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Career Readiness Begins with Your Interests & Skills

Cruising. It's easy to do that when you're on cruise control, or have nothing better to do. But YOU have things to do if YOU want to make your middle school and high school education mean something! One of the first things YOU can do is become engaged. Try things out. Expand your hobbies beyond the norm. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Hey – all of the unique qualities that make YOU who YOU are play a vital part in the career path YOU might enjoy best.

Alaska has a free career interest and information system called the Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS). It is an interactive, web-based education and career planning resource designed specifically with YOU in mind. It provides tools for matching interests and skills to occupations, a occupation search feature, and college information. You can even save your personal assessments, results, and searches for when you need to come back to it later. Your information can be downloaded into a resume and used toward building a professional portfolio.

Since I can't cover all of the cool tools AKCIS has, check it out at: Click below to see some quick sneak peaks. Hey— there's even information on scholarships and financial aid opportunities offered right here in Alaska.

My Portfolio | pg. 1

My Portfolio | pg. 2

My Career Plan | pg. 1

My Career Plan | pg. 2

My CIS Favorites

My CIS Sorts and Assessments

Combined Report of
Occupations Planner Portfolio

My Course Planner

My Education and Work History | pg. 1

My Education and Work History | pg. 2

My Education and Work History | pg. 3

My Uploaded Files

My Personal Information

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