
Jovan D. Dull
Victor L. Dull
Miriam and Roger Dunbar*
Rebecca Dunbar
Marilyn and William Duncan
Michael Duncan*
Thomas H. Duncan*
Jennifer R. Dunn
Michele M. Dunn
Michael and Taeyoung Dunton*
Betty V. Dupee
Ronald J. Dupee
David M. Duprow
Julie L. Duquette*
Carole and Richard Durant
Justin Durling and Rebeca Mosquera-Durling
Bruce and Patricia Duvlea*
Zrinka and Kurt Dzinich
Emerson W. Eads*
Beth and Bryan Earl
Jantina L. Earnest
Paula A. Earp*
Gayle and James Eastwood*
Daniel J. Eck
Teresa Y. Eckel
Elsie and Paul Eckman*
Kathleen W. Edic
Sarah J. Edmunds
Jeff and Heidi Edwards
John W. Egbert
Kelly and Gladys Egger*
Edward A. Eggleston
William J. Ehelebe
Mary and Lars Ehrlander*
Sharon E. Eilers
Corrine Eilo and Kurt Eilo
Jonathan and Ruth Eker
Lorraine Basnar Elder
Sarah M. Elder
Shonti Elder and William Frey
Gabriel J. Ellenbecker
Janet M. Elliot
Adrienne and George Elliott
Carilyn C. Ellis
Johnny Ellis, Jr.
Dana and Joe Elmore
Andrew and Carol Elnicki
Floyd and Deborah Elterman*
Matthew and Katerina Emmons
Jacquelynn L. Engebretson
Gerald Engel
Jeannie L. English
Susan J. Engman
Christopher J. Ennis
Emilie A. Entrikin*
Sasha Ericksen and Sam Kim
Agatha I. Erickson*
Dan T. Erickson
Denis R. Erickson
Joyce M. Erickson
Eric and Deborah Eriksen
Richard A. Ermi
Carla Blackford-Esary and Steven Esary
Christopher R. Eshleman*
Lana G. Esposito
Clifford and Linda Estabrook
Pamela D. Estep
Jeff L. Estes
Richard W. Estes
Marlo J. Estes Trabue
Rosa Estrada
Kathleen S. Etulain
Anita J. Evans
Karin and Matthew Evans
Maureen and Jack Evans
Melinda and Hawley Evans*
Matthew J. Evenson
Kim C. Everett
John and Kathie Evingson
Victoria L. Faciane
Stephen V. Falcone
Edwin and Vivian Fancher
Raquel and Michael Fancher
Neil T. Fant
Joseph E. Fanucci
William J. Farrell*
Victor T. Farris
Thomas Farrugia*
Ronald and Nancy Fassett
Phyllis A. Fast
Anne G. Faught*
Amanda L. Faulkner
David Fauske
Barbara A. Fay
Margaret and Bernard Feinberg
Robin A. Feinman*
Ronald Veliz and Yolande Fejes
James Feldman
Dennis L. Fenn
Mary E. Fenno*
Rafal N. Ferdynus
Hannah A. Ferguson
Stanley and Cassaundra Ferguson
Kathleen A. Ferrelli
Teri L. Fetherolf
Josephine Feyhl and James Buska
Douglas Fields
Alexa C. Filanowicz
Denise A. Finch
Paul Finch, Jr.*
Suzanne R. Findlay
Vivian C. Finlay
Shawna L. Finley
Robert and Teri Firor
Connie S. Fischer
Donna R. Fischer
Amanda R. Fisher
Amber M. Fisher
Michael and Kimberly Fisher
Shaina M. Fisher
Michael Fitch
Shanwne A. Fitzgerald
Suzan M. Fitzgerald
Adam Copson and Janet Flaherty
R. Steven Fletcher
Betty J. Florcke
Lisa and Javier Flores
Teresa M. Flores
Norman Flothe+
Mary and Everett Flynn
Rachael A. Fogal
Tamie E. Fogle
Olga S. Fontaine
Kevin P. Foote
Emily and Jeramie Ford
Dennis and Sandra Foreman
Wilhemina K. Foreman
Jeff Forsythe*
Carole B. Foster
Danny and Roxanne Foster
Gregory and Danielle Foster*
Jill M. Foster
William and Renate Foster
William L. Foster
Rose M. Fourmont
Justine M. Fowler
Laurie A. Fowler
Clifton and Sarah Fox
Karen and Robert Fox
Gregory and Kathleen Foxley
Jeanne Foy and Dirk Miller
Andrew D. Fraiser
Karl E. Franke*
Linda Franklin and Shan Burson*
Warren G. Fraser, II*
Melissa A. Fraze
Lynn Frazee
Curtis J. Freeman*
Linda A. Freeman
Mathew D. Freeman
Mari B. Freitag
Blair and Shawna French*
Laura A. Frisone
Deborah Fristoe
Elsa Demeksa and Peter Froehlich
Wyn M. Froelich
Loretta and Max Froese
Terri L. Froese
Julie A. Fronzuto
Bucky M. Frost
Katalin R. Frost
Irene Fuchs Meyer*
Richard A. Gabel
Lincoln and Meagan Gable*
Ann M. Gabler
Susan L. Gadd
Donna Galbreath and Erik Kohler
Leo Gallardo
Kevin and Michelle Galloway
Jennifer B. Gamble*
Naisi Gao
Rachel A. Garcia*
Donna J. Gardino*
Richard Judd and Lee Ann Gardner
Tonya D. Garnett
Cachet T. Garrett
Katie K. Garrity*
Raymond and Anne Gauthier
Mary and James Gebhard*
Abeba Gebrehiwot
Alastair Gee
Kevin J. Geese
Robert G. Geiger
Diane and Abraham George
Patricia and John George
Valerie and James Geraghty
Keith and Carol Gerken
Kristine and Greg Germain
Joy and Patrick Gesin*
Sharon and Ronald Gherman
Ann C. Ghicadus
Mario+ and Carol Gho
Dorothy A. Gibbons
Ralph and Joann Gibbons
Catherine I. Gibler
Debbie Gibson
James M. Gibson*
Liz Gifford
Lyn Gilbert*
Rosanne and Michael Gilbert
Rhonda L. Gilbertson*
Michael Pellerin and Robin Gilcrist
Jeremy P. Giliam
Yvette M. Gillies
Thomas E. Gillispie
Jeffrey and Kari Gimbel*
Roland K. Ginnaty*
Andrew F. Giroux
Marsha A. Gladhart
Ashten S. Glaves
Jesse L. Glaves
John Glenn
Christina N. Glover
Amber A. Glynn*
Zelda M. Gober
Toni J. Godes
Kathleen R. Godsoe
Peter and Joan Goeldner
Judith Goetz and Sheryle Kieser
Adam C. Goff
Patricia and William Gohring
Christian Gold Stagg
Timothy R. Goldsworthy
Sherrie and Peter Goll
Michael M. Gomes*
Mibo Gong
Jamie M. Gonzales
Lisa and Rex Good
Christopher J. Goodell
Gerald G. Goodman
Benjamin K. Gordon
Ron R. Gordon
Mikhail A. Gorshunov
Linda M. Goss*
Terrie G. Gottstein
Minnie L. Gould
Christian Gou-Leonhardt*
Freda Gowling
Stephen Grabacki and Marianne Kerr
Wesley G. Graf
Cassandra and Bryan Graham
Daniel and Kimberly Graham
Dwain M. Graham
Pearlie Graham
Sandra F. Graham
Theresa Grajew*
Leroy and Meghan Grant
Tara C. Grantland
John and Deborah Grasso
Norman and Lois Grauerholz
Daniel R. Gravatt
Lance K. Graveley
Lea A. Graves
MaryBeth Graves
Charles and Margaret Gray
Glenn T. Gray
Julia G. Gray*
Larae and John Gray*
Mary A. Gray
Elvi Gray-Jackson
Nicholas and Sheila Graziano
Richard and Nancy Green*
Barbara E. Greene
Jeanie Greene
Marla N. Greenstein
Carol S. Greenway
Brenda and Douglas Gregory
Dick Gregory
Mary K. Gregory
Susan L. Gregory
Patricia and Willis Greimann
Ramadan Greva
Kimberly D. Gribble
Jeremy and Bridget Grieme
Johna M. Griesman, RN
Loda and Jeff Griffeth*
Danél F. Griffin
Tish and Tom Griffin Satre
Dan E. Griffith*
Alla Grikurova*
Michelle A. Gros
Larry K. Gross
Karleen and Roger Grummett
Bruno and Judith Grunau*
Christi and Timothy Grussendorf
Richard and Judith Gumm*
Mary C. Gunderson
Joan M. Gunnarson
Amy and Jeremy Guse
Hannah M. Gustafson
Brian K. Haack
Lucile E. Hackett*
Kayla A. Hackman
Raymond S. Hadley
James Hage*
Rosemary A. Hagevig
J. Peter and Phyllis Haggland
Mari Hahn
Brian Harrison and Suzanne Haines
Joanne and Logan Haines
Karen Hakala
Robert C. Halbeisen*
Diane M. Hale
David and Frances Hall
Julie and Lorenzo Hall
Lawrence C. Hall*
Leslie H. Hall
Margaret J. Hall
Fifine Hallam
Amy and Kurt Hall-Eriksson
Nan S. Hallock
Sven Haltmann*
Kathleen K. Halverson*
Ian M. Hamilton
Thomas D. Hamilton
Rayna Hamm
Jerome A. Hammersmith
Bryant and Traci Hammond*
Thomas E. Hancock
Miranda J. Hankins-Stubbs
Carolyn and Keith Hanneman*
Karl and Nancy Hanneman*
Christyna and George Hansen
Robert and Pamela Hansen
Shawn M. Hansen
Susan K. Hansen*
Donald and Sandra Hanson
Elizabeth C. Hanson*
Lori L. Hanson
Wayne and Carolyn Hanson
Elizabeth Hanssen
Jay Hardenbrook*
April M. Harding Scurr*
Holly L. Hardy
Natalie and Jeffrey Hardy
Rebekah F. Hare-Sanford*
Gordon P. Harmer
Judith A. Harmon*
Lois Harper-Lewis and Robert Lewis
Andrew M. Harrington*
Barbara A. Harris
Bina and Arland Harris
Heather and Joshua Harris
Jenna L. Harris
Kathleen A. Harris
Shirley J. Harris*
Tracie M. Harris
Dirk Craft and Paula Harrison
Hannah L. Harrison*
Anita K. Harry
Harold and Judy Hart
Thomas and Paula Hart*
Nicole M. Harter
Monica L. Harty
Maria R. Hartz
Heather and Les Harvey
Justin Harvey
Alan L. Haskins
Diana Hastings
Martha and Scott Hatch
R. A. Hatcher
Larry Hatfield
Elizabeth Hatton
Catherine and E. Havard
Dulce C. Havill*
Barbara A. Havrilek*
Thomas and Susan Hawkins
Melinda S. Hawman*
Wendy K. Hawn
Joe L. Hayes, Jr.*
Lori and Mark Haynes
Doreen and Leslie Hayward*

Sandeep Hazarika and Christine Carpino

Sharon and Kevin Headley
Robert Heasley and Elizabeth Crane
Eileen M. Heaston
Edwin and A Heath*
Derylee and Milan Hecimovich
Linda K. Heck*
Gorden Hedahl and Jean Loudon
Joseph and Deborah Hedl
James and Diane Hein
Angela D. Heisserer
Christopher W. Held*
Jennifer A. Hemphill
John Henchman*
Margaret R. Henderson
Julie Hendricks
Frank H. Hendrickson
Hank and Jessica Hendrickson
Roger C. Hendry*
Richard and Gillian Henert
Barbara and Jeff Henjum
Michael Chmielewski and Lee Henrikson
David Henry and Chisato Murakami*
Lael and Eric Henry
Gloria J. Hensel
Lisa Herbert*
Sheri L. Heritage
Dianne L. Herman*
Carolyn Hermann*
Eve and Ben Hermon
Betty and Jorge Hernandez
Lynda R. Hernandez
Colleen Herning and Wyatt Wickens*
Ingrid Herreid*
Samuel Herreid*
Maranda L. Herrera
Sarah L. Herrin
N Yvonne and James Herron
Portia D. Hesseltine
Gail and Lon Hettich
Todd Heverling
Nathaniel and Janel Hewitt
Sybil H. Hewitt
Ryan and Alissa Hickel
Mark and Susan Hickey
Christopher A. Hiemstra
Kathleen Hiersche*
Patricia and Patrick Higgins
Paul and Mary Beth Hilburn
Alexandra and James Hill
Brett and Emily Hill
David Hill
Helen and Jeffrey Hill
Rhonda J. Hill
Sarah J. Hill
M. Evelyn and Melvin Hills
Susan Hills and Bill Rimer*
Katherine and Cliff Hilpert*
Sherry Hilton-Scheffler
Rodney H. Hilts
Ana M. Hinkle
Ann Hippe
Stacy M. Hipsak
Diane Hirshberg and Craig Kasemodel
John and Judith Hite
Gregory and Jonnier Hobbs
Christopher S. Hodgin
David and Chong Hoffman
Sean and Kenzie Hogan
Samuel E. Hoger
Dennis E. Hojna*
Maureen and Dennis Holden
Davin L. Holen
Eric J. Holland*
Natalie M. Holland
Linda L. Holler
Christa Hollerbach*
Genevieve C. Hollins
Andra J. Holmstrom
Mary and Richard Holmstrom
Chad W. Holt
Kristi and Eric Holta
Matthew R. Holta
Kelby L. Holtfreter Murphy
Linda R. Holthaus
David and Cathy Holub
Carmen Holum+* and Orvel Holum*
Charles and Terry Homan
Kimberly A. Homme
Cecilia A. Hone
Carl Aronson and Marcia Honea
Joann and John Hoogland
Jessie E. Hook
Shaun P. Hoolahan
Connie L. Hooper
Heidi and Glenn Hopkins
Michelle S. Hopkins
Sharon L. Hopkins
Jacob and Kortnie Horazdovsky
Leslie J. Horn
Joshua B. Horst*
Michael J. Horton
Janice and Edward Hotch
Ronnie S. Houchin
Allen and Janice Houtz
Gregory A. Howard
Christin Howard-Fankhauser and Caleb Fankhauser
Richard and Sheila Howe
Royce A. Howell
Lisa and Peter Howlett
Erika and Bryce Hoyland
Crystal Hoyos
Melissa J. Hronkin
Carol J. Hsieh
Daisy Huang
Karsten and Laurie Hueffer*
Rick Hueston
Leanne M. Huettl
Korey M. Hughes
Kraig and Sarah Hughes
Krista M. Hull
Nancy C. Hull
Anne Hulsether
J L. Hulsey, P.E.
Karen L. Hunt
Paul T. Hunter
Harold H. Huntington, Jr.
Caren and William Hurley
William H. Hutchison
Mike Hvidd
Daniel S. Hyry
Helen A. Idzorek*
Kevin M. Illingworth
Marjorie and Ronald Illingworth*
Patricia and Marc Inbody
Kathryn E. Incarnato*
Christopher C. Ingham
Angela N. Irish
Thomas and Diane Irwin
Tadd R. Isaacson
Sarah Isto and Gordon Harrison
Suzanne Iudicello
Eleanor Ivankovich
Cricket M. Ives
Frances Izzo-Roth and Stephen Roth
Bette B. Jackson
Gracie M. Jackson
Lydia A. Jackson
Laura L. Jacobs*
Pamela A. Jacobs
Richard Mauer and Barbara Jacobs
Brandy and Peter Jacobsen*
Dorothy A. Jacobson
Kevin T. Jacobson
Lois and Erling Jacobson
Duncan C. Jakes*
Kristine and Michael Jakiemiec
Margritta M. Jakos
Jean W. James*
William James+*
Thomas V. Jamgochian*
Sandy and Bermel Jamieson*
Mary and Tracy Janis
Alfred E. Janssen
Roy Jared
Chollada Jarupakorn
Roberto Javier and Wendy Allsbrook-Javier
Cheryl A. Jebe
David and Sharon Jefferis+
Sharon L. Jefferis
Virgil and Vicki Jefts
David James and Karen Jensen*
Jenasy Y. Jensen*
Rita and Wayne Jensen
Aldon Jerome*
Judy and James Jessee*
Erin M. Jettenberg
Barbara A. Jewell
Wilson Jhonson
Chisato Jimura
Richard S. Jirik
Tamara A. Johannes
Ada D. Johnson
Amy Johnson*
Barbara D. Johnson
Bill Johnson
Brian Johnson*
Bruce F. Johnson
Crystal and Josh Johnson
Daniel and Kathleen Johnson
Dennis and Linda Johnson
Donna and Jeffrey Johnson
Eileen C. Johnson
Erin L. Johnson
James and Gwenetta Johnson*
Kathryn and Dave Johnson
Keith and Mary Johnson
Leslie and Jeffry Johnson
Lisa and Matt Johnson*
Marie H. Johnson*
Nancy L. Johnson
Patricia and Terrance Johnson
Patrick C. Johnson
Penny C. Johnson
Ricky and Mary Johnson
Samuel H. Johnson
Scott Johnson
Stephanie L. Johnson
Terry Johnson
Valerie L. Johnson
William Johnson and Shellie Mathews*
Colleen and Robert Johnston*
Jeffery and Linda Johnston
Janice M. Joki
Darla K. Jones
David L. Jones
Dennis W. Jones
Garrett W. Jones*
Jason P. Jones*
Jayne M. Jones
Jeremy and Ruth Jones
Jodee K. Jones
Keith and Anore Jones
Laura E. Jones
Matthew J. Jones
Michael E. Jones
Pamela and Victor Jones
Robert and Mariyn Jones
Stanley and Susan Jones
W. Russell and Donna Jones+
Carol L. Jones-Bridge
Mary Jones-Lewis and Alan Lewis
Jonathan N. Jordahl*
Amie J. Jordan
Heather R. D. Jordan
Philip and Eileen Jordan
Kara R. Joseph
Andrew and Donna Josephson
Branislav Jovic
John L. Juergens, M.D.
Wolfgang and Elaine Junge
Karen D. Kaderlik
Russ Kaiser and Teresa Murray-Kaiser
George and Carol Kalamarides
Vitaliy M. Kaminker
Carol G. Kane
Terese A. Kaptur*
Joan and Dean Karcz
Olivia R. Karns*
Lacy N. Karpilo
Jeffrey S. Kase
Brian Kassof and Elizabeth Dobbins*
Alden and Cheryl Kastar
Sasha R. Kasterin
John W. Katz
Steven and Linda Kautz
Virginia Y. Kawasaki
Francine and Peter+ Kazenoff*
Christine and David Keahl
Mitchell Kean
Kenneth and Margrethe Kearney
Cheryl Keepers and Mark Andrews*
Colin Keith*
Benjamin L. Keller
Lester and Sandra Keller
Sandra and Lester Keller
Duncan R. Kellett
Kelley Kelley
Michael Kelley and Josephine Duot-Kelley
Keagan A. Kellogg
Donald G. Kelly
James B. Kelly*
Jennifer T. Kelly
Timothy N. T. Kelly-Stahlnecker
Lesley S. Kempsell
Janet and Dan Kennedy
Denis C. Keogh*
Nick J. Kerhoulas*
Kennaty J. Kerley
Calvin and Marilyn Kerr
Stephen and Lisa Kerr
Morgan Kertzmann
Daniel Kerzykouski*
Darrel V. Kester
Dane M. Ketner
Alfred and Delia Ketzler*
Jon Zufelt and Anastasiya Kharitonova
Santanu Khataniar
Wanda L. Kie-Miller
Nancy and Chris Kilgore
Bernice L. Killen
Chong and Chong Kim
John H. Kim
Joyce I. Kim
Sharon K. S. Kim
Cynthia W. Kimbley
Heather L. Kincaid
Kristine L. Kincaid
Jennifer E. Kindred
Alison King
Cyril J. King
Jack and Carole King
James and Mary Lou King
Jill and G King
Kimberly J. King
Sharon and Herbert King
Ryan D. Kingrea
David and Valarie Kingsland
Virginia R. Kinne*
Vera B. Kinzer
Sanford and Marie Kirkland
Shawn O. Kirkpatrick
Thomas B. Kirksey
Thomas S. Kiser
Stephanie N. Kishaba
Karen A. Kiss
Rhonda K. Kitchens*
Leslie J. Kitchin*
Zin Kittredge*
Jamie L. Klaes*
Breanna and Kevin Klann
Lucy and William Klebesadel
Calvin and Barbara Klein
Cynthia M. Klepaski
Randall and Marie Klotz
Nolan F. Klouda
Albert and Toshiko Knapp*
Eric R. Knapp
Sabrina and Louis Knapp*
Kelly J. Knecht
Christopher G. Knight
Catherine H. Knott
Marcella Knowlton
Charles S. Knox, Jr.
Steven E. Knutson
Stephanie Kocer and Shawn Marsh
Chris S. Kochiss*
Raughley Koehler*
Leon T. Koenck
Tom and Sue Koester
Jeffrey Kogan and Carol Fresia
Karen Kohout and Jack Blume*
Solomeia Kojin
Kyle H. Kolberg
Ronald Komakhuk
Nick Kompkoff, Jr.
Randall and Cheryl Kono
Dean E. Konopasek
Kimberly and Jason Kopp
Steve and Becky Korenek
Paula Korn
Laurie A. Kosik
Nagaprasad and Srividya Kotipalli
Emily E. Kovarik
Clifford and Annie Kraemer
Zebadiah R. Kraft
Ericka C. Kramer
Kim and Charles Kraushar
Carolyn S. Kremers*
Kris Krestensen*
Gregory and Mary Kreta*
John J. Kreta
Gary and Molly Kretchik
Bradley P. Krick*
Chelsea O. Kroll
Eugene and Dona Kubina
Cody A. Kucker*
Ethel M. Kueber
Diana L. Kuest, Jr.
Jeremy J. Kuipers
Daniel R. Kuntze
Amber E. Kunz
Carol and R. Kunz
Joshua Kunz and Molly Rettig*
Erica and Kyle Kurowski
Joseph M. Kurtak
Mary A. Kvalheim
Joseph Kwaraceius*
Darby C. La Voie
Kathryn Laba
Stephen Lacatena and Kimiko Akin*
James S. Lachapelle
Barbara Lachenbruch
Stephani D. Lacher
Anthony L. Lack
Debbie A. LaFleiche
Beverly M. Lahlum Taylor
Sarah J. Lahn
Kinsey L. Laine*
Charles J. Lambert
John and Eula Lamont
Brian C. Lamson
Ping Lan
Esther E. Landeis
Paul H. Landen
Robert W. Lander
Timothy C. Lane
Wendell Lane+
Mary L. Lange
Tamara L. Langley*
Robert Jones and Dorothy Langworthy
Jason Turo and Hayley Lanier*
Rhonda J. Lanier
Sarah D. Lanstra
Kelly A. Lanzarone
Stacy M. Laplante*
Tom Laret
Darlene L. Larsen
John Larsen and Kathy Danyluk
Wendy Larsen
Albert O. Larson
Marijo and Wayne Larson
Mary Jane and Douglas Larson
Timothy and Brandy Larson
Troy Larson and Shanna Mall
Debra and William Larue
Lawrence and Barbara Larweth
Michelle Laska
Michael and Robin LaTour
Jeffrey Laube
Karen and William Lauder
Thomas and Jacqueline Laurencelle
Karel and Gregory LaWalter
James Lawless
Barbara Lawrema
Kelly D. Lawrence
Marcia L. Lawrence*
Cally and Greg Leader
Bob and Jo Lear
Lori and Dennis Learned
Angela S. LeClair
Nancy J. Leclerc-Davidson
Adrian B. LeCornu
Patrice Lecso
Hana Y. Lee
Patrice and Guy Lee*
Yoon and Hee Lee
Nadine and David Lefebvre
Helyn M. Lefgren*
Charles Kennel and Ellen Lehman
Mary Leigh and Nathan Stewart*
Rebecca K. Leivdal
Jolene P. Lekanof
Scott G. Lemley*
Julia M. Lemmerman
Kathy A. Lenniger*
Peter and Christine Lent
Frank L. Lentfer
David and Laureen Leonard*
Brian and Tricia Lepine
David B. Leslie*
Jean and Steve Lester*
Julie and Donald Lester
Larry and Lenora Leveen
Barry I. Levine
Carolyn K. Levings*
Rodger W. Lewerenz, II
Jane F. Lewis
Jeremiah J. Lewis
Molly K. Lewis
Rhonda Lewis
Sean Boily and Sarah Lewis
Stefanie H. Lewis
Steven R. Lewis, Jr.
Lorinda and Paul Lhotka*
Collin and Meagan Lichtenberger
Arlene M. Lidbergh-Jasper
Jody Liddicoat
Christina M. Lien
Kimberly A. Liland
Michael and Elizabeth Lilly*
Janet and Michael Lindeman
Heather A. Lindquist
Jean and M. Linthwaite
Patricia and Kevin Linville
Richard Listowski
Jennifer and Lance Litera
Patricia and Lloyd Little
John E. Litzinger
Roger and Barbara Livdahl
Charles J. Livers
Nela and Harold Livingston*
Judith A. Lobb
Lynn and William Lockard
Teresa L. Locke
Layton J. Lockett
Janet M. Lockman
Jeffrey L. Lofthus
Barbara and Donald Logan
Donna Logan
James Logan and Sherry Lewis
Sidney and Heather Logan
Helen F. Long*
Sheri R. Long
AnnaLisa R. Longlet
Barbara G. Loop
Taryn M. Lopez*
Lorna and James Lounsbury*
Cheryl and Mark Lovegreen
John T. Lovett
Douglas and Kelly Loviscky
Amanda J. Loy
Anna M. Luby
Teresa S. Luczak*
Jeanette Ludka
Timothy A. Ludwig*
Bret Luick*
Larry K. Lukavsky
Suzanne and James Lukin
Denise Lundquist
Scott and Kim Luper*
Elijah Lyke*
Richard O. Lyle*
Nickole D. Lyon
Janet and Dennis Lytle
Lu Ma
Karen M. MacDonald
Judith Maceo and Roberto Garcia
Lorelei L. Mack
Svetlana V. Mack
Bill E. Mackey
Bridgett L. Mackey
Christine A. Mackey
Karen and Tom Macklin
Dustin M. Madden
Gregory and Stacy Maddigan
Adaweze M. Maduakor
Mary E. Maersh
Karen and Markus Mager*
Kacey A. Magestro
Jim Magnuson
Jennifer and Charles Mahlen
Lora and Mike Mahoney
Greta L. Mahowald
Klara R. Maische*
Kenneth and Madonna Majerus
Willow M. Malick
Lola Mallette*
Louis I. Mallette, IV
Rebecca and Ronald Malone
Ted and Tamzin Malone
Jill G. Mandt
Fred and Helen Mane*
Estella L. Manley
Cheryl L. Mann
Jeffrey W. Mann
Deborah and Tim Manning*
Dayanand S. Manoli
Peggy Mantei
Zach Manzella
Helen M. March+
Barbara and Perry Markley
Melissa A. Marks
Cheri L. Marsh
Ann and Vernon Marshall
Cathlene C. Marshall
Colette and Edward Marshall
Jill Marshall*
Michelle L. Marshall
Thomas R. Marshall, Jr.
Barbara A. Martin*
David and Jennifer Martin
Elizabeth A. Martin
Louise K. Martin-Buie*
Jill and Donald Marugg
Jason D. Marvin
Natasa Masanovic
Steve R. Mason
Stephanie A. Massay
Mr. and Mrs. S. Swift Masterman
Leon Masters*
Michele M. Masuda
Patricia Mata-Celis
Grant M. Matheke
Michael and Kathleen Mathers*
Janet M. Matheson
Elizabeth Mathews and Jim Taggart
Lauri J. Mathieson
Larissa R. Matlock
AnneMarie Mattacchione
Jessica A. Matthews
Steven and Karen Matthews*
Greg and Judith Matzen
Audrey and Roger Mauer*
Ronald J. Maurer
Jeremy A. Maxie
Howard and Jeri Maxwell*
Claude and Evelyn Mayer
John and Natalie Mayer*
Michael J. Mayer*
Patricia Mayer
James and Karen Mayers
Desi and Cathy Mayo
Joseph J. McAleer*
Deborah J. McAtee*
Jean-Marie McBrien
Brett and Linda McBryde
Christine A. McCabe
Richard J. McCaffrey*
Haley K. McCaig*
Brendan C. McCann
Elise D. McCarter
Linda and Robert McCarter
Kathrin W. McCarthy
Vivian and Earl McCarthy
Mary K. McCarty
Beverly J. McClendon
Donald W. McClintock
John McCord
Duncan C. McCormick
Matthew J. McCormick*
Scott McCrea*
Annette and Arnold McDonald*
Joy A. McDonald*
Jessica J. McDonnell
Peter and Tracy McEnaney
Kimberly and Jay McFadden*
Terry and Ruth McFadden
Kenneth J. McFarland
Pepper R. McFarland*
Carrie L. McGee*
Sean and Keli McGee
Frank and D.A. McGilvary
Rosemary McGowan
Jennifer A. McGrath
JoAnn and Robert McGrath
Sean McGuire and Marie Lozo*
Susan M. McIver
Daniel J. McKay
Patricia A. McKay
Joseph Spann and Claire McKay-Spann*
Jack McKean
Melissa K. McKenzie
David and Lois McKinnell*
Ben A. McKinney*
Beverly McKinney and Bill Barry*
Virginia McKinney and Joseph Josephson
Darlene and Ron McKnight*
Alfred R. McKoy
John McLean*
Sandra and William McLelland
Susan R. McMahon
Stephen and Joan McMains
Rebecca and Kent McMartin
Janice and David McMullen
Carolyn M. McNary
Steve McNutt*
Scott and Denice McPherson
Kristine and Ian McRae*
Suzanne L. McWilliams
Alison Meadow and Daniel Ferguson*
Stephanie L. Means
Catherine and Theodore Mecklenburg
Michael and Maurine Meeks
Barbara and Charles Meggitt
Laurie Meijer Drees*
Kathleen and Don Melican
Patricia and Jules Mendelsohn
Nancy M. Mendenhall*
William and Nancy Mendenhall
Johnny and Kelly Mendez*
Marcia Menefee
Nancy Menefee
Edwin and Kelly Mercer
Paul Mercer and Patricia McDonald*
Deborah A. Mercy
Gregory R. Merdes
Jenell L. Merrifield*
Paul Merrifield*
Michael C. Merritt
Danielle L. Merrow
David Messier*
Vera and Robert Metcalf
Ann G. Metcalfe
Deborah and Mike Methvin
Michael D. Metteer
Annette Metzger
Monika D. Meyer
Robyn and Lawrence Meyer
Robert and Susan Michie
Cathy Middlecamp
Timothy and Joyce Middleton
Alex Mikhalek
Ben R. Milam
Heather A. Mildon
Stefan A. Milkowski*
Curtis A. Millard
Debbi L. Miller
Elaine F. Miller
Harry D. Miller*
Jack Miller and Barbara Horner-Miller
Joan L. Miller
Karen Miller*
Keith and Jo Ann Miller
Lindsey R. Miller
Michael and Heather Miller
Scott Miller and Ann Boochever
Sharlicia L. Miller
Shasta A. Miller
Todd L. Miller
Vernon and Janet Miller
Joseph B. Milliron*
Steven Minatani and Patricia Steen
Mary and Mark Miner
Roy and Kelli Minnerly
Mark Minthorn
Susan C. Mircovich
Mitzi and Clark Mishler
Brent and Shauna Mitchel*
Dean and Kelly Mitchell
Gregory J. Mitchell
Liam Mitchell
Phyllis Mitchell
Susan and Russ Mitchell*
Elizabeth and Pro Mitra
Jesse Mleziva
Robin S. Moffett
Thomas P. Moll
Lewis A. Molot, Ph.D.
Erik and Melanie Molvar
Natalie M. Monacci*
Joanna Mongrain and Jacob Mongrain*
Jessica M. Monkelien
Jay J. Montoya
Lillianna Moon*
Ephim H. Moonin
Elizabeth and Ralph Moore
JohnLars Lindberg and Kathryn Moore
Lucille Moore*
Stephen M. Moore*
Terris Moore+
Justin M. Mora
Gilbert M. Morales
Marcos A. Morales
Anita Moran
Nancy and John Morgan*
Sherry and Steve Morgan
Timothy and Linda Morgan
Terri M. Morganson
Heather and Bruce Morinitti
Michele and Fred Mork
Paul Morley and Debra McKiney*
Denise R. Morris
Mary Morris and Ron West*
Ramona and Robert Morris
Paul Morrison and Karen Heath
Janice Morrow*
Devin P. Morton
Lisa A. Morton Hall
William E. Moseley
Charles and Linda Moses
Lisa N. Mounds-Craft
Michael and Carol Moyer
Michael P. Mrugala
Eric Muehling and Susan Miller*
Kurt and Margie Mueller
Marc Mueller-Stoffels
Elizabeth E. Mulhollan
Kathleen Mullen
Conrad E. Muller
Firmin and Gael Murakami*
Marilyn and Dennis Murdoch
Karen Murdock and Bill Marshall
Elizabeth J. Murnan
Curtis and Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth V. Murphy
Michaela Murphy
Tess Murphy
Mary E. Murray
Bea and Robert Murrell
Derrick K. Murrill
Pamela and Jeffrey Murtif*
Michele and Mark Mussman
Jerry and Carolyn Mustard*
Pralhad and Pooja Mutalik
Bruce E. Myers
Emily P. Myers*
Ellen Myerson
Linda R. Myers-Steele
Brad and Tana Myrstol
Sharma Nadakuditi Srinivasa
Sheldon and Emily Nagaruk
Corinne C. Nakashima
Anthony and Lynette Nakazawa*
June Namias
Jennifer D. Nance
Virginia L. Nashalook
Cynthia M. Nation*
Gayle L. Nauska
Debbie Nazarian
Kevin Nealon
Joseph and Patricia Nedland
Elaine K. Nefzger
Robyn and Anthony Neilko*
Joel A. Neimeyer
Donell S. Nelson
Efftekia and Herman Nelson
Jessica Nelson*
Kerri L. Nelson
Laura J. Nelson
Margaret Nelson and Brad Campbell
Nancy M. Nelson
Sharon L. Nelson
Bhaskar Neogi and Bonnie Carroll*
Kathy Neufeld-Dunn*
Stephen Neumuth
Kristen and Matthew Nevala
Elizabeth V. Newell
Frederick J. Newirth, IV
Angeline Newlin
James and Beverly Nichols
Jessica L. Nichols
Mearl A. Nichols
Shane and Ivy Nicholson
Olinka E. Nicolai
Alexander W. Nicori
Stephen J. Nigg
Kristine Niles*
Stephanie J. Nispel-Bailey
Dominik D. Niziol
Eric Noble and Lois Rockcastle
John and Ann Noll
Neil and Vivien Noll
Douglas and Amy Noon*
Barbara and Leroy Nord
Leed C. Nord
Amy Nordrum*
Valen Norell
Vanessa R. Norman
Candace and Frank Norris
Steven M. Norris
Sheryl and Leslie Norton
Dana Nossov and Steven Brown*
Vicki J. Novak
Eric Noyes and Mimi Gendreau
Roberta Nyce
Cara L. Nygard
Louise Obradovich
Irene and David O'Brien
Kevin L. O'Brien*
Elizabeth G. Odell
Barbara J. O'Donnell*
Patrick and Mary O'Donnell
Anna and Erik Ofelt
Seane R. Oglesbee
Robert and Pearl O'Grady*
Ayane S. Ohyama
Stephanie and James Oja
Shannon L. OKelley-Ault
Sharon A. Olive
Melanie and William Oliver
Joan E. Olmstead
Grace and Eben Olrun
Robert and Dori Olsen*
Shannon M. Olsen
Andrew Crowther and Cari Olsen-Crowther
Amy Larsen and Karl Olson*
Robert Olson*
Ruth A. O'Malley*
Catharina and Paul Omtzigt*
Craig L. O'Neill
Erin J. Onyon
Jose and Maria Oquendo
Kenneth O'Reilly
Sally C. Orot
Ruth E. O'Rourke
George R. Osborne, Jr.
Sophie Osborne
M. S. Oshi
Jennifer L. P. Ostler*
Ellis and Dorothea Ott*
Jerry and Amanda Otto
Benjamin N. Overacker
Meredith D. Overstreet
Michael S. Owen*
Patricia A. Owen*
Rich Owens
Laura Oxtoby*
Jean Paal
Susan L. Pacey-Field
Donnelyn Mae D. Pagal
Merle Page*
Mona R. Painter
Alice E. Palen*
Eugene H. Palm
Christine M. Palmer
Emily M. Palmer
Chelsey D. R. Palmerton
Arlene A. Palumbo
Nathan Pamperin and Kelly Mansfield*
Tracie and Edwin Panting
Julie E. Papasavas
John and Josephine Papp
Erin Parcher-Wartes and Marwan Wartes*
Bruce and Meredith Parham
April M. Park
Johnathan Parker
Dorothy and Stan Parkerson*
Dorothy and Colby Parks
Carla R. Parmenter
Frank M. Parr+
Lara Parrish
Ted Parsons and Susan Randlett
Mark and Jeanette Pasier
Shirish and Anjali Patil
Carrie A. Paton
Albert and Linda Patterson
Diana Faye and Jeffery Patterson
Jeffery and Diana Faye Patterson
Leigh Patton-Woodward and Mark Woodward*
William and Karen Paulick
Jane M. Pavia
Patrick Anderson and Karrie Pavish Anderson
Barbara Pavitt
Marie D. Payfer
Kevin and Jean Paylow
John H. Payne, II
Aspen L. Payton
Albert and Patricia Peacock
K. D. Pearce
Allison A. Pearmine*
Dean and Traci Pedersen
Solveig E. Pedersen
George L. Pederson
Marian J. Pedrick
Jana and John Peirce*
Frederick J. Pellum, Jr.
Sandra J. Pelto
Jutta Pence
Carole J. Pender+*
Sandra E. Penney
Eileen W. Perala
Monica and Kameron Perez-Verdia
Billi J. Perkins
Laurie and Joseph Perkins
Patricia Perkins*
John Perreault and Genevieve Johnson Perreault*
Disa J. Perry
Jesse R. Perry, II
Paul and Tiffani Perry
Sheila H. Perry*
Catharine and Greg Persinger
Christine Personett
Patrick R. Pestrikoff
Evon S. Peter*
Isaiah D. Peter
Tasha L. Peterman
Bethany D. Peters
Caroline M. Peters
Stephen and Sharon Peters
Aaron C. Peterson
Deidre Peterson
Dianne and William Peterson
Brian and Tina Petrilla
Aaron C. Petros
Jackie Pflaum
Allan R. Phelps
Anja Phenix*
Kathy J. Phillips
Laurie and Kris Phillips
Sabra D. Phillips
Suzanne and Craig Phillips
Thomas Phillips and Karen Christiansen
Jeanne M. Pickett
Marsha and William Pike*
Thilagavathy and Patrick Pillai
Ronald J. Pingayak
Nathan E. Pitt*
Reean and Dan Pitts
Shauna T. Pitts
Shannon and Stephen Planchon
Dana A. Platta
Robert and Margaret Plucker
Douglas W. Poage, III
Chalmarie and Stephen Pocock*
Katarzyna M. Polanska
Thomas G. Polasek
Susan and Jonathan Pollard
Georgia and William Polley
Aaron D. Pomeroy
Jenna Pomeroy*
Jonathan Rosenberg and Anne Poole*
Timothy J. Popp
D'Aun and Melvin Porter
Terin and Benjamin Porter
Andrew and Sarah Posma*
Wynola J. Possenti
Karen and Leon Post*
Barbara Potter
Douglas P. Potter
Pat J. Pourchot
Alvin and Carol Powell*
Valerie Powell
Julie E. Powers
Katheryn E. Powers*
Timothy and Luann Powers
Naomi Preston
S. Byron Preston
Cynthia and Allen Price
James and Peggy Price
Janice M. Prindle
Robert Pristash*
Sherri A. Pristash*
Charles and Sandra Pritchard
Pete Pritchard
Peter M. Probasco
Leah and Gregory Probst*
Capri and Russell Pruitt
Tracy and Robert Pulido*
Joseph and Fran Pulver
Mary Ellen and Robert Purcell
Virginia C. Purrington
Catherine and David Pusich
Daniel and Tricia Puterbaugh
Minna E. Putnam
Steven L. Pyle
Jennifer M. Quainton*
Alician V. Quinlan
Margaret E. Quinn
William Quirk
Gabrielle and Jim Raffuse
Patti and Glen Rafish
Ernest Rahn*
Melinda J. Rallo*
Tracey L. Ramsey
Lisa A. Ramsey Kelzenberg
Scott and Theresa Randall
Tamra J. Rannals
Gloria and Ben Rasley*
Dean D. Rasmussen
Darla J. Ratcliff
Maria and Darren Rathbun
Phillip Joy and Kumi Rattenbury*
Patricia A. Raugust
Gerald B. Rawson
Carolyn A. Ray
Charles E. Ray
Christine E. Ray
Adam B. Raynes
Carolyn K. Reddekopp
Jeannette and Paul Reddington
Bette and Gene Reed
Daniel Reed and Gay Sheffield*
Pamela B. Reed
Dawn Reeder and Adam Burke
Willie W. Reeves
Ronald R. Regacho
Michael J. Rehberg
Ada Reich*
Christina and Donald Reid
Matthew and Eileen Reilly
Rosalie Rein*
Patrick and Linda Reinhard*
Timothy Howe and Emily Reiter*
Gail L. Renardson
Katherine P. Resendiz
Lorraine J. Resoff
LouAnn P. Restad
Molly Rettig*
Franklin T. Reuter
Gregory A. Reynolds
Robert Reynolds+*
Sidney C. Reynolds
Peter Reynoldson and Franziska Kohl*
Amber Reynolds-Smith*
Audrey Reynon
Joan and John Rezek
Sara L. Rhoton
Ian Rhude
Kevin D. Rice
Glenda Richard*
Marjorie A. Richards*
Scott Richards
Albert L. Richardson
Janice Richardson
Marilyn F. Richardson*
Natura Richardson*
Maxine and Dennis Richert
Art Mortvedt and Damaris Richmond-Mortvedt*
Kalcy Richter
Marcia and Harold Rickman
Astride and Patrick Rider
Joann F. Rieselbach
Sarah R. Rife
Alyson J. Rigby-Ronningen*
Karen and Robert Rigg
Victoria and Michael Riggan
Heather L. Riggelsen
Mary Riggen
Christina M. Righter
Ida and Kenneth Riley
Jan and Calvin Riley
Marisa M. Rincon
Melissa and Michael Riordan*
Trevor and Carrie Rise
Glen and Crystal Risse*
Jeanne M. Ritchey
Anthony E. Rivas
Inna D. Rivkin, Ph.D.*
Scott Robart
Doris Robbins*
Alyse M. Roberts
Jerry and Kay Roberts
Joel C. Roberts
Larry and Cathy Roberts*
Lawrence and Debra Roberts
Sherry and Slice Roberts
Stan Roberts and Virginia Roberts
Thomas and Courtney Roberts
Ardyth K. Robertson
Amy M. Robinson
Luetta L. Robinson
Rebecca V. Robinson
Aaron W. Rocereta
David A. Rocker
Rafael Rodriguez*
William and Susan Roeder
James Rogan and Molly Leahy*
Fred B. Rohn*
Melanie Rohr*
Patricia A. Rolfe
Brenda and Jerry Rolfe-Maloney
Harmony C. Roll*
Thomas J. Rollman
Carole J. Romberg*
James Romersberger*
Michael Ronchetti and Rebecca Copeland
Hugh Rose and Allison Blechman*
Mark J. Roseberry
Ronnie Rosenberg*
Michal L. Rosenberger, Ph.D.
Denise and Thomas Rosin
Betty M. E. Ross
Cherie and Norman Ross
Wendy M. Rote
Joanna E. Roth*
Tony G. Rousmaniere
Gayle A. Rowland
Elizabeth G. Royalhouse*
Leigh Rubin
Kathy and Bill Ruddy
Barbara G. Rudio
Sadie Rueckert
Amy J. K. Russell*
Donald and Paulette Russell*
Herbert and Marolyn Russell
Jason E. Russell
Agatha G. Rutka
Michael and Sandra Ryan
Julie and Steven Rychetnik
Danielle L. Ryder
Robert B. Sackinger*
Edward S. Saclayan
Elisabeth Sager*
Iris A. Sager*
Sonja M. Sager*
David Sala and Janet Thompson*
Douglas M. Salik
Laura Salisbury*
Kelly and Todd Saloka
Carl and Patricia Sampson
Allison M. Samuelson
Richard G. San Jose
Robin U. Sanborn
Rebecca and David Sanches
Robert E. Sanchez
Barbara and Dale Sandahl
Sue P. Sandberg
Traci K. Sanders
Jane and Gregory Sandstrom*
Anna and Robert Sanford
Peggy L. Santana
Kris Santos
Achilles and Regilyn Sargento
Steven and Patricia Sather*
Mark C. Saucier*
Charlene M. Sauerbrey
Trace and Laura Savage
Vivian D. Savage
Lorena D. Scalph
Kelly H. Scanlon*
Heidi Schaefer*
Roswell L. Schaeffer
Kevin M. Schaffer
Brant K. Schalk*
Martin E. Scharf*
James H. Schauer
Karen and John Schauer*
Adeline and Greg Schlabaugh
Carrie L. Schliesing
LeeAnn B. Schlotfeldt
Elizabeth and Daniel Schmidt
Jan and Richard Schmidt
Sharon and Wayne Schmidt
Shaun Schmidt
Wayne and Marie Schmidt
Steven and Shelly Schmitt
Eric and Therese Schneider*
Jane and Richard Schneider
Laura C. Schneller
Kelly and Terry Schnese
Racheal and Dennis Schoenberger
Ty and Lori Schommer
Roberta and Jeffrey Schowen
Pamela and Karl Schreiber
Rosalie J. Schuette
John and Kelly Schuler
Gary and Sylvia Schultz*
Mary J. Schumaker
Kristen Schupp*
Nancy Schupp and Vernon White*
Christine J. Schwank
Helena V. Schwenter
Faith and Dan Scott
Kevin M. Scott
Lauren B. Scott
Linda and Robert Scott
Peter F. Scott
Rhonda Scott and John Murry
Stanley and Dianna Scott
Matthew Whitman and Sandra Scrase*
Josephus Major and Anna Seabrook-Major
David and Georjean Seeliger
Bernard O. Segal
Ellen Segal and Abel Armijo
Randolph Seibert
Holly M. Seiler
Janet S. Seitz
Tyler and Ashley Selden*
Jane E. Sellin*
Marian Sells
Meredith L. Selmer
Patricia and Stanley Senner
Melissa N. Shafer
Julie A. Shalvoy
Dean A. Shannon*
Dustin and Ashley Shannon*
Kevin P. Shannon
Paulette R. Shannon
Leslie and Michael Sharpe
Ryan and Jacinta Sharr
Elizabeth R. Sharrock*
Thyes and Rusty Shaub
Albert Shaw
Cassandra R. G. Shaw
Kaira G. Shaw
Len Sheehan
Phyllis A. Sheets*
Toben T. Shelby
Marvin R. Shepler
Jenny L. Sherman
Karen L. Sherman-Newsome
Crystal R. Sherwood
Lenora E. Sherwood
Wendell and Judith Shiffler*
Donna L. Shock
Jeffrey W. Short
Kalei A. Shotwell
Mary Shreves and John Anderson
Frida Shroyer*
Kelly K. Shufeldt*
Bridget L. Shull
Scott and Jane Shupe
Yuri Shur and Tamara Zhestkova
Jan and Gail Sieberts
Susan and Drew Sielbach
Mary and Steve Sikes
Quentin and Desiree Simeon
Kalyn Simon-Chapek
Kenetha and John Simons
Craig and Patricia Simonson*
Charles T. Simpler
Katherine R. Simpson
Melissa and Glen Simpson*
Steve Simpson
Mark W. Sims*
Roberta Sims
Robin G. Sims*
Linda and Douglas Sinclair
Michael H. Singh*
Myra J. Sipary
Jasmin Sisson
Peter R. Sixbey
Steve and Judy Skender
Eric and Joy Skjold
Russell W. Slaten, Jr.
Sally Slater
Shannon and John Slater
Matthew R. Sleater
Cindy and Mark Slingerland*
Michael and Marsha Sloan*
Natalia S. Slobodina
Jeff and Susan Sloss
John and Felicia Smart
Mary Beth E. Smetzer*
Beverly and Kurt Smith
Christopher P. Smith
Christy Smith and Lawrence Weiss
Cynthia D. Smith
Dan and Marjorie Smith
Deborah A. Smith
Donna L. Smith
Douglas M. Smith
Edward G. Smith
Jeanne and Jeffrey Smith
Kevin and Petra Smith
Lacy and Steve Smith
Laurie L. Smith*
Laurie Smith*
Linda Smith
Matt Smith*
Melissa R. Smith
Michael and Kathryn Smith
Michael B. Smith
Pamela and William Smith
Robert and Jeanine Smith
Sarah M. Smith
Stanley Smith and Becky Beck
Steven and Katherine Smith
Susan E. Smith
Jeff and Sarah Smits
Brendan Smyth and Katherine Butcher
Charles R. Snider
Royle E. Snodderly
Tracy and Chad Solomon
Corinne A. Soltis
Deborah and Francis Soltis
Ray Gary and Regina Soltis*
Mary and John Sommer
John S. Sonin
Joyce Soong*
David and Michelle Soquet
Valerie and Michael Sorensen
Christina A. Soria
Michael and Karen Soukkala
Sheila and Jerome Soukup
Emily E. Sousa*
Theresa Y. Soutiere*
Marchea C. Sovde
Cynthia and Mario Spagnoli
Robert and Susan Spahn
Mary A. Spalding
Ed Flanagan and Cindy Spanyers*
Justin M. Sparks
James Spaulding
Michael V. Spear
Pia Speck*
Jeffrey and Lois Spees
Katie and Blaine Spellman*
Dianne Spence-Chorman
Shannon and Stephen Spencer
Vanessa K. Spencer*
Daniel J. Spillane
Pete Sprague
Alan and Martha Springer*
Melody and Gerald Springer*
Janice M. St. Peters*
Christine and Brad St. Pierre Aviva*
Suzette M. Stachow
Michael Stackhouse*
Robanne R. Stading
Jo A. Stagno*
Olive and Howard Staley
Ronald E. Standlee Strom
Kathleen Stanley*
Michael Stanley and Natalee Rothaus
Jeremy N. Stariwat
Clifford and Bonny Stark
James J. Starling
Sharon G. Starry
Mary J. Stasch Williams
Judy and Peter Staveley
Roland and Angelika Stearns
Tasmine M. Stebbins*
Jacqueline and John Steckel
Lisa and Danny Steele
Matt Steffy and Shanon Davis*
Patricia A. Steige
Barbara W. Stek
Catherine L. Stephenson*
Robert O. Stephenson*
Jeffrey Stepp and Keri Smith*
Shirley and Tommie Sterner
Andrew R. Sterns*
Robert and Judith Sterns
Ronald K. Stettler
Alexander G. Stevens
Brandon Stevens*
Dallas A. Steward
Connie S. Stewart
Philip R. Steyer
Aaron P. Stierle
Janet M. Stiles
Anna and Mark Stiller
Richard A. Stillie, Jr.
Phoebe Stine
Jennifer R. Stinnett
Crystal M. Stirling*
Susan A. Stitham*
Roland and Tiffany Stock
Christopher White and Rosalie Stockwell*
DeAnne M. Stokes*
Logan J. Stolte*
Kelsie and Derick Stone*
Shannon and Matthew Stone*
Judith A. Stoop
Amber K. Stout
Peggy and Kenneth Stout
Patricia and Daniel Stowe
John and Stephanie Stowman*
Stacy D. Strabel
Ethel B. Stratman
Henry O. Stratton*
Willie and Mary Strayhorn
Fracine and Joseph Stredny*
Donald and Jane Streubel
Robert Armstrong and Pauline Strong
Lisa A. Stuby*
Nina and Gordon Stucky
John P. Stuhler
William Sturdevant and Julie Dekreon
Simon K. Suchland*
Ted Suckling*
Anne Sudkamp and Timothy Walker*
William Suiter
Nicolas J. Sulkosky*
Kevin and Colleen Sullivan
Shawn Osborn and Colleen Sullivan*
Timothy and Terrill Sullivan
Martin and Sally Summers
Aaron D. Sumstad
Jackie S. Sunnyboy*
Steve and Shara Sutherlin
Cheryl F. Sutton
Karen and Bruce Swaim*
David and Shelli Swanson
Erika and Devin Swanson
Mark Swanson
Swart Family
Cynthia K. Swarts
Leslie and Mary Swartz*
William B. Swears
Samme K. Sweeney
Nicole Y. Swenson*
Marie K. Swetzof
Gordon and Sharon Swieter
Christine Swift
Christopher and Andrea Swingley*
Rob Sylvester
Julie L. Syria
Poppy E. Szekeres
Christine and Michael Talbert*
Peter and Meredith Tallas
Beverly and Dale Tallman
JoAn and Russell Talvi
Ron and Carmen Tan
Linda and Stephen Tandy
Rachelle and William Tanner
Jeanne A. Tatangelo*
Phyllis Tate*
Alex and Pearl Tatum
Lila M. Tauzer*
Jennifer and Kenneth Taylor
John E. Taylor
Kyle Taylor
Patricia K. Taylor
Paul Tengan
Lindsay and Jake Teplesky*
Michael C. Terrazas
Von and Christeffal Terry
Gary and Virginia Test
Robert Knafla and Valerie Thayer
Ronald and Charlotte Theriot
Loyd D. Thogmartin
Christopher C. Thomas
Dave Thomas
Deborah C. Thomas
Ellen H. Thomas
Katherine and Steven Thomas
Mildred A. Thomas
Natalie and Donald Thomas
Rachel A. Thomas
Shawn M. Thomas
Stephanie and Kent Thomas
Carol and Jay Thomassen
Debbie and Larry Thompson
Gail and Mack Thompson
Sean D. Thompson
Sylvia and Roger Thompson
Margie Thomson
Elpida K. Thornquist
David Thorp*
Fredrik and Carolyn Thorsteinson
Della and Lance Throp
Janet and Frank Thrower
Desiree and Danny Thurman
Kristy and Michael Tibbles
Alisa E. Tijerina
Ryan and Jennifer Tilbury*
Arthur and Joann Tilgner
Eva B. Tillitt*
Kristin M. F. Timm*
Mary E. Timm*
Shirley Tisdale
Christine Tisland*
Marthon G. Tolman, Jr.
Carolyn M. Tolson
Mariclaire Tomek
William M. Topel
Oscar and Joana Torres
Eileen M. Toso
Clarissa and Steven Toupin*
Michael D. Tovoli
Timothy and Rosalia Towarak
Julie A. Tracy
Robert V. Tran
Karyn Traut
Dennis M. Travis
Dean and Tiffany Trboyevich
Ann and Stephen Treacy
John and Gerda Trent
Piper M. Treuting
Kim N. S. Trevino
Colin Triplett*
Jerauld and Jolene Troupe*
Kimbra D. Truby
Pat and Patricia Truesdell
Valerie M. Truncali
Edward M. Tucker
Kathy Turk*
Craig and Lyn Turnbull
Donald L. Turner*
Marjorie A. Turner
Troy Turner and Tesia Trahan
Guy T. Tutterow, Jr.
Sharon Tuttle*
Adams and Pamela Twitchell*
Breianne and Michael Tyler
David Ugarte
Jessica S. Ullrich
Marketa R. Underwood
William W. Updegrove
Sadie and Jesse Updike
Linda and Roy Uttech
Amanda L. Valdez
Janet L. Valentour
Jeffrey B. Van Abel
Margret E. Van Flein*
Jonathan and Andrea Van Ravenswaay
Chris and Kim Van Ryzin
Joe and Mary Van Treeck
Jacob A. Van Veldhuizen*
Matthew G. Vanagel
Kelley Vance
Malonie T. Vance
Larry A. Vanderlinden
Ka Vang
Virginia and Paul Vanture
Joseph I. Vanyhyning
Nastasia D. Vaska
Julia J. Vasko
Angela K. Vautour, RN
Claudia L. Veith
Amanda L. Velikanje
Kathryn and Douglas Veltre
David L. Verbyla
David T. Vereide
Grace and Travis Verley
Kirsten and Kevin Vesel
Helen J. Vesper
Andrea and Tim Vest
Bret and Jo Ellen Vice
Eleanor Viereck*
LaVerne and Bonnie Vigoren
Lisa A. Villano*
Amy L. Viltrakis
Andrew Keller and Magali Vincent*
BJ Vinson and Kevin Kaelberger
Lydia and Arthur Vinson
Linden and Adele Virgin
Emily and Scott Vockeroth*
James and Jane Vohden
Sally J. Vonada
Renate A. Wackerbauer
Salina Waddy
Hal Wagner
Randall and Robyn Wago
Christopher A. Wainwright
Maggie A. Waite*
Frederick W. Walatka
Judith A. Walden-Weaver
Benjamin F. Waldrop, Jr.
Michele Walker
Mort Walker
Sean Walkin*
Darleen and Joseph Wall
David L. Wall
Curtis and Catherine Wallace
Thomas and Josie Wallace
Tabitha M. Waller
Delia M. Wallis
Rand T. Walls
Jennifer C. Waltenbaugh
Fred and Arlene Walters
William S. L. Walters*
Dorothy E. Walukiewicz
Robin Walz and Carol Prentice
George Wang, Jr.
Matthew E. Waranius
Marci D. Ward
Roberta L. Ward
Scott C. Ward
Darcie J. Warden*
Dean Wariner and Patricia Bartimus
Helen H. Warner
Jennifer R. Warren*
Jack Adams and Joanna Wassillie
Clara Watkins
Rachel Watts Miyasato
William R. Way
James R. Weakland*
Selena Weathers
Zachary Weathers
Douglas S. Weaver
Sarah J. Weaver
Diane and Steve Webb
William and Diane Webb
Judy A. Weber*
Timea M. Webster
Mareta A. Weed
Lisa and Terry Weight
Beverly and Wayne Weis
Warren W. Weiss*
Ellen Weiser and David Weissman*
Janine and Larry Welch
Del Pickard and Sonya Welch-Pickard
Ann T. Wellman
Jacob D. Wells
Janet H. Wells
Jeffrey J. Wells*
Sarah Wennogle*
Jennifer A. Wenrick*
Jennie and Woody Wenstrom*
Liam Wescott*
Stacy and Gary Wesolowski
Kyle S. Wessells
Michelle R. Wessels
Andrew W. West
Barbara and Brad West
Ladonna and Keith Westfall
Rhonda and Scott Westover
Bruce and Luann Weyhrauch
Stephanie F. Whaley
Wilma D. Whealy
Roberta and D. Michael Wheat*
Carol A. Wheeler
Jeanine and Michael Wheeler
LaLaunie and Chris Whisenhant
Charles Whitaker and Maria Berger*
Gail and Paul White
Gayann White
Leones and Sandra White
Thomas and Cynthia White
Trevor White
Amy C. White Baxter
Mary S. Whitener
Krista L. Whitford
John G. Whitlock
Susanne and Bill Wick
Roblyn L. Wiebe*
Judyth A. Wier*
Colleen L. Wik
Sally and Greg Wiley
Debi-Lee Wilkinson
Billy J. Williams
Brook O. Williams
Connie and Paul Williams
Erin Williams
Janice Williams and Rodney Williams
Jazmine S. Williams
Leanna P. Williams*
Peter Z. Williams*
Phyllis C. Williams
Rebecca and Charles Williams
Rick Williams
Ronna W. Williams
Russell and Dmitrieva Williams*
Wallace and Susanne Williams
Jeffrey D. Willis
Jessica and Rick Willis
Sandra L. Willis*
Jeremy L. Wills
Sara H. Willson
Eduardo M. Wilner*
Barbara J. Wilson
Christina L. Wilson
Darlene A. Wilson
David and Patricia Wilson
Dorothy and Michael Wilson
Erica L. Wilson
Kay M. Wilson*
Zane D. Wilson*
Mya T. Win
and Ann WingQuest
Jennifer and Michael Wisel
Linda and David Witt*
Riley L. Witte*
Kenton and Priscilla Wohl
Charles and Barbara Wohlforth
Lee Ann and Gayland Wohlgemuth
Greg Wojcik*
Mark and Miok Wolbers
Lawrence and Joann Wold
Gerthel G. Wolfe
Rose and Gregory Wolfe
Heaven L. Wolfenbarger
Pamela and Gary Wolff
Christine L. Woll*
Anna V. Wolleck
Alecia M. I. Wood
Juanita Wood*
Michelle and Lamar Wood
Nicolas Wood*
Thalia J. Wood
Laurie J. Woodard
Angela Woodford
Helen D. Woodings
Ryan P. Woods
Marilyn Woolace*
Ronald Woolf and Jeanine Jeffers-Woolf*
Cindy L. Worley
Erin and Aaron Worley*
Steven J. Worley
William Wortman and Robyn Lauster
Grant Wortz
Alice and Clarence Wright
Janice Wright
Soren and Melissa Wuerth
Beverly and Lee Wulf
Kevin and Loriann Wunder
William and Alina Wyatt*
Theodore Delaca and Allison Wylde*
Yevgeny and Victoria Yagodin
Debbie Yamakami
Colin Y. Yamauchi
Yukiko Yamazawa
Hajime Yamoto
Elizabeth and Denis Yap
Lori and Craig Yares
Gregory and Tiara Ybarra
Jennifer and Jason Yeoman
Suzanne Y. Yerian
Phyllis L. Yetka Hobson
Edward Yew and Jennifer Chown
Douglas Yoder*
Peter Yoo
Harrison and Raymona Yost
Carol Young*
Desiron Young
Edward J. Young
Sabine Young
Thomas and Barbara Young
Paul S. Zaczkowski*
Juliette M. Zanfardino*
Gregg and Brook Zaporzan
Richard and Christine Zelinsky
Orly Zilkha*
Robin Zimmerman*
Steven and Helena Zimmerman
Won S. Zong
Isaac and Wendy Zorea
Jessie V. Zuelow
Jon Zufelt and Penny Zufelt
Allison and George Zusi-Cobb*


Affirmative Entertainment
Ah, Rose Marie Downtown Bed and Breakfast*
Alaska Salmon Bake*
Alaska Sport Charter
Alaska Starfish Co
Anchorage Waterways Council
Andretti & Waltrip
Arctic Trail Cabins*
Aurora Communications
Azachorok Incoporated
Azoff Music Management Front Line
Bart Conner Educational Programs
Big Daddy Museum of Drag Racing
Bill Glass Ministries
Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Cabin Fever
Calypso Farm and Ecology Center
Car Talk
Charles & Barbara Meggitt Trust
Chicago Bears
Comic Shop*
Core Fitness & Bodywork
Creative Artists Agency
Crittenden and Associates
Deana Carter Fan Club
Denali Dreams
Diversified Transportation
Dollywood Foundation
Donald R Corey & Dona L Corey Rev Trust
Dos Manos Art Gallery
Dupee Rentals
Entertain Ya Mania, Inc.
Essentials Hair Salon
Eternal Perspective Ministries
F/V Terminal Harvester
Fred\Walatka & Associates
Fudge Pot
Full Access Fan Club
Gambardella's Pasta Bella
Goldberg Goods
Golden Enterprises
Grassroots Fair Trade Store
Gulliver's Books
Harbor Landing General Store
Healing Circle
Holm Town Nursery
Images Hair and Tanning Salon
Impact Sports - LA
Inventory Operating Logistic Agency
James Earl Jones
James Z. Irany Revocable Trust
Kachemak Bay Campus Student Association
Kenny Wallace Fan Club
Kerr Corporation
King Features Syndication
Kobuk Coffee Company
Lemongrass Thai Cuisine
Lesil L McGuire for State Senate
Lorimar Productions
Ma'alaea Community Association
Miller's Stoves
Morgan Stanley
Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital*
Music Man
Nan Hallock LLC
Natural Pantry
NC Machinery
Nintendo of America
Office of George H.W. Bush
Parallel Entertainment
Park Literary Group
Pike's Landing*
Pittsburgh Steelers
Redburn Environmental and Regulatory Services
Rogue's Garden
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Foundation
San Diego Union-Tribune
Sandbox Entertainment
Seattle Seahawks
Snowline Salmon
Sound Reinforcement Specialist*
Sugar and Spice
Sylvan Learning Center
Terrie G Gottstein Revocable Trust
Tribune Media Services
Turbo Tans
UAF Alumni Association
Unser Racing Museum
Valdez Museum
Valdez Star
Virginia McKinney
Wellspring Ecommerce LLC
Wendy's Wacky Kitty Tobacky
Wilderness Encounters*

+ Denotes deceased
* Includes contributions to KUAC. Donations made to Alaska One are recognized by that organization outside the UA Foundation.

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