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Alaska Tech Prep Benefits

Why do we need Alaska Tech Prep?

Many young people leave school without the knowledge or skills required to finding and keeping a job. Today’s employees require advanced technical skills due to rapidly changing and emerging technologies. Graduating from high school is no longer sufficient for entry into the workplace.

Graduates without the educational, technical and employability skills as part of their workforce preparation will find it increasingly difficult to get and keep better paying jobs. Likewise, most jobs that offer career growth, challenging duties, and the opportunity to earn a good living, require prior skills and knowledge and the ability to transfer and demonstrate this skills in the workplace. The purpose of Alaska Tech Prep is to provide opportunities for students to develop academic and technical skills, transfer what these skills to the world of work and both enter and retain high wage, high skill and/or high demand jobs in Alaska.

Alaska Tech Prep makes it possible for Alaska to grow its own workforce. It’s Personal. It’s Engaging. It’s Alaskan.

What does Alaska Tech Prep do for you?


Provides opportunity to:

  • Earn college credit and and/or receive advance placement in an apprenticeship (including school to apprenticeship) with credit for prior experience.
  • Save and/or earn more money.UA presently charges $25/credit for Tech Prep courses taught by a high school teacher your high school; Advanced placement in apprenticeship may lead to your placement on a higher wage scale.
  • Start early at aligning your coursework to lead to an industry-recognized credential, certificate, degree or advanced placement in apprenticeship (including school-to-apprenticeship) without duplication of efforts.
  • Directly correlate your academics to career success.
  • Transition to college or advanced standing in apprenticeship with the support of partnering institutions and entities in Alaska.


  • Your student can earn college credits in high school—saving time and money.
  • Your student can qualify for scholarships—saving money.
  • Your son or daughter will have educational choices based on interest and ability.
  • Your student can prepare for high wage, high skill, and/or high demand future careers through a curriculum that is relevant, rigorous and engaging.

K-14 and Post Secondary Education System in Alaska:

  • Creates a seamless K – lifelong education system in which career and technical education play an important role in preparing the future workforce of Alaska.
  • Aligns secondary and post secondary curriculum leading to that next step, including related technical instruction for apprentices, which is relevant to today’s job market and employee needs.
  • Eliminates gaps and duplication at secondary and post secondary levels.
  • Provides greater efficiency in the use of Alaska’s resources; Students pay a $25/credit administrative fee at UA if course is articulated and taught at the secondary institution by secondary teacher. Partnerships can both expand and shift resources available to you and your students including the opportunity to offer more advanced courses.
  • Provides greater retention of students in secondary and post secondary education and training programs.
  • Offers opportunity for varied and contextual instructional delivery methods that increase student engagement and increase scores on achievement tests.
  • Prepares students for post secondary opportunities.
  • Provides professional development that engages all partners.

Alaska’s Workforce/Economy:

  • Provides a more meaningful and rigorous workforce-ready education enhancing the potential for economic development in Alaska.
  • Offers a seamless k-14 education system that plays an important role in preparing the future workforce of Alaska in fields with strong employment growth and earnings potential.
  • Increases retention of students in Alaskan jobs and post secondary education and training programs.
  • Validates and aligns technical curriculum to industry standards including teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Provides opportunities to students acquire the expertise, confidence and work ethic required for tomorrow’s top careers.
  • Develop a skilled labor pool and prospective employees through work- based programs, including apprenticeship, and training in technical, academic and soft skills. High school graduates are able to "hit the ground running." Their skills are sharp because business representatives are full partners in the educational process.
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