2014 Fall Course Detail

Honors Program F290 FH1 -- H*Summer Readng Progrm(Honors)
Instructor: Sousa, M
Credits: 2
Selected readings in a variety of disciplines. Group discussions and written responses to the readings follow in the fall. Students keep a summer journal. May be repeated for credit.
CRN: 75915
Dates: 09/04/2014 - 12/18/2014
Time: Days:
Campus: Fairbanks Campus
Building: HONOR
Fee Name
Fee Amount
Total This Fee
UA Network Charge-F
$5 per Credit hour
Honors Lower Division Tuition
$174 per Credit hour
Total Resident Class Fees :
Prerequisites: Prerequisites: ENGL F111X; enrollment in the Honors Program; or permission of instructor.
Seats Remaining: 20
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