2017 Spring Course Detail

Culinary Arts/Hospitality F177 TE1 -- Understanding Brewing &Ferment
Instructor: Novak, S
Credits: 1
The student will receive an introduction to the history, science and process of brewing. Focus will be on the importance of sanitation for the home brewery, brewing traditional styles with an introduction to specialty brews. Attention will be given to the pairing of beer styles to food.
CRN: 33180
Dates: 01/31/2017 - 03/07/2017
Time: 6:00pm- 10:00pm Days: T
Campus: Community and Tech. College (Fairbanks)
Building: HTCH
Fee Name Fee Amount Total This Fee
Tuition TVC Lower level $192 per Credit hour $192.00
CTC Culinary Laboratory Fee $85 $85.00
UA Network Charge-Y $8 per Credit hour $8.00
  Total Resident Class Fees: $285.00
Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Students must be 21 years of age to enroll.
Seats Remaining: 8
Planning Calendar:
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