Corporate & Foundation Relations

Foundation Relations

A group of women sit along the wal of a meeting.
Credit: UAF Photograph.

The Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) Office is the University of Alaska's central office in support of fundraising from private foundations. CFR's primary role is to manage and monitor relationships with private foundations to advance university goals and priorities.

Private foundations tend to support projects that address a specific problem and benefit a larger community outside of the University. The key foundations the CFR office works with include: Rasmuson Foundation, Paul G. Allen Foundation, Kresge (Note: this list is currently being updated, please return soon for a complete list).

In addition to managing the university's relationship with these foundations, we can also work with University of Alaska faculty and staff who are planning to approach private foundations. We provide research information on foundations and identify those that might be interested in funding particular projects. We review proposals and letters of inquiry, provide editorial assistance, and help gather materials for submission.

Please note that the Corporate and Foundations Relations Office is responsible for coordinating philanthropic (vs. grant) approaches to all private foundations on behalf of the University of Alaska. This allows us to ensure that new approaches to foundations are strategic and initiated appropriately.

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