Career Pathways

The Big Picture: Career Clusters

Selecting a career cluster is the next step in developing you career plan, based on your interests and skills. A career cluster is like a bin containing occupations that require specific knowledge and skills. As a whole, career clusters cover every possible job out there, from entry level to professional level jobs. Take into consideration that the University of Alaska recognizes the following national career clusters:

Do you have an Alaska Tech Prep folder? If not, it might be wise to start one. Use this link to view or print a copy career plan worksheet. You'll want one of these! It's sort of a roadmap for laying out a career pathway that leads to jobs in a career cluster that you might be interested in.

However, to do this, you're going to need to know what courses your high school requires for graduation, what courses are offered in your career path, and what credentials, certificates or degress get you into your career of choice. Below are a couple of examples that are used around the state. Some of them might have a different "look" or call a "career plan" a "program of study", but most share similar types of information.

You can find additional examples here.

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