HR Classification and Compensation

What's New?

The minimum wage for the State of Alaska is $9.75 per hour effective January 1, 2016.

Salary increases for non-represented staff will be applied as both step movement and salary grid increase for fiscal year 2017. The 2.5 percent salary adjustment will be effective July 10, 2016. Employees will see a change in their salary in the August 5, 2016 paycheck.The staff salary grid will increase 1.5 percent and one step will be applied. This is equivalent to the 2.5 percent salary increase for FY17 approved by the Board of Regents. For those employees that are on step 55, the base salary will increase 1.5 percent and 1 percent will be given in a one-time lump sum payment. Those employees placed at a step 0 will be given a one-time lump sum payment equivalent to the 2.5 percent.

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