2014 Spring Course Detail

Computer Info & Office Systems F240 TD1 -- Microcomputer Databases
Instructor: Porreca, A
Credits: 1
Comprehensive introduction to microcomputer databases. Includes basic database concepts; how to maintain and update databases; how to build and use queries and forms; and how to build reports. Introduction to database design. Also available via eLearning and Distance Education.
CRN: 39467
Dates: 04/25/2014 - 05/23/2014
Time: 5:30pm- 8:30pm Days: F
Campus: Community & Tech College
Building: DCAC
Room: 102
Fee Name
Fee Amount
Total This Fee
UA Network Charge-Y
$3 per Credit hour (up to 3 credits)
General Technology Fee
$5 per Credit hour (up to 3 credits)
Tuition TVC-Delta Lower Level
$168 per Credit hour (up to 3 credits)
Total Resident Class Fees :
Prerequisites: Recommended: CIOS F135 or equivalent skills.
Seats Remaining: 16
Planning Calendar:
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