Corporate & Foundation Relations

Types and Benefits of Partnerships

Opportunities for Involvement

There are many different ways that a corporation can support the university.   The Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) Office will work with you to develop a plan that fits your company’s goals.   Some traditional types of support include:

A student works in a lab studying sea mammals.
Credit: UAF Photograph.

o    Students - Support UA students through scholarships, fellowships and internships.

o    Faculty - Endow, or help to endow, a distinguished professorship or chair.

o    Facilities - Provide and/or mainting state-of-the-art research and teaching facilities, This includes the option of providing technology, equipment and materials.

o    Research Collaboration - Please visit our Access Research section to learn more about the university’s research activities.

o    Recruiting - Please visit our Access Students section to learn more about recruiting students.

o    Matching Gifts - As a benefit to employees, companies can increase the impact of their employees' gifts to UA by matching employees’ contributions. Most corporations provide a one-to-one match, while others elect to provide a greater matching amount to further encourage and leverage their employees’ philanthropy.

Benefits of Involvement

In addition to fulfilling your community outreach initiatives, corporations gain many competitive advantages in return for their support, such as:

A student peers into a microscope while other students line up for their turn.
Credit: UAF Photograph.

o    Strengthen ties to Alaska’s research university

o    Support pertinent research

o    Gain an advantage in attracting UA graduates to your company

o    Work with UA students and faculty

o    Enhancing your public image

o    Play a leading role in the state's economic development