Career Pathways

Business and Industry as a Partner

Alaska Tech Prep is a vital part of the career readiness framework girding a more meaningful and rigorous workforce-ready education, enhancing the potential for economic development in Alaska. Furthermore, Alaska Tech Prep provides the means for a seamless k-14 education system that plays an important role in preparing the future workforce of Alaska in fields with strong employment growth and earnings potential. Other benefits to Alaska’s business, industry and economic development include:

  • Increased retention of students in Alaskan jobs and post secondary education and training programs.
  • Validated technical curriculum aligned to industry standards including employability skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Opportunities for Alaska’s students to acquire the expertise, confidence and work ethics required for tomorrow’s top careers.
  • Development of a skilled labor pool and prospective employees through work- based programs, including apprenticeship, and training in technical, academic and soft skills. High school graduates are able to "hit the ground running." Their skills are sharp because business representatives are full partners in the educational process.

Coming Soon: Education & Career Readiness Visual Model

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