General Counsel


Q:  Who does the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) represent?

A:  The General Counsel represents the university and typically provides legal advice to university administrators.

Q:  When should I consult OGC?

A:  Regents' Policy P02.02.030 sets out the duties and responsibilities of the OGC. OGC should always be consulted when the university receives subpoenas, a notice of the filing of a lawsuit, any non-routine public records requests, or in any governmental investigation. Any contractual matters that do not involved a pre-approved contract form (such as the forms approved by the Purchasing Department), or in which the other party is represented by counsel, should be reviewed and approved in advance by OGC. OGC should be consulted by SW or MAU HRs prior to termination of employment in accordance with established termination protocols. Departments should contact OGC in advance of any activity which presents legal issues or concerns. Lastly, outside counsel may not be hired to assist in legal matters unless such counsel are selected and retained through the OGC.

Q:  What do I do if I receive a public records request?

A: Advice to UA Departments Responding to Public Records Requests

Public Information Handout for Records Requests

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