2014 Fall Course Detail

Economics F100X FH2 -- H*Political Economy
Instructor: Wall, S
Credits: 3
Survey of the evolution and operation of the American domestic political economy with consideration of market failures and government responses. Review of major issues in political economy such as inflation, poverty and budget deficits. Exploration of linkages between American and global systems.
CRN: 76068
Dates: 09/04/2014 - 12/18/2014
Time: 10:30am- 11:30am Days: MWF
Campus: Fairbanks Campus
Building: SCHBLE
Room: AUD
Fee Name
Fee Amount
Total This Fee
UA Network Charge-F
$5 per Credit hour
SOM Lower Level Tuition
$174 per Credit hour
Total Resident Class Fees :
Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Placement in ENGL F111X or higher or permission of instructor.
Cross listed and Stacked: CL# Cross-listed with PS F100X.
Grade Mode: Letter Grades with Plus/Minus
Seats Remaining: 5
Planning Calendar:
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