Career Pathways

The Next Step Beyond High School

Helpful tools for identifying the Next Step:
✓ Interest & Skill Survey (pg. 2)
✓ Choose a career cluster (pg. 3)
✓ Collect graduation requirements
✓ Collect list of CTE/Tech Prep courses available to you
If you are interested in an apprenticeship or going directly into the workforce, don't miss out on the next pages. Consult your high school counselor and Statewide Tech Prep Coordinator about available opportunities.

Using a road map identifies the best route to get from where we are to where we want to go. A career plan is a type of road map that leads to the next step. Alaska Tech Prep encourages seamless transitions and reduces duplication of steps or courses. Let's look at post secondary education options and create a road map, a career plan that gets you career ready seamlessly. Using the template below (inside pages of Alaska Tech Prep folder):

  1. Fill in graduation requirements.
  2. Having identified a career clusters(pg. 3) click on the links below to see what endorsements, certificates, or degrees might be postsecondary education goals. A counselor, CTE teacher or a Tech Prep Specialist can also be helpful.
    AK Tech Prep Folder
    Alaska Tech Prep Folder
  3. Unsure if you're ready to take
    College Math or English?
    Take the Accuplacer Practice Tests.
  4. Based on the career pathway of choice, pencil in the CTE courses available at your high school. HINT: Taking Tech Prep courses saves time and money in the long run.
  5. List additional academic courses you’ll need to be successful in your pathway of choice. Is there opportunity to take college level English, Math or Science? Getting approval from your high school to take these courses as dual credit saves you time.

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