2014 Fall Course Detail

Political Science F300X FH1 -- H*Ethics and Society
Instructor: Hirsch, A
Credits: 3
What is the right thing to do? A presentation of important theories of values, morality and ethics. Application of theories to dilemmas of choice in the public world, such as euthanasia, abortion, animal rights, sexual morality and environmental ethics.
CRN: 76153
Dates: 09/04/2014 - 12/18/2014
Time: 9:45am- 11:15am Days: TR
Campus: Fairbanks Campus
Building: GRUE
Room: 202
Fee Name
Fee Amount
Total This Fee
UA Network Charge-F
$6 per Credit hour
CLA Upper Level Tuition
$210 per Credit hour
Total Resident Class Fees :
Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Placement in ENGL F111X or higher; junior standing; or permission of instructor. Recommended: Two courses in the Perspectives on the Human Condition baccalaureate core.
Grade Mode: Letter Grades with Plus/Minus
Seats Remaining: 2
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