CIS Group

Screenshot of the "SimSalmon" visualization

The Coordination, Integration and Synthesis (CIS) Group is the statewide component of the Alaska EPSCoR research effort. The group serves three key functions. First, it provides training, guidance and assistance to test case teams. Second, it provides venues and means to deliver research findings as decision-support tools, including annual Regional Outreach Workshops and “decision theatres” in which lawmakers and resource managers can view and manipulate comparative models via large-scale visualizations. Third, the CIS Working Group undertakes integrated modeling and assessments across regions to better understand why different communities have different adaptive capacities. CIS is also home to Alaska EPSCoR's cyberinfrastructure efforts, which have produced a comprehensive set of data catalogs and portals to enable information-sharing across the project and with the public.

CIS is using test case information to build adaptive capacity indices, consisting of robust evaluation protocols and tools for adaptation strategies, policies and measures. By using more precise data, communities will be able to respond to changes more quickly and effectively and these responses can be quantified on time scales of months to years.

Project data acquired by the CIS Group, as well as relevant data compiled from other agencies and organizations, can be accessed at Alaska EPSCoR's statewide data portal.

A collaboration between the CIS Group and the Global Human Ecodynamics Alliance is detailed in this video.

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