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Alaska Tech Prep Program Articulation

A key component of Alaska Tech Prep is program articulation. There are two parts to a program articulation: the General Agreement and the Articulated Program Agreement. The General Agreement is a signed document that indicates the specific responsibilities of the secondary school, the postsecondary institution, business and industry partners (where applicable) and the student. Click here to see an example. An addendum to this agreement, also known as the Articulated Program Agreement, identifies the articulated courses– click here to see an example. During the articulation process, secondary and post-secondary instructors meet and align the high school course(s) with lower-division college-level course(s), aligning curriculum and reviewing the standards and competencies to be taught during the course. This also includes measures of performance and assessment.

College credit is awarded at the post-secondary institution following the completion of the articulation requirements, although the student may not actually enroll at the college during high school. The credit earned in an articulated program is generally provided by the post-secondary institution to students at a reduced rate (and in some areas, at no cost), and is generally transferable to other post-secondary institutions within the state or recognized as advance placement instruction in a registered program.

Articulated courses are part of a program of study linking educational institutions and educational and workforce experiences leading to an industry-recognized credential, certificate or degree. Programs of study are also used to develop student’s individual career plans to assist students in making a smooth transition from one level of education to another or enter directly into the workforce without experiencing delays or duplication in learning.

Click on the link below to view Alaska's FY09 program articulations by school district. FY10 data will be available soon.

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